Hi, I am Chandra Sen, My LiveDNA is 91.1074
Dr. Chandra Sen
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India
Institute: Banaras Hindu University, India
Area of Interest: Economics
  •   Agriculture Production Economics
  •   Agricultural Economics
  •   Mutiobjective Programming
  •   Econometrics
URL: http://livedna.org/91.1074
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Daneji, M.I., S. Kushwaha, I.S. Dongs, J.E. Olawoye and C. Sen, 2003. Income generating activities of rural women towards self reliance: A case of Gwarjo local Government area of Kano state of Nigeria. J. Interacad., 4: 446-471.
2:   Dubey, P.P., C. Sen and R. Kumar, 2001. An economic analysis of diversified farming (Assessment of potentialities). J. Rural Agric. Res., 2: 34-37.
3:   Haraseb, B., S. Rakesh, C. Sen and S. Kushwaha, 2007. Supply response management skill of farmers: A comparative study of Uttar Pradesh (India) and Kavango Region (Namibia). J. Recent Adv. Applied Sci., 22: 10-18.
4:   Hatai, L.D. and C. Sen, 2008. An economic analysis of agricultural sustainability in Orissa. Agric. Econ. Res. Rev., 21: 273-282.
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5:   Hatai, L.D., H.P. Singh, C. Sen and R.S. Dixit, 2006. Agricultural credit and Overdues in Uttar Pradesh: An economic analysis. Fin. Agric., 32: 17-19.
6:   Hatai, L.D., H.P. Singh, C. Sen and R.S. Dixit, 2006. Nutrition management in consumption pattern of Farm and non-farm households in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh: An economic analysis. Indian J. Agric. Econ., 61: 431-431.
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7:   Kumar, R. and C. Sen, 2002. A study of labour utilization and demand function of family farms in Sabour Block of Bhagalpur District (Bihar). Indian J. Agric. Econ., 57: 104-110.
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8:   Kumar, R. and C. Sen., 2000. Importance of Infrastructure and Institutional support in Rural Development. In: Rural Prosperity and Agriculture Policies and Strategies. Choudhary, R.C. and R. P.Singh (Eds.). NIRD, Hyderabad.
9:   Kushwaha, S., M. Sani, Hussaini and C. Sen, 2000. Comparative study of area response of cereal, legume and vegetable crops to some selected parameters in Kogi state of Nigeria. J. Sci. Res., 50: 149-159.
10:   Rakesh, S., H.P. Singh, O.P. Singh, P.S. Badal S. Kushwaha and C. Sen, 2007. Effectiveness of technological adoption in agriculture through self help groups in Uttar Pradesh. J. Commun. Mobilization Sustainable Develop., II: 47-53.
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11:   Reddy, A.R. and C. Sen, 2004. Technical inefficiency in rice production and its relationship with farm-specific socio-economic characteristics. Indian J. Agric. Econ., 59: 259-267.
12:   Reddy, A.R., C. Sen and R.R. Mishra, 2004. Inefficiency in rice production: Sone Command Area of Bihar. Productivity, 44: 683-687.
13:   Sen, C. and H.K. Sinha, 2010. Effect of air pollution on peri-urban agriculture in Varanasi, India. J. Interdisciplinary Econ., 22: 219-227.
14:   Sen, C., P.P. Dubey and R. Kumar, 2001. Comparative economic analysis of various crop enterprises-A case study of Chiraigaon block of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. J. Rural Agric. Res., 2: 41-46.
15:   Singh, C.M., C. Sen and R.C. Lal, 2001. Investment and resource endowment pattern on canal and tube-well irrigated farms-A case study of Mirzapur district. J. Agril Sci. Res., 37: 19-24.
16:   Singh, R.P.B. and C. Sen, 2001. The structure of Peri-Urban agricultural environment in varanasi development region. Nat. Geographical J. India, 47: 61-72.
17:   Sinha, H.K. and C. Sen, 2000. Role of commercial banks in developing economy of India (a study of progress and prospects). Econ. Stud., 38: 3-13.
18:   Sinha, H.K. and C. Sen, 2000. Supply response of Paddy in Uttar Pradesh. Bihar J. Agric. Marketing, 8: 336-339.
19:   Srivastava, S.C., A.R. Reddy, H.P. Singh and C. Sen, 2007. Resource use efficiency and returns from selected pulse crops in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Int. J. Trop. Agric., 25: 335-344.
20:   Srivastava, S.C., C. Sen, A.R. Reddy and H.P. Singh, 2002. An analysis of marketing cost, margin, price spread and marketing efficiency of major pulses in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Bihar J. Agril Marketing, 10: 375-380.