Hi, I am Iffat Zareen Ahmad, My LiveDNA is 91.1183
Dr. Iffat Zareen Ahmad
Highest Degree: D.Phil in Biotechnology from University of Allahabad, Allahabad, India
Institute: Integral University, India
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Algae Biotechnology
  •   Biochemistry
  •   Plant Biotechnology
  •   Tissue Culture
URL: http://livedna.org/91.1183
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Aftab, K.U. and I.Z. Ahmad, 2013. Alterations in antioxidative defense system of Anabaena variabilis in the presence of heavy metals. APCBEE Procedia, 5: 491-496.
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2:   Aftab, K.U., R. Chaturvedi and I.Z. Ahmad, 2012. Lipid peroxidation as biomarker for evaluating the level of toxicity in Nostoc muscorum under multiple stress. Trends Biosci., 5: 218-219.
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3:   Aftab, U.A., I.Z. Ahmad and R. Chaturvedi, 2013. Enzymes alteration in nitrogen metabolism in cyanobacteria under pesticide and herbicide stresses. Int. J. Med. Applied Sci., 2: 36-42.
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4:   Ahmad, I.Z. and S. Sundaram, 2004. Study on Chl a by laser induced fluorescence and UV- vis spectrophotometer in the presence of heavy metals. J. Int. Acad. Phys. Sci., 8: 123-127.
5:   Ahmad, I.Z. and S. Sundaram, 2009. Evaluation of heavy metal toxicity in heterocystous cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum in the presence of salt stress. Phycologia, Vol. 48, No. 4. .
6:   Ahmad, I.Z., 2009. From gender-biased to gender-just society. Int. J. Women Gender Res., 1: 22-26.
7:   Ahmad, I.Z., 2013. Agrobacterium-mediated Genetic Transformation and Plantlet Regeneration via Somatic Embryogenesis in Medicinal Plants. In: Somatic Embryogenesis and Genetic Transformation in Plants, Aslam, J., P.S. Srivastava and M.P. Sharma (Eds.). Narosa Publishers, New Delhi, India, pp: 144-165.
8:   Ahmad, I.Z., S. Sundaram, A. Tripathi and K.K. Soumya, 2009. Isolation of PS II nanoparticles and oxygen evolution studies in Synechococcus spp. PCC 7942 under heavy metal stress. Proc. Int. Conf. Transport Optical Properties Nanomaterials, 1147: 309-315.
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9:   Ananya, A.K. and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Cyanobacteria the blue green algae and its novel applications: A brief review. Int. J. Innovat. Applied Stud., 7: 251-261.
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10:   Aslam, J., S.H. Khan, Z.H. Siddiqui, Z. Fatima and M. Maqsood et al., 2010. Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. an important drug: It's applications and production. Pharmacie Globale Int. J. Comprehen. Pharm., 4: 1-16.
11:   Chaudhry, H., N. Fatima and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Establishment of callus and cell suspension cultures of Nigella sativa Linn. for thymol production. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 6: 788-794.
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12:   Chaudhry, H., N. Fatima and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Evaluation of Nigella Sativa L. callus extracts under elicitation for phytochemicals and antibacterial activity. Int. J. Pharm. Bio. Sci., 5: 903-916.
13:   Fatima, N., H. Chaudhry and I.Z. Ahmad, 2015. UV-B protecting activity of Synechococcus spp. PCC7942 by antioxidative defense system. Int. J. Pharm. Bio. Sci., 6: 344-357.
14:   Hussain, A., A. Rizvi, S. Wahab, I. Zareen, S. Ansari and M.S. Hussain, 2011. Antibacterial screening of the bark of Adenanthera pavonina (L.). Int. J. Biomed. Res., 2: 110-122.
15:   Hussain, A., S. Wahab, I. Zarin and M.S. Hussain, 2010. Antibacterial activity of the leaves of Coccinia indica (W. and A) Wof India. Adv. Biol. Res., 4: 241-248.
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16:   Hussain, M.S., S. Fareed, M.S. Ansari, A. Rahman, I.Z. Ahmad and M. Saeed, 2012. Current approaches toward production of secondary plant metabolites. J. Pharm. Bioallied Sci., 4: 10-20.
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17:   Iqbal, A., I.Z. Ahmad and M. Aslam, 2010. New oleanane triterpene from the seeds of Nigella sativa Linn. Med. Plants Int. J. Phytomed. Related Ind., 2: 245-247.
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18:   Islam, M.H., I.Z. Ahmad and M.T. Salman, 2013. Antibacterial activity of Nigella sativa seed in various germination phases on clinical bacterial strains isolated from human patients. E3 J. Biotechnol. Pharm. Res., 4: 8-13.
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19:   Islam, M.H., I.Z. Ahmad and M.T. Salman, 2014. Enhancement in anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of Nigella sativa seed during germination. Pharm. J., .
20:   Islam, M.H., I.Z. Ahmad and M.T. Salman, 2015. Enhancement in neuroprotective activities of Nigella sativa seed during germination. Pharm. Mag. .
21:   Kamal, A. and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Alteration in antibacterial potential of Nigella sativa L. seed during different phases of germination. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. Applied Sci., 3: 268-282.
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22:   Kamal, A. and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Phytochemical studies of different phases of germination of Nigella sativa Linn. A medicinally important plant. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 6: 318-323.
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23:   Kamal, A., J.M. Arif and I.Z. Ahmad, 2010. Potential of Nigella sativa L. seed during different phases of germination on inhibition of bacterial growth. J. Biotech. Pharm. Res., 1: 9-13.
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24:   Kamal, H.I. and I.Z. Ahmad, 2010. Hydroxyl free radical scavenging activity of Nigella sativa L. seed extracts in various germinating stages under cadmium stress. Int. J. Biol. Sci. Eng., 01: 203-208.
25:   Kuddus, M., Roohi, Saima and I.Z. Ahmad, 2012. Cold-active extracellular a-amylase production fromnovel bacteria Microbacterium foliorum GA2 and Bacillus cereus GA6 isolated from Gangotri glacier, Western Himalaya. J. Genet. Eng. Biotechnol., 10: 151-159.
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26:   Roohi, M.K., I.Z. Ahmad and J.M. Arif, 2011. Production of Cold-active extracellular α-amylase by Newly isolated microbacterium foliorum GA2 from Gangotri glacier, Western Himalaya, India. Asian J. Biotechnol., 3: 449-459.
27:   Saima, M. Kuddus, Roohi and I.Z. Ahmad, 2013. Isolation of novel chitinolytic bacteria and production optimization of extracellular chitinase. J. Genet. Eng. Biotechnol., 11: 39-46.
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28:   Shanthy, S., I.Z. Ahmad and K.K. Soumya, 2006. Evaluation of free radical scavenging activities of Curcuma longa. New Agricult., 17: 121-125.
29:   Singh, B., I.Z. Ahmad and S. Shanthy, 2004. In-vitro propagation of Launaea nudicaulis, a medicinally important herb, through callus culture. Asian J. Microbiol. Biotech. Enviorn. Sci., 6: 699-703.
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30:   Singh, D., S. Mall, B. Shukla, I.Z. Ahmad and G.P. Rao, 2011. Morphological characterization and virulence of newly collected red rot isolates of sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh. J. Mycol. Plant Pathol., 41: 605-612.
31:   Singh, J.P., A.K. Singh, A. Bajpai and I.Z. Ahmad, 2014. Comparative analysis of DNA polymorphisms and phylogenetic relationships among Syzygium cumini Skeels based on phenotypic characters and RAPD technique. Bioinformation, 10: 201-208.
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32:   Singh, J.P., A.K. Singh, A. Bajpai, I.Z. Ahmad and M. Muthukumar, 2013. Genetic variability assessment among Syzygium cumini Skeels based on dominant and co-dominant DNA marker systems. Res. Environ. Life Sci., 6: 13-16.
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35:   Zaidi, D., N. Singh, I.Z. Ahmad, R. Sharma and A.K. Balapure, 2011. Antiproliferative effects of curcumin plus centchroman in MCF-7 and MDA MB-231 cells. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 3: 212-216.
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