Hi, I am N. Godhantaraman, My LiveDNA is 91.12035
Dr. N. Godhantaraman
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Marine Science from Annamalai Unversity, India
Institute: University of Madras, India
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Marine Science
  •   Plankton Ecology
  •   Marine Biotechnology
  •   Microbial Ecology
URL: http://livedna.org/91.12035
My SELECTED Publications
1:    Alam, M.A., A. Gomes, S.K. Sarkar, O.V. Shuvaeva and N.S. Vishnevetskaya, et al., 2010. Trace metal bioaccumulation by soft-bottom polychaetes (Annelida) of sundarban mangrove wetland, India and their potential use as contamination indicator. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 85: 492-496.
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2:    Chatterjee, M., J. Canario, S.K. Sarkar, V. Branco and N. Godhantaraman, et al., 2012. Biogeochemistry of mercury and methylmercury in sediment cores from sundarban mangrove wetland, India-a UNESCO World heritage site. Environ. Monit. Assess., 184: 5239-5254.
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3:    Corsolini, S., S.K. Sarkar, C. Guerranti, B.D. Bhattacharya, D. Rakshit, M.P. Jonathan and N. Godhantaraman, 2012. Perfluorinated compounds in surficial sediments of the Ganges river and adjacent sundarban mangrove wetland, India. Mar. pollut. Bull., 64: 2829-2833.
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4:    Giridhar, V.V., M.R. Kuppusamy, S.G. Srivatsan, N. Godhantaraman, M. Karuppusamy, K. Panchatcharam and K. Ramamurthy, 2001. Seasonal variations of water and sediment quality along Pulicat, Chennai Ennore and Mahabalipuram coasts. In: Emerging Trends in Environmental Science. Iyer, C.S.P., (Ed.). Asia Tech Publishers, India, New Delhi, pp: 42-45.
5:    Godhantaraman, N. and N. Munuswamy, 2006. Dissemination of information on icroorganisms and its application in environmental management through net enabled technology. ENVIS Newslett., 4: 5-9.
6:    Godhantaraman, N. and S. Uye, 2003. Geographical and seasonal variations in taxonomic composition, abundance and biomass of microzooplankton across a brackish-water lagoonal system of Japan. J. Plankton Res., 25: 465-482.
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7:    Godhantaraman, N. and S. Uye, 2014. Biodiversity of plankton and indicators of marine coastal and estuarine ecosystem health. J. Plankton Biol. Ecol., .
8:    Godhantaraman, N. and S.I. Uye, 2001. Geographical variations in abundance, biomass and trophodynamic role of microzooplankton across an. Plankton Biol. Ecol., 48: 19-27.
9:    Godhantaraman, N., 2001. Monitoring of coastal systems by the analysis of plankton species diversity indices. In: Emerging Trends in Environmental Science. Iyer, C.S.P., (Ed.). Asia Tech Publishers, India, New Delhi, pp: 35-40.
10:    Godhantaraman, N., 2001. Seasonal variations in taxonomic composition, abundance and food web relationship of microzooplankton in estuarine and mangrove waters, Parangipettai region, southeast coast of India. Indian J. Mar. Sci., 30: 151-160.
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11:    Godhantaraman, N., 2002. Seasonal abundance, taxonomic composition, biomass and estimated production rate of tintinnids at estuarine and mangrove waters, Parangipettai (South India). J. Mar. Syst., 36: 161-171.
12:    Godhantaraman, N., 2004. Ecological significance of marine microzooplankton. In: Marine Microbiology: Facets & Opportunities. Ramaiah, N., (Ed.)., National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, India, pp: 258-270.
13:    Godhantaraman, N., 2007. Status of bioremediation approaches and its future prospects. ENVIS Newslett., 6: 4-6.
14:   Biswas, S.N., N. Godhantaraman, D. Rakshit and S.K. Sarkar, 2013. Community composition, abundance, biomass and productive rates of tintinnids (ciliata: protozoa) in the coastal regions of sundarban mangrove wetland, India. Indian J. Mar. Sci., 42: 163-173.
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15:   Biswas, S.N., N. Godhantaraman, R.K. Sarangi, B.D. Bhattacharya and S.K. Sarkar, 2013. Bloom of H. hardmannianus and its impact on water quality and plankton community in Sundarban. J. Clean Soil Air Water, 41: 333-339.
16:   Godhantaraman, N., A. Hoshika, S. Uye, Y. Mishima and T. Tanimoto, 2014. Seasonal and geographical occurrence and ecological role of microzooplankton in eutrophic hiroshima bay, the Inland sea of Japan. J. Plankton Res., .
17:   Goswami, P., G. Hariharan, N. Godhantaraman and N. Munuswamy, 2014. An integrated use of multiple biomarkers to investigate the individual and combined effect of copper and cadmium on the marine green mussel (Perna viridis). J. Environ. Sci. Health Part A, 49: 1564-1577.
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18:   Goswami, P., S. Thirunavukkarasu, N. Godhantaraman and N. Munuswamy, 2014. Monitoring of genotoxicity in marine zooplankton induced by toxic metals in Ennore estuary, Southeast coast of India. Mar. pollut. Bull., 88: 70-80.
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19:   Rakshit, D., S.N. Biswas, S.K. Sarkar, B.D. Bhattacharya, N. Godhantaraman and K.K. Satpathy, 2014. Seasonal variations in species composition, abundance, biomass and production rate of tintinnids (Ciliata: Protozoa) along the hooghly (Ganges) river estuary, India: a multivariate approach. Environ. Monit. Assess., 186: 3063-3078.
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