Hi, I am Makarand Upadhyaya, My LiveDNA is 91.12076
Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Marketing Management from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
Institute: University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Marketing
  •   Brand Management
  •   Strategic Management
  •   Management
URL: http://livedna.org/91.12076
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Chavan, D. and M. Upadhyaya, 2014. An analytical study on ICICI and bank of Rajasthan merger. Manage. Insight, Vol. 10. .
2:   Dadhich, A. and M. Upadhyaya, 2011. A review: Exploring branded generic drugs by Indian pharmaceutical multinational companies as a new prospect. Pharmacophore, 2: 271-275.
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3:   George, S. and M. Upadhyaya, 2015. An analytical study of mobile phone espousal and consumption patterns of university students in Bahrain. Interlink Cont. J. Bus. Manage. Econ., 1: 1-7.
4:   Medabesh, A. and M. Upadhyaya, 2012. Servicescape and customer substantiation of star hotels in India's metropolitan city of Delhi. J. Marketing Commun., 8: 39-47.
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5:   Soni, S., M. Upadhyaya and P. Kautish, 2011. Generational differences in work commitment of software professionals: Myth or reality? Abhigyan, 28: 30-43.
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6:   Upadhyaya, M. and C. Deepa, 2013. An analytical study of indian money markets and examining the impact of inflation. J. Manage., 1: 54-60.
7:   Upadhyaya, M. and M. Ali, 2012. The effects of atmospherics on buying intentions through retail benefaction: An application of utilitarian dimensions and the theory of planned behavior to patronage intentions. Acad. Taiwan Bus. Manage. Rev., 8: 46-56.
8:   Upadhyaya, M. and S. Soni, 2008. The growth and development of Indian global healthcare destinations. J. Marketing Commun., 4: 81-88.
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9:   Upadhyaya, M. and V. Mohindra, 2012. Marketing in rural India: The innovative selling mantra. Int. J. Manage. Stud. Stat. Appl. Econ., 2: 213-224.
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10:   Upadhyaya, M. and V. Mohindra, 2012. Political branding in India. J. Politics Governance, 1: 4-12.
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11:   Upadhyaya, M. and V. Mohindra, 2012. Techniques for brand image dimensionality and the use of various tools to investigate and improve brand personality. SIU J. Manage. Shinawatra Univ. Sch. Manage., 2: 1-20.
12:   Upadhyaya, M., 2010. Projective techniques and brand image research: An exploration of personification methods. Bus. Manage. Rev., 5: 112-123.
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16:   Upadhyaya, M., 2012. Projective techniques for brand image dimensionality and using various techniques to investigate and improve the brand personality. Pol. J. Manage. Stud., 6: 89-100.
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17:   Upadhyaya, M., 2012. The influence of pester power In India. Global J. Manage. Res., 2012: 51-71.
18:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. An exploratory study on Indian software professionals towards their work commitment and interplay between generation X and Y associates. Khartoum Univ. J. Manage. Stud., 6: 124-136.
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19:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Customer satisfaction measurement in airline services: An empirical study of need-gap analysis. Int. J. Inf. Bus. Manage., 5: 109-122.
20:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Customer satisfaction measurement: An empirical study of the need-gap analysis in the service industry. J. Econ. Bus. Res., 19: 54-61.
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21:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Function of projective techniques in improving brand personality. Afr. J. Marketing Manage., 5: 20-25.
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22:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Management of conflict in pharma channel sales: A critical analysis on branded pharma products. Int. J. Eng. Sci. Manage., 3: 69-72.
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23:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Market probability and business strategy design in Indian retail sector: An empirical study. Parikalpana KIIT J. Manage., 9: 33-43.
24:   Upadhyaya, M., 2013. Radio taxi services in Jaipur: A learning experience from Meri car. Int. J. Marketing Principles Pract., 4: 37-44.
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26:   Upadhyaya, M., 2015. The impact of humorous television advertisement in customer opinion in Bahrain. Indian J. Commerce Manage. Stud., 6: 20-25.
27:   Upadhyaya, M., A. Hakeem and D.S. Chavan, 2013. The effect of the servicecape on service trust, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in Indian family restaurant. Manage. Rev. Int. J., 89: 54-84.