Hi, I am Chitrakara Hegde, My LiveDNA is 91.12199
Dr. Chitrakara Hegde
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Chemistry from National Institute of Technology, India
Institute: Alliance University, India
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Polymer
  •   Water Research
  •   Synthesis
  •   Nanocomposites
URL: http://livedna.org/91.12199
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Aswathaman, H. and C. Hegde, 2015. Synthesis and characterization of partial blended green polymer electrolytes. Int. J. Multidisciplinary Edu. Res., 5: 65-70.
2:   Fun, H.K., C.K. Quah, A.M. Vijesh, C. Hegde and A.M. Isloor, 2009. (Z)-1-(2, 5-Dichloro-3-thienyl) ethanone semicarbazone. Acta Crystallographica Sec. E, 65: o1852-o1853.
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3:   Fun, H.K., C.S. Yeap, Y. Mange, A.M. Isloor and C. Hegde, 2010. N-[(4-amino-5-sulfanylidene-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)methyl]-4-methylbenzamide. Acta Cryst., 66: o2501-o2502.
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4:   Fun, H.K., S.R. Jebas, M. Padaki, C. Hegde and A.M. Isloor, 2009. Ethyl 2-[(2, 6-dimethylphenyl) hydrazono]-3-oxobutanoate. Acta Crystallographica Sec. E: Struct. Rep. Online, 65: o1541-o1542.
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5:   Hegde, C., A.M. Isloor, B.M. Ganesh, A.F. Ismail, M.S. Abdullah and B.C. Ng, 2012. Performance of PS/PIMA/PPEES nanofiltration membranes before and after alkali treatment for filtration of CaCl2 and NaCl. Nanohybrids, 1: 99-118.
6:   Hegde, C., A.M. Isloor, G. Belavadi and R. Kumar, 2011. New composite membrane of Carboxylated Polysulfone (CPS)-Polyphenylene Ether Ether Sulfone (PPEES) as potential material for Direct Methanol fuel cell. J. Applied Membrane Sci. Technol., 13: 1-9.
7:   Hegde, C., A.M. Isloor, M. Padaki and H.K. Fun, 2013. Synthesis and performance characterization of PS-PPEES nanoporous membranes with nonwoven porous support. Arab. J. Chem., 6: 319-326.
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8:   Hegde, C., A.M. Isloor, M. Padaki, A.F. Ismail and W.J. Lau, 2012. New CPS-PPEES blend membranes for CaCl2 and NaCl rejection. Membrane Water Treatment, 3: 25-34.
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9:   Hegde, C., A.M. Isloor, M. Padaki, P. Wanichapichart ans Y. Liangdeng, 2011. Synthesis and desalination performance of Ar+-N+ irradiated polysulfone based new NF membrane. Desalination, 265: 153-158.
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10:   Hegde, C., M. Padaki and A. Isloor, 2009. Synthesis, characterization and proton conductivity of some novel nanofiltration membranes. Iraqui J. Polym., 13: 59-74.
11:   Hegde, C., M. Padaki and A.M. Isloor, 2009. Synthesis, characterization and impedance study of some novel nanofiltration membranes. Iraqi J. Polym., 13: 1-12.
12:   Hegde, C., S. Rao and J. D'Souza, 2014. Synthesis of new composite polymer membrane from tapioca grains-polysulfone for desalination. Desalinat. Water Treatment, 52: 1-8.
13:   Padki, M., C. Hegde and A. Isloor, 2010. Synthesis, characterization and impedance studies of some new nanofiltration memmbranes. Mater. Sci. Forum, 657: 26-34.