Hi, I am Hanit Kumar Thapak, My LiveDNA is 91.17447
Mr. Hanit Kumar Thapak
Highest Degree: M.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, India
Institute: ITM University, India
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Wastewater Treatment
  •   Environment Protection
  •   Environmental Change
  •   Environmental Ethics
URL: http://livedna.org/91.17447
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Parmar,N.S., H.K. Thapak, R. Kushwah, A. Thakur and Y. Mishra, 2016. Removal of impurity, colour and odor smell in sanitary waste water using sugarcane bagasse as a low cost adsorbent. Int. J. Innovative Res Multidiscip., 2: 43-47.
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2:   Thapak, H.K. and Dr P. Rajaram, 2016. Case study on taj mahal turning yellow:Agra city. Int. J. Innovative Res. Multidiscip., .
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3:   Thapak, H.K., 2015. Tea waste as a low cost adsorbent for the removal of cadmium ions • from synthetic waste water. Int. J. Eng. Manag. Res., 5: 389-391.
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4:   Thapak, H.K., J. Sharma , B. Boudh and N. Banger, 2015. Adsorption of copper ions in aqueous media using tea waste and sawdust as an adsorbent. Int. J. Innovative Res. Sci.Technol., 2: 51-57.
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5:   Thapak, H.K., M. Garg, M. Aqeel nad G. Reddy, 2016. Removal of heavy metal in the godavari river basin using corncob adsorbent. Int. J. Sci. Res. Dev., 3: 308-310.
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6:   Thapak, H.K., M. Muzzammil, P. Lakher, K. Chaudhry and S. Jain, 2016. Purification of tighra reservoir of gwalior, madhya pradesh, india by tea waste adsorbent. Imperial J. Interdiscip. Res., 2: 187-190.
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7:   Thapak, H.K., P. Singh, M. Sharma and S. Barolia, 2016. Removal of copper from industrial waste water by coconut husk as a low adsorbent. Int. J. Chem. Eng. Res., 3: 1-4.
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8:   Thapak, H.K., S.S. Trivedia and L.K. Pandey, 2015. Tea waste adsorbent for the removal of chromium and copper from synthetic wastewater. Int. J. Innovative Res. Sci. Technl., .
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