Hi, I am Mohit J. Jain, My LiveDNA is 91.17795
Dr. Mohit J. Jain
Highest Degree: M.B.B.S in Orthopaedic from B.J. Medical College, India
Institute: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Area of Interest: Biomedical Sciences
  •   Medical Imaging
  •   Diagnostics
  •   Orthodentic
  •   Surgery
URL: http://livedna.org/91.17795
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Jain, M. and K. Mavani, 2016. A comprehensive study of proximal humerus fractures and osteosynthesis in adult. Int. J. Orthopaedics, 2: 43-47.
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2:   Jain, M., 2017. Outcome in Proximal Humerus Fractures: Case series of 50 Patients. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.
3:   Jain, M., B. Singla and K. Mavani, 2017. A prospective study of operative results of intra-articular fractures of proximal tibia. Nat. J. Clin. Orth., 1: 20-24.
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4:   Jain, M.J. and K. Mavani, 2016. Lethal necrotizing fasciitis triggered by plaster: Case report and review of literature. J. Orthopaedic Case Rep., 6: 73-75.
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5:   Jain, M.J. and K.J. Mavani, 2016. A comprehensive study of internal distraction plating, an alternative method for distal radius fractures. J. Clin. Diagnostic Res., 10: RC14-RC17.
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6:   Jain, M.J. and K.J. Mavani, 2016. Orthopedic surgery: Beware of 10 intra operative nightmare situations other than common medico-surgical complications. Int. J. Surg. Orthopedics, 2: 45-48.
7:   Jain, M.J. and K.J. Mavani, 2017. A comprehensive study of worldwide selfie-related accidental mortality: A growing problem of the modern society. Int. J. Injury Control Safety Prom., 10.1080/17457300.2016.1278240.
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8:   Jain, M.J., G.G. Akbari, K.J. Mavani, D. Patel and A. Qureshi, 2016. Study to evaluate any significant role of dermatoglyphic patterns of palm in tuberculosis patients and review of literature. Int. J. Med. Health Res., 2: 51-55.
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9:   Jain, M.J., K.J. Mavani and D. Patel, 2017. Role of provisional fixation of fracture fragments by steinmann-pin and technical tips in proximal femoral nailing for intertrochanteric fracture. J. Clin. Diagnostic Res., 11: RC01-RC05.
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