Hi, I am Bidyut Kumar Ghosh, My LiveDNA is 91.228
Dr. Bidyut Kumar Ghosh
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Economics from University of Burdwan, India
Institute: Dr. P.C. Mahalanabish School of Management, India
Area of Interest: Economics
  •   Econometrics
  •   Operation Research
  •   Financial Economics
  •   Agricultural Economics
URL: http://livedna.org/91.228
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Batabyal, D. and B.K. Ghosh, 2012. A study of foreign tourist arrivals to India: A descriptive study through empirical evidences. South Asian J. Tourism Heritage, 5: 91-102.
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2:   Chakrabarty, A. and B.K. Ghosh, 2011. Long run financial market cointegration and its effect on international portfolio diversification. Indian J. Finance, 5: 27-37.
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3:   Ghosh, B., 2014. Customer satisfaction for mobile telecom industry in Kolkata: A survey research. Parikalpana: Kiit J. Manage., 10: 13-20.
4:   Ghosh, B.K. and P.K. Kuri, 2005. Changes in cropping pattern in West Bengal during 1970-71 to 2000-01. IASSI Q., 24: 39-56.
5:   Ghosh, B.K. and P.K. Kuri, 2007. Agricultural growth in West Bengal from 1970-71 to 2003-04: A decomposition analysis. ICFAI J. Agric. Econ., 4: 30-46.
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6:   Ghosh, B.K., 2009. Factors affecting farmers decision to cultivate high-valued crops: A case study of Burdwan district of west Bengal. Iassi Q., 28: 148-159.
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7:   Ghosh, B.K., 2009. Identification of backward districts in West Bengal: Implications to balanced agricultural development. ICFAI Univ. J. Rural Manage., 2: 64-72.
8:   Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Determinants of farm mechanization in modern agriculture: A case study of Burdwan districts of west Bengal. Int. J. Agric. Res., 5: 1107-1115.
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9:   Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Essence of crop diversification: A study of west Bengal agriculture during 1970-1971 to 2004-2005. J. Dev. Agric. Econ., 2: 368-381.
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10:   Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Fading glory of west bengal agriculture in the context of globalization: Need for a change in cropping pattern. Trends Agric. Econ., 3: 185-189.
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11:   Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Growth and variability in the production of crops in west bengal agriculture. Trends Agric. Econ., 3: 135-146.
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12:   Ghosh, B.K., 2011. Determinants of the changes in cropping pattern in India: 1970-71 to 2006-07. Bangladesh Dev. Stud., 34: 109-120.
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13:   Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Immoral trafficking and exploitation of children in India: A legal aspect. Indian J. Appl. Res., 2: 116-119.
14:   Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Law of one price arbitrage: A study on wholesale potato market in Hooghly district of west Bengal, India. Res. J. Econ. Bus. Stud., 1: 1-12.
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15:   Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Marketing efficiency of tea auction markets in India: An application of error correction methods. Indian J. Econ. Bus., Vol. 11. .
16:   Ghosh, B.K., 2013. The Dynamics of Crop Diversification: A Study of West Bengal. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany., ISBN: 978-3-659-43940-7, Pages: 132..
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17:   Laha, A., B.K. Ghosh and P.K. Kuri, 2013. Agricultural Growth and Agrarian Relations. Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, ISBN-13: 9788183875967, Pages: 358.
18:   Sen, S.S., B.K. Ghosh and S. Ghosh, 2007. Stock market liquidity and exchange rate: A case study of BSE and NSE. Manage. Accountant, 42: 820-821.