Hi, I am Natesan Settiagounder, My LiveDNA is 91.310
Dr. Natesan Settiagounder
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Inorganic & Physical Chemistry from Indian Institute of Science, India
Institute: Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited, India
Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •   Inorganic Chemistry
  •   Analytical Chemistry
  •   Physical Chemistry
  •   Chemical Compound
URL: http://livedna.org/91.310
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Natesan, S. and V. Ranganathan, 1990. Contents of various elements in different parts of the tea plant and in infusions of black tea from southern India. J. Sci. Food Agric., 51: 125-139.
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2:   Natesan, S. and V. Ranganathan, 1993. Potassium in Soils of Tea Plantations in Southern India. In: Potassium for Plantation Crops, Singh, M. and M.K. Mishra (Eds.). Potash Research Institute of India, India, pp: 40-51.
3:   Natesan, S., 1995. Compendium on Multimicronutrient Fertilizers in India: Crop Response and Industry. IMMA, Pune, Maharashtra India, pp: 406.
4:   Natesan, S., 1999. Tea Soils. In: Global Advances in Tea Sciences, Jain, N.K. (Ed.). International Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, pp: 519-532.
5:   Natesan, S., M.S. Mithyantha and K. Sivasankaran, 1992. Micronutrients Marketing Systems. In: Fertiliser Marketing Systems in India, Tandon, H.L.S. (Ed.). Fertiliser Development and Consultation Organisation, New Delhi, pp: 85-108.
6:   Natesan, S., M.S. Mithyantha and K. Sivasankaran, 1994. Need and necessity of interaction between agricultural universities and micronutrient industry. Proceeding of the Seminar on Recent Trends in Micronutrient Research in Soils and Plants in Maharashtra, Nov.12-13, Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani, Maharashtra, pp: 22-27.
7:   Ranganathan, V. and S. Natesan, 1985. Potassium Nutrition of Tea. In: Potassium in Agriculture, Munson, R.D. (Ed.). American Society of Agronomy, Madison, USA., pp: 981-1022.
8:   Ranganathan, V. and S. Natesan, 1987. Agrometeorology of productivity of tea in south India. Proceeding of the National Seminar on Agrometeorology of Plantation Crops, March 12-13, Pilicode, Kerala, pp: 73-78.
9:   Sivasankaran, K., M.S. Mithyantha, S. Natesan and C.T. Subbarayappa, 1993. Physico-Chemical Properties and Nutrient Management of Red/Lateritic Soils Under Plantation Crops. In: Red and Lateritic soils of India: Resource Appraisal and Management, Sehgal, J.L.( Ed.). NBSS, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India, pp: 280-287.
10:   Srikantha, M., B.S. Sherigara, S. Natesan and M.S. Mithyantha, 1998. Transformation of zinc in black and red soils of Karnataka. Proceeding of the Workshop Document: Microanalytical Techniques, Feb. 1013, Kuvempu University, pp: 64-67.