Hi, I am Dr. Ghulam Hassan Dar, My LiveDNA is 91.430
Prof. Dr. Ghulam Hassan Dar
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Microbiology from Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar, Haryana, India
Institute: Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, India
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Soil Microbiology
  •   Biofertilizer
  •   Biopesticides
  •   Biodiversity
URL: http://livedna.org/91.430
My SELECTED Publications
1:    Bhat, Z.A., G.H. Dar and M.A. Ahanger, 2010. First report of didymella blight (Didymella bryoniae) on ridge gourd [Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb.] from Jammu and Kashmir. Int. J. Applied Agric. Res., 5: 335-336.
2:   Ahangar, M.A. G.H. Dar, Z.A. Bhat and N.R. Sofi, 2011. Fungi associated with root rot of Pinus wallichiana seedlings in Kashmir. Plant Pathol. J., 10: 42-45.
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3:   Ahangar, M.A., G.H. Dar and A.A. Wani, 2014. Fungi associated with root rot of blue pine seedlings under temperate conditions of Kashmir. Indian Forester, 140: 205-206.
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4:   Ahangar, M.A., G.H. Dar and Z.A. Bhat, 2012. Growth response and nutrient uptake of blue pine (pinus wallichiana) seedlings inoculated with rhizosphere microorganisms under temperate nursery conditions. Ann. For. Res., 55: 217-227.
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5:   Ahanger, F. A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Beig and T.A. Sofi, 2011. First Report of Needle Blight on Blue Pine (Pinus wallichiana) and Aleppo Pine (P. halepensis), Caused by Lophodermium macci, from Asia. Plant. Pathol. J., 10: 181-186.
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6:   Ahanger, F.A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Beig and T.A. Sofi, 2016. Management of needle blight (lophodermium pinastri) disease in blue pine trees in Kashmir, India. J. For. Res., 27: 185-192.
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7:   Ahanger, F.A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Beig, N.A. Qazi and T.A. Sofi, 2008. Integrated Management of White Mold (Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum) in French Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris). J. Mycol. Plant Pathol., 38: 631-634.
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8:   Ahanger, F.A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Beig, T.A. Sofi and S.A. Ganai, 2016. Effect of weather parameters on Blue pine (Pinus wallichiana J.) needle blight and ascospore release of Lophodermium pinastri in India. Int. J. Agric. Technol., 12: 721-729.
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9:   Ahanger, F.A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Beig, T.A. Sofi, M.D. Shah and S.A. Ganaie, 2017. In vitro evaluation of fungicides against Lophodermium pinastri causing needle blight disease of blue pine in Kashmir (India). SKUAST J. Res., 19: 66-71.
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10:   Ahmad, K.N., A. Mushtaq, M.A. Beig and G.H. Dar, 2011. First Report of Phomopsis Canker Caused by Phomopsis Mali from India. Appl. Biol.Res., 13: 121-122.
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11:   Ashraf, M., G.H. Dar and Z.A. Bhat, 2010. Biomanagement of Root Rot of Pine Seedlings. J. Biol. Control, 24: 257-262.
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12:   Banday, S., G.H. Dar and N. Fatima, 2008. Influence of Biocontrol Agents on Plant Growth and White Root Rot of Apple. Plant Dis. Res., 23: 46-50.
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13:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar and N.A. Ganai, 2008. Co-inoculation effect of three mycorrhizal species on growth and biomass of kail pine (Pinus wallichiana) seedlings. J. Soil Biol. Ecol., 28: 101-110.
14:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar and N.A. Ganai, 2011. Impact of ectomycorrhizal fungi on growth of fir (abies pindrow). J. Soil Biol. Ecol., 31: 119-126.
15:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar, K. Ahmad and N.A. Ganai, 2008. Growth Response of Pinus Wallichiana Inoculated with Pisolithus Tinctorius and Laccaria Laccata under Different Soil Moisture Regimes. J. Hill Res., 21: 47-52.
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16:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar, N.A. Ganai and N.A. Khan, 2008. Mycorrhizal biodiversity in Kashmir forests and some new records of macrofungi from J&K State. Applied Biol. Res., 10: 26-30.
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17:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar, N.A. Ganai and N.A.Qazi, 2008. Some Hitherto Unrecorded Macrofungi from India. J. Mycol. Plant Pathol., 38: 208-210.
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18:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar, N.A. Khan and N.A. Ganai, 2011. Seasonal Production of Epigeal Fungal Sporocarps in Mixed and Pure Fir (Abies Pindrow) Stands in Kashmir Forests. J. Agric. Technol., 7: 1375-1387.
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19:   Beig, M.A., G.H. Dar, N.A. Khan, N.A. Ganai and F.A. Ahangar, 2009. A New Record of Anthracnose on Hedera Helix from Jammu and Kashmir, India. J. Mycol. Plant Pathol., 39: 346-348.
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20:   Beig, M.A., K. Ahmad, G.H. Dar, N.A. Khan and T.A. Sofi, 2009. Septoria Leaf Spot on Hedera Canariensis from Jammu and Kashmir, India. J. Mycol. Plant Pathol., 39: 530-531.
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21:   Beig, M.A., N.A. Khan and G.H. Dar, 2006. Disease status of Almond Blight in Kashmir and Morpho-Physiological Studies on its Casual Pathogen Cryptosporiopsis Carticola. Appl. Biol.Res., 8: 23-28.
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22:   Beigh, G.M., G.H. Dar, B.A. Bhat and M.Y. Zargar, 1996. Effect of temperature and pH on growth and sporulation of root rot fungus, Fusarium solani and in vivo screening of various common bean cultivars. Res. Dev. Rep., 13: 28-34.
23:   Beigh, G.M., G.H. Dar, B.A. Bhat and M.Y. Zargar, 1998. Biological control of Fusarium root rot in common bean with Rhizobium leguminosarum. J. Hill Res., 11: 166-170.
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25:   Bhat, K.A., M.A. Bhat, S.D. Masoodi, M. Ahmad and G.H. Dar et al., 2010. Serodiagnosis in plant pathology: Present status and future prospects. J. Ecobiotechnol., 2: 21-28.
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26:   Bhat, Z.A., G.H. Dar, M.A. Bhat and M.A. Anhanger, 2009. Effect of media, temperature and pH on growth and fructification of Didymella bryoniae (Auresw.) Rehm. causing blight in ridge gourd. Applied Biol. Res., 11: 70-72.
27:   Charoo, G.M., G.H. Dar, G.M. Beigh and M.Y. Zargar, 2003. Impact of co-inoculation of Glomus mossae and Rhizobium leguminosarum on plant growth, nutrient uptake, root colonization and rhizosphere microbial biomass in common beans. Applied Biol. Res., 5: 35-41.
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