Hi, I am Umang Swami, My LiveDNA is 91.6323
Dr. Umang Swami
Highest Degree: M.B.B.S in Medical Science from Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur, India
Institute: St. Barnabas Hospital, USA
Area of Interest: Medicine
  •   Oncology
  •   Drug Targets
  •   Hematology
  •   Hemostasis
URL: http://livedna.org/91.6323
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Hou, J.Y., S. Aparo, M. Ghalib, I. Chaudhary and U. Shah et al., 2013. Clinical outcome and prognostic markers for patients with gynecologic malignancies in phase 1 clinical trials: A single institution experience from 1999 to 2010. Gynecol. Oncol., 131: 163-168.
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2:   Mani, S. and U. Swami, 2010. Eribulin mesilate, a halichondrin B analogue, in the treatment of breast cancer. Drugs Today, 46: 641-653.
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3:   Swami, U., G. Annunziata and I. Fulger, 2013. Experience with Vena Cava filters at a large community hospital and level I Trauma Center: Indications, complications and compliance barriers. Clin. Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis. .
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4:   Swami, U., I. Chaudhary, M.H. Ghalib and S. Goel, 2012. Eribulin: A review of preclinical and clinical studies. Crit. Rev. Oncol. Hematol., 81: 163-184.
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5:   Swami, U., S. Goel and S. Mani, 2013. Therapeutic Targeting of CPT-11 induced diarrhea: A case for Prophylaxis. Curr. Drug Targets, 14: 777-797.
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