Hi, I am Varenyam Achal, My LiveDNA is 91.633
Dr. Varenyam Achal
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Thapar University, India
Institute: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Area of Interest: Molecular Sciences
  •   Biotechnology
  •   Bioremidiation
  •   Molecular Microbiology
  •   Molecular Biology
URL: http://livedna.org/91.633
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Achal, V. and X. Pan, 2010. Characterization of urease and carbonic anhydrase producing bacteria and their role in calcite precipitation. Current Microbiol. 10.1007/s00284-010-9801-4.
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2:   Achal, V., A. Mukherjee and M.S. Reddy, 2010. Biocalcification by Sporosarcina pasteurii using Corn steep liquor as nutrient source. Ind. Biotechnol., 6: 170-174.
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3:   Achal, V., A. Mukherjee and M.S. Reddy, 2010. Isolation and characterization of urease producing and calcifying bacteria from cement. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 20: 1571-1576.
4:   Achal, V., A. Mukherjee and M.S. Reddy, 2010. Microbial concrete: A way to enhance the durability of building structures. J. Mater. Civil Eng. .
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5:   Achal, V., A. Mukherjee, P.C. Basu and M.S. Redd, 2009. Strain improvement of Sporosarcina pasteurii for enhanced urease and calcite production. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 36: 981-988.
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6:   Achal, V., A. Mukherjee, P.C. Basu and M.S. Reddy, 2009. Lactose mother liquor as an alternative nutrient source for microbial concrete production by Sporosarcina pasteurii. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 36: 433-438.
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7:   Achal, V., D. Kumari and X. Pan, 2011. Bioremediation of chromium contaminated soil by a brown-rot fungus, Gloeophyllum sepiarium. Res. J. Microbiol., 6: 166-171.
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8:   Achala, V., V.V. Savantb and M.S. Reddya, 2007. Phosphate solubilization by a wild type strain and UV-induced mutants of Aspergillus tubingensis. Soil Biol. Biochem., 39: 695-699.
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9:   Kumari, D. and V. Achal, 2008. Effect of different substrates on the production and non-enzymatic antioxidant activity of Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster mushroom). Life Sci. J., 5: 73-76.
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10:   Kumari, D., N. Sharma, G. Pandove and V. Achal, 2009. Alkaline protease production by immobilized cells of Bacillus pumilis MTCC 2296 in various matrices. Life Sci. J., 6: 8-10.
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11:   Sahota, P., G. Pandove, V. Achal and Y. Vikal, 2010. Evaluation of a BWTK for simultaneous enumeration of total coliform, E. coli and emerging pathogens from drinking water: Comparison with standard MPN method. Water Sci. Technol., 62: 676-683.
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