Hi, I am Palanisamy Selvarajan, My LiveDNA is 91.661
Dr. Palanisamy Selvarajan
Highest Degree: PGDCA in Computer Science from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India
Institute: Aditanar College of Arts and Science, India
Area of Interest: Physics
  •   Characterization
  •   Crystal Growth
  •   Doping
  •   Nanomaterials
URL: http://livedna.org/91.661
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Dhas, A.S., P. Selvarajan and T.H. Freeda, 2009. Nucleation kinetics, growth and XRD studies of undoped and zinc sulfate-doped Triglycine Sulpho-Phosphate (TGSP) crystals. Mater. Manuf. Process., 24: 584-589.
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2:   Krishnan, C., P. Selvarajan and T.H. Freeda, 2008. Growth and characterization of pure and potassium chloride-doped Zinc Tris–Thiourea Sulphate (ZTS) single crystals. Mater. Lett., 62: 4414-4416.
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3:   Krishnan, C., P. Selvarajan and T.H. Freeda, 2008. Growth and studies of pure and lithium bromide-doped Zinc Tris-thiourea Sulphate (ZTS) single crystals. Mater. Manuf. Process., 23: 800-804.
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4:   Krishnan, C., P. Selvarajan and T.H. Freeda, 2008. Growth and studies of pure and potassium iodide-doped Zinc Tris-thiourea Sulphate (ZTS) single crystals. J. crystal Growth, 311: 141-146.
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5:   Lucia Rose, A.S.J., P. Selvarajan and S. Perumal, 2010. Synthesis, growth and spectroscopic studies of L-Alanine Hydrogen Chloride(LAHC) crystals. Recent Res. Sci. Technol., 2: 76-79.
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6:   Selvarajan, P., A. Sivadhas, T.H. Freeda and C.K. Mahadevan, 2008. Growth, XRD and dielectric properties of Triglycine Sulpho-Phosphate (TGSP) crystals added with magnesium sulfate. Physic. B Condensed Matter, 403: 4205-4208.
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7:   Selvarajan, P., J.G.A. Raj and S. Perumal, 2009. Characterization of pure and urea-doped γ-glycine single crystals grown by solution method. J. Crystal Growth, 311: 3835-3840.
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8:   Shanthi, N.T., P. Selvarajan and C.K. Mahadevan, 2009. Growth, structural, mechanical, spectral and dielectric characterization of NaCl-added Triglycine sulfate single crystals. Curr. Applied Phys., 9: 1155-1159.
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