Hi, I am Vamsi Krishna Kodali, My LiveDNA is 91.749
Dr. Vamsi Krishna Kodali
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Biology from University of Heidelberg, Germany
Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Area of Interest: Physics
  •   Nano Patterning
  •   Biophysics
  •   Tissue Engineering
  •   Biosensors
URL: http://livedna.org/91.749
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Kodali, V.K., W. Roos, J.P. Spatz and J.E. Curtis, 2007. Cell-assisted assembly of colloidal crystallites. Soft Matter, 3: 337-348.
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2:   Scrimgeour, J., V.K. Kodali, D.T. Kovari and J.E. Curtis, 2010. Photobleaching-activated micropatterning on self-assembled monolayers. J. Phys. Condens. Matter, 22: 94-103.
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3:   Wang, D., R. Szoszkiewicz, V. Kodali, J. Curtis, S. Marder and E. Riedo, 2010. A new AFM-Based lithography method: Thermochemical nanolithography. Scanning Probe Microscopy Nanoscience Nanotechnol., 3: 795-811.
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4:   Wang, D., V.K. Kodali, W.D. Underwood II, J.E. Jarvholm and T. Okada et al., 2009. Thermochemical nanolithography of multifunctional nanotemplates for assembling Nano-objects. Adv. Functional Mater., 19: 3696-3702.
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