Hi, I am Jitendra Nath De, My LiveDNA is 91.945
Dr. Jitendra Nath De
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Ethnobotany from University of Calcutta, India
Institute: Charuchandra College, India
Area of Interest: Plant and Soil Sciences
  •   Ethnobotany
  •   Medicinal Plants
  •   Plant Taxonomy
  •   Plant Biodiversity
URL: http://livedna.org/91.945
My SELECTED Publications
1:   De, J.N., 1965. Some minor plant-fibres of aboriginal usage in the district of Purulia (West Bengal). Bull. Bot. Soc. Bengal, 19: 67-72.
2:   De, J.N., 1967. Further observation on the ethnobotany of Purulia district, West Bengal. Indian For., 95: 551-559.
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3:   De, J.N., 1968. Ethnobotany a newer science in India. Sci. Cult., 34: 326-328.
4:   De, J.N., 1979. Ethnobotanical study of Purulia District, West Bengal, the Eastern anthropologist. Lucknow, 32: 213-218.
5:   De, J.N., 1980. Relationship between ethnic groups (Tribal) and their plant-life in the purulia district, West Bengal: A study. Vanyajati New Delhi, 28: 26-30.
6:   De, J.N., 1980. The vegetation-based tribal economics in the Purulia District West Bengal. Bull. Cult. Res. Inst., 14: 37-42.
7:   Dey, A. and J.N. De, 2010. Rauvolfia serpentina (L). benth. ex Kurz.-A review. Asian J. Plant Sci., 9: 285-298.
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8:   Jain, S.K. and J.N. De, 1964. Some less known plant foods among the tribals of Purulia (West Bengal). Sci. Cult., 30: 285-286.
9:   Jain, S.K. and J.N. De, 1966. Observations of ethnobotany of Purulia, West Bengal. Bull. Bot. Survey India, 8: 237-251.