Hi, I am Muhammad Saqib Khan, My LiveDNA is 92.17857
Mr. Muhammad Saqib Khan
Highest Degree: M.S. in Environmental Science from Comsats University, Pakistan
Institute: Comsats University, Pakistan
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Environmental Engineering
  •   Materials Science
  •   Waste Water Treatment
  •   Environmental Analysis
URL: http://livedna.org/92.17857
My SELECTED Publications
1:    Yaqub, A., H. Ajab, M.S. Khan, S. Khan and R. Farooq, 2009. Electrochemical removal of cu and pb from industrial wastewater. Water Q. Res. J. Canada, 44: 183-188.
2:   Khan, M.S., M.M. Shah, Q.A.I.S.A.R. Mahmood, A.M.J.A.D. Hassan and K. Akbar, 2011. Assessment of pesticide residues on selected vegetables of Pakistan. J. Chem. Soc. Pak., 33: 816-821.
3:   Nadia Riaz, F.K., M.A. Chong, Z.B. Bustam, Man, M.S. Khan and A.M. Shariff, 2014. Adsorption of azo dye orange ii by supported TiO2: A review. Applied Mechan. Mater., 625: 770-774.
4:   Riaz, N., F.K. Chong, Z.B. Man, R. Sarward, A. Khan, U. Farooq and M.S. Khan, 2016. Preparation, characterization and application of Cu–Ni/TiO2 in Orange II photodegradation under visible light: effect of different reaction parameters and optimization. RSC Adv., 6: 55650-55665.
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5:   Riaz, N., F.K. Chong, B.K Dutta, Z.B. Man, M.S. Khan and E. Nurlaela, 2012. Photodegradation of orange II under visible light using Cu-Ni/TiO2: Effect of calcination temperature. Chem. Eng. J., 185-186: 108-119.
6:   Riaz, N., F.K. Chong, B.K. Dutta, Z.B. Man, M.S. Khan, R.M. Ramli, 2014. Visible light photodegradation of azo dye by cu/tio2. Adv. Mater. Res., 917: 151-159.
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7:   Riaz, N., F.K. Chong, Z.B. Man, B.K. Dutta and M.S. Khan, 2013. Photodegradation of Orange II under visible light using Cu:Ni/TiO2 : Influence of Cu:Ni mass composition, preparation and calcination temperature. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 52: 4491-4503.
8:   Riaz, N., M.A. F.K., Chong, Z.B. Man, M.S. Khan and A.M. Shariff, 2014. Photocatalytic degradation of dipa using bimetallic cu-ni/tio2 photocatalyst under visible light irradiation. Sci. World J., 2014: 8-8.
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