Hi, I am Islam Faisal Abdulrahman Bourini, My LiveDNA is 962.10375
Dr. Islam Faisal Abdulrahman Bourini
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Business Management from Tenaga National University, Malaysia
Institute: Al-Falah University, UAE
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Quality Assurance
  •   Strategic Management
  •   Accreditation
  •   Organizational Behavior
URL: http://livedna.org/962.10375
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Al-Hazza, M.H.F. and I.F. Bourini, 2016. Statistical analysis of tooling cost in high speed end milling for hardened steel. Electron. J. Appl. Stat. Anal., 9: 530-539.
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2:   Almsafir, M.K. and I.F. Bourini, 2011. Measuring the awareness of Malaysian private universities towards globalized accreditation. J. Adv. Social Res., 1: 11-19.
3:   Almsafir, M.K. and I.F. Bourini, 2012. The global drivers of awareness toward TQM practices within educational field: Evidence from Malaysia. Procedia Soc. Behav. Sci., 62: 1245-1254.
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4:   Bourini, F. and I. Bourini, 2011. Investigating the relationship between human resource information system and strategic capability among employees: Jordan case study. J. Adv. Soc. Res., 1: 63-75.
5:   Bourini, I. and M.K. Almsafir, 2014. Exploring the relationship between students preferences and organizational culture with strategic intention to go for international accreditation: Jordanian private universities case. J. Adv. Social Res., 4: 1-13.
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6:   Bourini, I.F. and F.A.R. Bourini, 2016. Using SEM-PLS and Fuzzy logic to determine the influence of Uncertainty Avoidance and Accreditation cost on Strategic Intention. Electron. J. Appl. Stat. Anal., 9: 454-468.
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7:   Bourini, I.F. and F.A.R. Bourini, 2017. Fuzzy logic Approach to simulate the role of Academic performance and competition in Strategic intention within Jordanian higher education institutions. Int. J. Bus. Soc., .
8:   Lod, S.B.M., M.K. Almsafir and I.F. Bourini, 2012. Methods and indexes to monitor the economic crisis (a review). J. Adv. Social Res., 2: 344-354.
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