Hi, I am Bassam Rajab Mahd Joudeh, My LiveDNA is 962.3794
Dr. Bassam Rajab Mahd Joudeh
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Physics from Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Institute: Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Area of Interest: Physics
  •   Biological Physics
  •   Applied Sciences
  •   Condensed Matter Physics
  •   Physical Sciecnes
URL: http://livedna.org/962.3794
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ajlouni, A.W., B. Joudeh and B. Salameh, 2007. Particle in a Box, with Dissipation. J. Applied Sci., 7: 1314-1320.
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2:   Ajlouni, A.W., B. R. Joudeh and B. Salameh, 2007. Dispersion of chemical of pollutants in jordan atmosphere: A mathematical model. Proceedings of the Petra International Chemistry Conference, June 25-28, 2007, TTU, Jordan -.
3:   Al-Maaitah, A.F., B.R. Joudeh, A.S. Sandouqa and H.B. Ghassib, 2011. Scattering properties of spin-polarized liquid 3He. J. Low Temp. Phys., 164: 5-22.
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4:   Al-Sugheir, M.K., A.S. Sandouqa, B.R. Joudeh, S. Al-Omari, M. Awawdeh and F. Rawwagahb, 2010. Bose-einstein condensation and heat capacity of spin-polarized atomic hydrogen. Phys. B: Condens. Matter, 405: 2171-2174.
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5:   Al-Sugheir, M.K., H.B. Ghassib and B.R. Joudeh, 2006. Fermi pairing in dilute 3He-heii mixtures. Int. J. Modern Phys. B, 20: 2491-2504.
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6:   Joudeh, B.R., 2011. 3He-3He scattering in 3He-HeII mixtures at low temperatures. Modern Applied Sci., 5: 25-36.
7:   Joudeh, B.R., A.S. Sandouqa, H.B. Ghassib and M.K. Al-Sugheir, 2010. 3He-3He and 4He-4He cross-sections in matter at low temperature. J. Low Temp. Phys., 161: 348-366.
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8:   Joudeh, B.R., A.S. Sandouqa, M.K. Al-Sugheir and H.B. Ghassib, 2009. T-matrix and effective scattering in spin-polarized atomic deuterium (↓D). Phys. B: Condens. Matter, 404: 1847-1851.
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9:   Joudeh, B.R., M.K. Al-Sugheir and H.B. Ghassib, 2005. Spin-polarized atomic hydrogen in the static fluctuation approximation. Int. J. Modern Phys. B, 19: 3985-4008.
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10:   Joudeh, B.R., M.K. Al-Sugheir and H.B. Ghassib, 2007. A study of spin-polarized atomic hydrogen in the Brueckner Bethe Goldstone theory. Phys. B: Condens. Matter, 388: 237-243.
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11:   Sandouqa, A.S., B.R. Joudeh, M.K. Al-Sugheir and H.B. Ghassib, 2008. Spin-polarized atomic deuterium ((↓D) in the static fluctuation approximation (SFA). Int. J. Modern Phys. B, 22: 257-266.
12:   Sandouqa, A.S., B.R. Joudeh, M.K. Al-Sugheir and H.B. Ghassib, 2011. Weak 3He pairing in 3He-heII mixtures. Acta Physica Polonica A., 119: 807-813.
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13:   Sandouqa, A.S., H.B. Ghassib and B.R. Joudeh, 2010. A ramsauer-townsend effect in liquid 3He. Chem. Phys. Letters, 490: 172-175.
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