Dr. Amal Talib Atiyah Al-Saady

Dr. Amal Talib Atiyah Al-Saady

Assistant Professor
University of Babylon, Iraq

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Microbiology from Babylon University, Iraq

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Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences

Selected Publications

  1. Al-Saady and H.S. Naher, 2018. Study of routs of etiologic bacteria causing neonatal infections in al-hilla city, Iraq. Biochem. Cell. Arch., 18: 577-586.
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  2. Al-Saadi, A.T.A.N., 2018. Microbial study of the restroom (the ladies) in the dormitory with Al-Qadisiya University. Acad. Res. Article, 19: 42-44.
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  3. Al-Sa'ady, A.T. and E. Mohammed, 2018. Study effect of nystatin, sodium bicarbonate, plant extracts and some factors (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, antibiotic therapy) On Candida albicans causes vaginal candidiasis. J. Al-Qadisiya Pure Sci., 15: 1-5.
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  4. Abbas, E.C., A.T. Al-Saady, Z.A. Al-Khafaji and M.J. Kadhum, 2018. Association of IL-17 with hepatitis A virus Childhood infection patients less than 10 years old. J. Pharm. Sci. Res., 10: 1165-1166.
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  5. Al-Sa'ady, A.T.A. and H.S. Naher, 2016. Study of etiologic multi-drug resistant bacteria of neonatal sepsis in Al-Hilla city. Am. J. BioMed., 4: 513-533.

  6. Naher, H.S. and A.T.A. Al-Sa'ady, 2014. Genetic study of methicillin resistant S. aureus (MRSA) isolated from neonatal infections. Int. J. Med. Pharmaceut. Sci., 4: 41-48.

  7. Al-Sa'ady, A.T.A. and H.S. Naher, 2014. Molecular detection of multi-drug resistant P. aeruginosa isolated from neonatal infections. Int. J. Med. Pharmaceut. Sci., 4: 69-76.

  8. Al-Sa'ady, A.T., 2007. Study of effect with natural honey and different salt concentrations (Nacl) on some aerobic microorganisms related by dental caries and gingivitis. J. Al-Qadisiya Pure Sci., 12: 9-17.
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  9. Al-Sa’ady, A.T.A., 2006. Effect of storage conditions on the number of aerobic bacteria isolated from the local soft cheese in Dewaniyah City. J. Al-Qadisiya Pure Sci., 11: 126-135.
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