Hi, I am Salma Mahdi Shaban, My LiveDNA is 964.385
Dr. Salma Mahdi Shaban
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from University of Baghdad, Iraq
Institute: University of Baghdad, Iraq
Area of Interest: Physics
  •   Solid State Physics
  •   Thin Films Physics
  •   Dielectric Properties
  •   Thin Films Compounds
URL: http://livedna.org/964.385
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Shaban, S.M. and E. Abass, 2009. Effect of ohmic contact like Au and Al elements on D.C conductivity for Cd0.3Sn0.7Se thin films. Atti Della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi Anno LXIII, 6: 805-805.
2:   Shaban, S.M. and R.M.S. Al-Haddad, 2009. A.C. conductivity and dielectric behavior of ZnTe thin films. Proceedings of 3rd Scientific Conference of the College of Science, March 24-26, University of Baghdad, pp: 2094-2094.
3:   Shaban, S.M. and S.E. Mansure, 2009. Optical properties of GaN thin films. Iraqi J. Phys., 7: 59-59.
4:   Shaban, S.M., 2008. Optical properties of SeTe thin films. Um-Salama Sci., 5: 577-577.
5:   Shaban, S.M., 2009. Nano-Size Investigation of Grain Structure of Cd0.3Sn0.7Se Compound by Transmission Electron Microscopy and XRD Analysis. Proceedings of The 1st Scientific Conference on Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Their Applications, Oct. 13-15, The University of Technology, Baghdad-Iraq, pp: 2050-2050.
6:   Shaban, S.M., 2010. Investigation of structural and optical properties of Sb2s3 thin films. Al-Nahrain Univ. Sci., 13: 59-59.
7:   Shaban, S.M., M.N. Makadsi and R.M.S. Al-Haddad, 2008. Preparation of ZnTe compound and study of the structural and optical properties. Atti Della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi Anno LXIII, 5: 625-625.