Hi, I am Osama Abdullah Abu-Zinadah, My LiveDNA is 966.1269
Dr. Osama Abdullah Abu-Zinadah
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Anatomy from University of Wales, U.K
Institute: King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia
Area of Interest: Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  •   Cell Biology
  •   Biotechnology
  •   Toxicology
  •   Fish Biology
URL: http://livedna.org/966.1269
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Abu-Zinadah, O.A. and H.K. Hussein, 2011. The possible role of interstitial stem cells potential for correcting histopathological changes in liver and kidney of rats after copper toxicity. Singapore J. Sci. Res., 1: 77-83.
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2:   Abu-Zinadah, O.A., 2008. Variation in testicular histology of the spiny tailed lizard Uromastyx aegyptius microlepis during hibernation and active periods. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 1615-1619.
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3:   Abu-Zinadah, O.A., 2009. Using Nigella sativa to treat and heal chemical induced wound of rabbit skin. J. King Abdulaziz Univ. Sci., 21: 335-346.
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4:   Hussein, H.K. and O.A. Abu-Zinadah, 2010. Antioxidant effect of curcumin extracts in induced diabetic Wister rats. Int. J. Zool. Res., 6: 266-276.
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