Hi, I am Faisal Taleb Khamayseh, My LiveDNA is 970.11840
Dr. Faisal Taleb Khamayseh
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Institute: Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine
Area of Interest: Computer Sciences
  •   Algorithm Design
  •   Software Engineering
  •   E-Learning
  •   Information System
URL: http://livedna.org/970.11840
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Arman, N. and F. Khamayseh, 2015. A path-compression approach for improving shortest-path algorithms. Int. J. Electr. Comput. Eng., 5: 772-781.
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2:   Faisal, K. and A. Abdullah, 2002. The effectiveness of multimedia in teaching biomedical instrumentations. Hebron Univ. Res. J., .
3:   Khamayseh, F. and N. Arman, 2015. An efficient multiple sources single-destination (MSSD) heuristic algorithm using nodes exclusions. Int. J. Soft Comput., 10: 301-306.
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4:   Khamayseh, F. and N. Arman, 2015. Improvement of shortest-path algorithms using subgraphs'heuristics. J. Theor. Appl. Inf. Technol., 76: 109-117.
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5:   Khamayseh, F. and N. Arman, 2016. Comparing the approaches of graph-reduction and landmark shortest paths. J. Theor. Appl. Inf. Technol., 83: 138-147.
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6:   Khamayseh, F., A.S.E. Ahmed and L.M. El-Fangary, 2009. Evaluation of learner achievement within Active Multimodal Presentation (AMP) and static e-learning modes. Egypt. Comput. Sci. J., Vol. 31, No. 3. .
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7:   Nassar, I.N. and F.T. Khamayseh, 2015. A semi-automated generation of activity diagrams from Arabic user requirements. NNGT Int. J. Software Eng., Vol. 2. .