Hi, I am Osama Yaseen M. Al-Rawi, My LiveDNA is 973.12177
Dr. Osama Yaseen M. Al-Rawi
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Institute: Gulf University, Bahrain
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Control System
  •   Power Electronics
  •   Electrical Machines
  •   Renewable Energy
URL: http://livedna.org/973.12177
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Al-Rawi, O.Y.M., 2011. Improving inverter performance by generation of optimal non-sinusoidal modulating wave in suboptimal PWM strategy. Gulf Univ. J. Eng. Comput. Eng. Div., 3: 180-197.
2:   Al-Rawi, O.Y.M., 2012. Enhancing Control Systems Response Using Genetic PID Controllers. In: Genetic Algorithms in Applications. Popa, R. (Ed.). Intech, Croatia., ISBN: 978-953-51-0400-1, pp: 35-58..
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3:   Al-Sujada, J.S.R.K. and O.Y.M. Al-Rawi, 2013. Power distribution systems reconfiguration bases on artificial neural network and genetic algorithm for loss reduction. Int. J. Electron. Circuits Syst., 2: 26-36.
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4:   Al-Sujada, J.S.R.K. and O.Y.M. Al-Rawi, 2014. Novel load flow algorithm for multi-phase balanced/unbalanced radial distribution system. Int. J. Adv. Res. Electr. Electron. Instrum. Eng., 3: 10928-10942.
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5:   Noaman, N.M. and O.Y.M. Al-Rawi, 2013. Beam delivery design for laser cutting system using neuro-fuzzy logic controller. Gulf Univ. J., 5: 28-38.
6:   Shallal, A.H., R.A. Karim and O.Y. Al-Rawi, 2013. A novel method for tuning PID controller. Diyala J. Eng. Sci., 6: 62-74.
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