Hi, I am Waleed Khalil Zubar, My LiveDNA is 973.12274
Dr. Waleed Khalil Zubar
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Co, USA
Institute: Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences
  •   Water Resources Management
  •   Groundwater Management
  •   GIS
  •   Groundwater Modeling
URL: http://livedna.org/973.12274
My SELECTED Publications
1:   ABDU, A.S., A.A. Abahussain, W.K. Al Zubari, M. Abdulraheem and M.N.A. El Din, 2001. A policy framework for combating desertification in the Arab region. Arab Gulf J. Sci. Res., 19: 112-120.
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2:   Abahussain, A., A.S. Abdo, W.K. Zubari and M.N. El Din, 2003. Status of desertification in the GCC countries and suggest combating policies. Attaawun, 57: 13-50.
3:   Abahussain, A.A., A.S. Abdu, W.K. Al Zubari, N.A. El Deen and M. Abdul Raheem, 2002. Desertification in the Arab region: analysis of current status and trends. J. Arid Environ., 51: 521-545.
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4:   Al Bugmi, S.A., S.A. Al Jenaid, B.N. Al Yousfi and W.K. Zubari, 2012. Assessment of hafira hazardous industrial landfill in the kingdom of bahrain using GIS and basel convention standards. J. Gulf Arab. Peninsula Stud., 38: 227-251.
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5:   Al Otaibi, I., A. El Sadek and W. Zubari, 2013. Calculation and evaluation of virtual water flow in the GCC countries. Emirates J. Eng. Res., 18: 21-34.
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6:   Al Tahow, J.A., A. Al Ajmi and W.K. Al Zubari, 2009. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to surface pollution using GIS in the State of Kuwait. Part I: Groundwater intrinsic vulnerability mapping. Arab Gulf J. Sci. Res., 27: 237-246.
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7:   Al Tahow, J.A., A. Al Ajmi and W.K. Al Zubari, 2010. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to surface pollution using GIS in the State of Kuwait. Part II: Groundwater pollution hazard: relationship between groundwater vulnerability and existing landuse activities. Arab Gulf J. Sci. Res., 28: 42-46.
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8:   Al Zubari, W.K., 2002. Alternative water resource management policies in West Asia. Ind. Environ., 25: 43-47.
9:   Al Zubari, W.K., 2003. Assessing the sustainability of non-renewable brackish groundwater in feeding an RO desalination plant in Bahrain. Desalin., 159: 211-224.
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10:   Alsaid, W.A., S.S. Aljenaid and W.K. Zubari, 2012. Review of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the north town in the kingdom of Bahrain using the rapid impact assessment matrix (RIAM). J. King Abdulaziz Univ. Meteorol. Environ. Arid Land Agric. Sci., 23: 227-250.
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11:   Alshowaiey, I.S., A.A. Abahussain and W.K. Zubari, 2014. Vulnerability assessment of the dammam aquifer to pollution from anthropogenic activities in the kingdom of bahrain using GIS. Emirates J. Eng. Res., 19: 1-12.
12:   Fares, E., A. El Sadek and W. Al Zubari, 2013. Virtual water trade in the state of kuwait: prospects and challenges. Arab Gulf J. Sci. Res., 31: 238-245.
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13:   Zubari, W.K. and I.J. Lori, 2006. Management and sustainability of groundwater resources in Bahrain. Water Policy, 8: 127-145.
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14:   Zubari, W.K., 2005. Spatial and temporal trends in groundwater resources in Bahrain, 1992-2002. Emirates J. Eng. Res., 10: 57-67.