Hi, I am Ali Sadatmoosavi, My LiveDNA is 98.22889
Dr. Ali Sadatmoosavi
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Information and Knowledge Management from Kerman University of Medical Science, Iran
Institute: Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Area of Interest: Business Management and Accounting
  •   Information Management
  •   Information Technologies
  •   Knowledge Management
  •   Organization
URL: http://livedna.org/98.22889
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Ali, S.M., I.M. Alireza and T. Oranus, 2012. Accessibility of online resources cited in scholarly LIS journals: A study of Emerald ISIā€ranked journals. Aslib Proceed., 64: 178-192.
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2:   Rostami-Nasab, A.A., O. Tajedini and A. Sadatmoosavi, 2016. Examination of the theory of guidance in the view of Ali ibn Abi Talib (a): An exploration into the Nahj Al-Balaghah. J. Res. Christian Educ., 25: 203-220.
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3:   Sadatmoosavi, A., O. Tajedini and H. Sharif-Moghaddam, 2014. Comparative study of information technology skills: Library librarians at Tehran university and Oslo university. Inform. Manage. Knowledge, 1: 107-119.
4:   Sadatmoosavi, A., O. Tajedini and H.S. Moghadam, 2010. Assessing accessibility in four library and information sciences journals&58; A comparative study. Iran. J. Inform. Process. Manage., 25: 617-633.
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5:   Sadatmoosavi, A., O. Tajedini and N. Hariri, 2013. Comparison of search engines performance in retrieving results for navigating quarries. Library Inform. Sci., 16: 59-79.
6:   Tajeddini, O., A. Azimi and H.S. Moghaddam, 2017. Death of web citations: A serious alarm for authors. Malaysian J. Library Inform. Sci., 16: 17-29.
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7:   Tajedini, O., A. Sadatmoosavi and A. Shabani, 2010. Knowledge management in the era of web 2: An evolutionary approach. J. Acad. Librarianship Inform. Res., 44: 101-119.
8:   Tajedini, O., A. Sadatmoosavi and A. Soleimani-Nejad, 2015. Study of Iranian university administrators and librarians and information science professionals the skills and knowledge of responsibilities in the future. Inform. Manage. Knowledge, 2: 35-48.
9:   Tajedini, O., A. Sadatmoosavi and E. Sadrifar, 2012. A survey on the librarians' familiarity with public libraries in Tehran with professional ethics in librarianship. Library Inform. Sci., 14: 35-70.
10:   Tajedini, O., A. Sadatmoosavi and H. Sharif-Moghaddam, 2011. Use of internet citations in librarianship and information magazines: Opportunities and threats. Informology, 8: 39-56.
11:   Tajedini, O., A. Sadatmoosavi and M. Alizade, 2015. The relationship between ethical intelligence and librarians' participation in academic libraries in Tehran. Inform. Manage. Knowledge, 1: 60-66.
12:   Tajedini, O., M. Aazami and A. Sadatmoosavi, 2017. Is it possible in human sciences to transform knowledge to product? A mixed study. J. Library Inform. Sci., 23: 67-94.
13:   Tajedini, O., Y. Esfandiyar and A. Sadatmoosavi, 2017. The theory paradigm model of personal knowledge management of public library librarians. Sci. Tech. Inform. Manage., 2: 57-82.