Hi, I am Nasser Mikaeilvand, My LiveDNA is 98.4242
Dr. Nasser Mikaeilvand
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Mathematics from Islamic Azad University, Iran
Institute: Islamic Azad University, Iran
Area of Interest: Mathematics
  •   Statistics
  •   Numerical Analysis
  •   Fuzzy Mathematics
  •   Differential Equations
URL: http://livedna.org/98.4242
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Allahviranloo, T. and N. Mikaeilvand, 2006. Positive solutions of fully fuzzy linear systems. J. Applied Math., 3: 1-12.
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2:   Allahviranloo, T. and N. Mikaeilvand, 2009. Solutions of the fully fuzzy linear system. AIP Conf. Proc., 1124: 234-243.
3:   Allahviranloo, T., F.H. Lotfi, N. Mikaeilvand, S.M.K. Kiasari, 2008. Fully fuzzy linear programming problem with positive or negative core. Far East J. Applied Math., 33: 337-350.
4:   Allahviranloo, T., N. Mikaeilvand and M. Barkhordari, 2009. Fuzzy linear matrix equations. Fuzzy Optim. Decis. Making, 8: 165-177.
5:   Allahviranloo, T., N. Mikaeilvand, N.A. Kiani, R. Mastani-Shabestari, 2008. Signed decomposition of fully fuzzy linear systems. Appli. Applied Math. Int. J., 3: 77-88.
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6:   Derakhshandeh, S. and N. Mikaeilvand, 2011. Fuzzy method for identification of aggregate weights in ordered weighted averaging operators. Middle East J. Sci. Res., 7: 293-295.
7:   Lorkojori, Z. and N. Mikaeilvand, 2010. Two modified jacobi methods for M-matrices. Int. J. Ind. Math., 3: 181-186.
8:   Mikaeilvand, N. and L. Hosseini, 2010. The taylor method for numerical solutions of fuzzy systems. Int. J. Ind. Math., 2: 151-159.
9:   Mikaeilvand, N., 2011. On solvability of fuzzy system of linear matrix equations. J. Applied Sci. Res., 7: 141-153.
10:   Mikaeilvand, N., M. Barkhordari, N.A. Kiani, 2010. A novel method for ranking of fuzzy numbers using center of mass. World Applied Sci. J., 10: 100-109.
11:   Saneifard, R., T. Allahviranloo, F.H. Lotfi and N. Mikaeilvand, 2007. Euclidean ranking DMUs with fuzzy data in DEA. Applied Math. Sci., 1: 2989-2998.
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