Hi, I am Behrooz Saghafi, My LiveDNA is 98.753
Dr. Behrooz Saghafi
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Pavement Engineering from Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Institute: Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Area of Interest: Engineering
  •   Rigid and Flexible Pavement
  •   Renewable Energy
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   Civil Engineering
URL: http://livedna.org/98.753
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Dibaj, S.M. and B. Saghafi, 2006. Recent developments in slab track designing. Payam Eng. Res. J., 21: 19-23.
2:   Faraji, M., V.J. Majd, B. Saghafi and M. Sojoodi, 2010. An optimal pole-matching observer design for estimating tyre-road friction force. Veh. Syst. Dyn., 48: 1155-1166.
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3:   Hassani, A. and B. Saghafi, 2005. Stress in road and airport joints and cracks. Jaddeh Res. J., 51: 27-33.
4:   Hassani, A. and B. Saghafi, 2006. Improvements in portland cement concrete pavements using asphalt overlays. Payam Eng. Res. J., 20: 10-14.
5:   Saghafi, B. and B. Saghafi, 2007. Numerical modelling of the effect of temperature on the early-age stage behaviour of a concrete slab. Payam Eng. Res. J., 24: 14-19.
6:   Saghafi, B., A. Hassani, R. Noori and M.G. Bustos, 2009. Artificial neural networks and regression analysis for predicting faulting in jointed concrete pavements considering base condition. Int. J. Pavement Res. Technol., 2: 20-25.
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7:   Saghafi, B., H.A. Nageim and N. Ghazireh, 2010. Air Pollution Control (APC) residues as a potential replacement for lime in Fly Ash Bound Mixtures (FABM) containing quarry waste dust. Int. J. Pavement Res. Technol., 3: 178-185.
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