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Top Seven Countries of LiveDNA Members' Directory
Now you can share your Live DNA id with your prospective employers, potential funders, publishers, conference organizers, collaborators and institutions with the help of LiveDNA Members’ Directory. The Directory is currently having more than 1 million records of individual researchers and scholars from a diversified range of countries. India, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, KSA and China are the Top Seven countries from where users have registered for their LiveDNA.

Members’ Directory is open and available free of charge to individuals, who may obtain a LiveDNA identifier, manage their record of activities, and search for others in the Directory. Organizations may become members to link their records to LiveDNA identifiers, to update LiveDNA records, to receive updates from LiveDNA, and to register their employees and students for LiveDNA identifiers. Moreover, LiveDNA is committed to protect the security of information stored in the Member’s Directory.

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List of Members (Y) Total Records (414)
LiveDNA: 86.22784
LiveDNA: 86.22808
LiveDNA: 60.22824
LiveDNA: 86.22834
LiveDNA: 91.22848
LiveDNA: 251.22894
LiveDNA: 62.22962
LiveDNA: 62.22971
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