Dr. Thomas Edward Smith

Dr. Thomas Edward Smith

Associate Professor
Ave Maria University, USA

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Algal Ecology from Ave Maria University, USA

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Algal Ecology

Selected Publications

  1. Smith, T., A. Rollins and S.L. Stephenson, 2018. A Preliminary Report on the Aerophytic Cyanoprokaryota and Algae from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. Global J. Bot. Sci., 6: 60-67.
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  2. Smith, T. and S.L. Stephenson, 2018. A preliminary report on the aerophytic algae from Christmas island, Indian ocean. Int. J. Algae, 20: 33-38.
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  3. Smith, T. and S.L. Stephenson, 2018. A preliminary report on aerophytic cyanoprokaryota and chlorophyta from rocky mountain national park and Fraser experimental forest, Colorado, USA. Global J. Bot. Sci., 6: 42-45.
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  4. Smith, T. and J. Smith, 2018. Sustainable bioethanol production from a marine alga, Enteromorpha flexuosa (Wulfen) J. Agardh (Chlorophyta). Int. J. Algae, 20: 175-180.
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  5. Smith, T.E., 2015. Revised list of algae from Sudan and new additions. Int. J. Algae, 17: 159-192.
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  8. Annang, T.Y., R.D. Yirenya-Tawiah, G.C. Clerk and T. Smith, 2014. Some aspects of the ecology of freshwater algae in the Densu River and two tributaries in Southern Ghana. Int. J. Environ., 3: 246-257.
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  9. Smith, T.E., K.M. Manoylov and A. Packard, 2013. Algal extremophile community persistence from hot springs National Park (Arkansas, U.S.A.). Int. J. Algae, 15: 65-76.
  10. Smith, T. and R.J. Stevenson, 2011. Response of algae to phosphorus in the Florida Everglades, USA. Int. J. Algae, 13: 250-267..
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  11. Smith, T. and R.J. Stevenson, 2011. Cyanophyta (Cyanobacteria, Cyanoprokaryota) algae used as an environmental inference in the Florida everglades, USA. Int. J. Algae, 13: 164-177..
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  15. Smith, T., 2009. Spatial and temporal response of scytonemin and photosynthetic pigments in calcareous algal mats from southern Florida, USA. Int. J. Algae, 11: 199-210..
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  16. Smith, T., 2009. Hikers impact on the North fork of the Virgin river, Zion National Park, Utah. Am. Midland Natr., 161: 392-400.
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  17. Smith, T. and S. Stephenson, 2009. A preliminary report on the aerophytic algae of the subantarctic auckland islands (New Zealand). Int. J. Algae, 11: 325-336.
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  18. Smith, T., 2008. Algae in agricultural fields from St. Francis County, Arkansas. Arkansas Acad. Sci., 62: 97-102.
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  19. Smith, T. and S.L. Stephenson, 2007. Algae associated with myxomycetes and leafy liverworts on decaying spruce logs. Castanea, 72: 50-57.
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  20. Smith, T. and R. Olson, 2007. A taxonomic survey of lamp flora (algae and cyanobacteria) in electrically lit passages within mammoth cave National Park, Kentucky. Int. J. Speleol., 36: 105-114.
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  23. Smith, T. and T. Piccin, 2004. Algal taxonomic survey of Zion National Park, cedar breaks National Monument, Utah and pipe spring national monument, arizona. Southwestern Natr., 49: 395-406.
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  24. Smith, T., 2003. Use of epoxy for sealing algal mounts in a water medium. Castanea, 68: 343-344..
  25. Smith, T., R.J. Stevenson, N. Caraco and J. Cole, 1998. Changes in the phytoplankton community structure during the zebra mussel (Dreossema polymorpha) invasion of the Hudson River (New York). J. Plankton. Res., 20: 1567-1579.
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