Dr. Sohier Mohammed Fathey Syame
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Dr. Sohier Mohammed Fathey Syame

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, National Research Center, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Microbiology from National Research Centre, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Bacterial Disease

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Kotp, A.A., A.A. Farghali, R.M. Amin, S. Abdel Moaty and A.G. El-Deen et al., 2019. Green-synthesis of Ag nanoparticles and its composite with PVA nanofiber as a promising Cd2+ adsorbent and antimicrobial agent. J. Environ. Chem. Eng., Vol. 7. 10.1016/j.jece.2019.102977.
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  2. Syame, S.M., Z.M. Eisa, R. Eltayeb, A.S. Hakim and M.M. Khalil, 2018. Synthesis and characterization of cisplatin-loaded BSA (Bovine serum albumin) nanoparticles as drug delivery system against pancreatic cancer cells. IOSR J. Pharm., 2: 39-48.
  3. Syame, S.M., A.S. Hakim, M.H. Mugri, N.A. Rashad, A.R. Elhak and A.K. Eman, 2018. Characterization and purification of azurin; A protein secreted from Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates, promising a novel competing of squamous cell carcinoma. IOSR J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 13: 50-57.
  4. Syame, S.M., A.S. Abuelnaga, E.S. Ibrahim and A.S. Hakim, 2018. Evaluation of specific and non-specific immune response of four vaccines for caseous lymphadenitis in sheep challenged. Vet. World, 11: 1272-1276.
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  5. Syame, S.M., W.S. Mohamed, R.K. Mahmoud and S.T. Omara, 2017. Synthesis of copper-chitosan nanocomposites and its application in treatment of local pathogenic isolates bacteria Oriental J. Chem., 33: 2959-2969.
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  6. Hakim, A.S., S.T. Omara, S.M. Syame and E.A. Fouad, 2017. Serotyping, antibiotic susceptibility and virulence genes screening of Escherichia coli isolates obtained from diarrheic buffalo calves in Egyptian farms. Vet. World, 10: 769-773.
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  7. Hakim, A.S., S.M. Syame, S.M. Dorgham, A.M. Abdou and E.A. Fouad, 2017. Evaluation of some Escherichia coli antigenic components as a discriminatory and diagnostic tool. J. Chem. Pharm. Sci., 10: 989-994.
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  8. Hakim, A.S., N.A.T. Allam, S.M. Syame, D. Sedky, R.H. Hedia and M.A.Z. Elshafaie, 2017. Livestock-associated staphylococcus aureus pathogenicity with regards to resistance and virulence genomics and accessory gene regulator locus proteomics. Asian J. Epidemiol., 10: 89-100.
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  9. Alfaifi, H., S.I. Abdelwahab, S. Mohan, M.M.E. Taha, S.M. Syame, L.A. Shaala and R. Alsanosy, 2017. Catha edulis Forsk.(Khat): Evaluation of its antidepressant-like activity. Pharmacogn. Magaz., 13: S354-S358.
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  10. Abuelnaga, A.S., N.S. Atta, R.M. Hedia, E.A. Elgabry, E.S. Ibrahim, A.M. Abdou and A.S. Hakim, 2017. Existence and virulence designation of Listeria monocytogenes in retail chilled pork byproducts in cairo porcine markets with trials of using Lactobacillus probiotic as anti-listerial meat perservative. IOSR J. Environ. Sci. Toxicol. Food Technol., 11: 19-23.
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  11. Selim, S.A., S.M. Syame, E.A. Ebessy, M.M. Effat, A.S. Hakim and M.A. Balata, 2016. Evaluation of protective efficacy of mixed PLD toxoid and clostridial vaccines against caseous lymphadenitis (CLA) in small ruminants at Egypt. Int. J. Microbiol. Res., 7: 102-113.
  12. Omaral, S.T., S.M. Syame and E.A. Elgabry, 2016. Molecular detection of the clumping factor (fibrinogen receptor) in the enterotoxigenic S. aureus isolated from raw milk and traditional cheese. Int. J. ChemTech Res., 9: 923-933.
  13. Makeen, A., R.K. Mahmoud, R.M. Amin and S.M. Syame, 2015. A review on ‎new insight of biogenic production of Ag nanoparticles (AgNPs) for gel and thin film ‎preparation and their antimicrobial application: An ecological approach. Int. J. Curr. ‎Res. Chem. Pharm. Sci., 2: 74-82‎.
  14. El-Jakee, J., N.S. Ata, A.S. Hakim, S.M. Syame and S.‎T. Omara, 2015. Prevalence of virulence genes and antimicrobial resistance patterns of ‎Campylobacter species isolated from chicken in Egypt. Asian J. ‎Poult. ‎Sci., 9: 250-261.
  15. Zaher, K.S., S.M. Syame, H.M. Elhewairy and H.S. Marie, 2014. Investigation of foot and mouth disease outbreak in egyptian buffalo-cows in 2012. Global Vet., 12: 660-666.
  16. Zaher, K.S., S.M. Syame, H.M. Elhewairy and H.S. Marie, 2014. Investigation of bovine respiratory disease complex in Egypt with emphasis on some viral and bacterial pathogens. Life Sci. J., 11: 56-62.
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  17. Zaher, K.S., S.M. Syame and N.B. Aref, 2013. The role of some photosensitizers in photodynamic control of lumpy skin disease. Int. J. Basic Applied Virol., 2: 14-19.
  18. Syame, S.M., A.S. Hakim, R.H. Hedia, H.S.H. Marie and S.A. Selim, 2013. Characterization of virulence genes present in Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis strains isolated from buffaloes. Global Vet., 10: 585-591.
  19. El Seedy, F.R., M. El-Shabrawy, A.S. Hakim, S.F. Syame and N.M. Osman, 2012. Advanced techniques used for isolation and characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic buffaloes. Global Vet., 8: 144-152.
  20. Zaki, M.S., O.M. Fawzi, S. Moustafa, S. Seamm, I. Awad and H.I. El-Belbasi, 2010. Biochemical and immunological studies in Tilapia zilli exposed to lead pollution and climate change. Nat. Sci., 7: 90-93.
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  21. Et-Jakee, J., A.S. Nagwa, M.A. Bakry, S.M. Syame, A.A. Samy and E.A. Fairy, 2010. Implantation of a rapid procedure distinguishing enterotoxogenic Clostridium perfringes. J. Am. Sci., 6: 499-508.
  22. Zaher, K.S. and S.M. Syame, 2009. Diagnosis of infection larygo tracheitis virus using routine and advanced techniques under local Egyptian field conditions. World J. Zool., 4: 57-62.
  23. Zaher, K.S., W.M. Ahmed, S.M. Syame and H.M. El-Hewairy, 2008. Detection of health hazard-food born viruses in animal products anticipated for human consumption. Global Vet., 2: 192-197.
  24. Syame, S.M., H.M. El-Hewairy and S.A. Selim, 2008. Protection of buffaloes against oedematous skin disease by recombinent-bacterin and toxoid-bacterin vaccines. Global Vet., 2: 151-156.
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  25. Saher, A.G., S.M. Syame and S.S.A. El-Shafii, 2008. Evaluation of some immunological Assays in Diagnosis of Rhodcoecus equi infection in foals. J. Egypt Vet. Med. Assoc., 68: 207-220.
  26. El-Jakee, J., N. Atta, A.S. Hakim, S. Syame and S. Omara, 2008. Validation of PCR for detection of campylobacters isolated from chicken. Am. Eurasian J. Agric. Environ. Sci., 3: 748-753.
  27. El Hewairy, H.M. and S.M. Syame, 2008. Preparation of polyvalent Anti-comel immunoglobulins Labeled with alkaline phosphates. Egypt J. Camp. Path Clin. Path, 21: 93-101.
  28. El Hewairy, H.M., S.F. Syame and S.A. Selim, 2007. Serological and molecular diagnosis of brucellosis in sheep and goats in aswan governorate. J. Egypt Vet. Med. Assoc., 67: 249-259.
  29. Effat, M.M., Y.A. Abdallah, M.F. Soheir and M.M. Rady, 2007. Characterization of Clostridium perfringens field isolates, implicated in necrotic entritis outbreaks on private broiler farms in Cairo, by multiplex PCR. Afr. J. Microbiol. Res., 1: 29-32.