Prof. Mohamed Saber Hassanane
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Prof. Mohamed Saber Hassanane

National Research Center, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Genetics from Cairo University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Genetics
Animal Breeding
Veterinary Medicine
Animal Production

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Mahrous, K.F., M.S. Hassanane, H.I. Shafey, M.A. Mordy and H.E. Rushdi, 2016. Association between single nucleotide polymorphism in ovine Calpain gene and growth performance in three Egyptian sheep breeds. J. Genet. Eng. Biotechnol., 14: 233-240.
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  2. Hassanane, M.S., N.I.A. Abo-Bakr, Z.G. Abdel-Hamid and N.H.A. Hassan, 2016. Genetic polymorphism for some quantitative trait genes in Egyptian cattle and buffalo. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 4: 74-84.
  3. El-Kholy, A.F., M.A. Zayed, M.F. Shehata, M.A.I. Salem, K.A. El-Bahrawy, N. El-Halawany and M.S. Hassanane, 2016. Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms for myogenic factor 5 and growth hormone genes with meat yield and quality traits in one humped camel (Camelus dromedaries). Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 11: 236-271.
  4. Mahrous, K.F., M.S. Hassanane, M. Abdel Mordy, H.I. Shafey and H.E. Rushdi, 2015. Polymorphism of some genes associated with meat-related traits in Egyptian sheep breeds. Iran. J. Applied Anim. Sci., 5: 655-663.
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  5. Hussein, I.H., S.S. Alam, A.A.A. Makkawi, S.E.A. Sid-Ahmed, A.S. Abdoon and M.S. Hassanane, 2015. Genetic diversity between and within sudanese zebu cattle breeds using microsatellite markers. Res. Genet., .
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  6. Shafey, H.I., K.F. Mahrous, M.S. Hassanane, M. Abdel Mordy and H.E. Rushdi, 2014. Genetic polymorphism of myostatin and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 genes in Egyptian sheep breeds. Global Vet., 13: 419-424.
  7. Hummeda, I., S.S. Alam, A.A.A. Makkawi, S.E.A. Sid-Ahmed, A.S. Abdoon, O.M. Kandil and M.S. Hassanane, 2014. Restriction fragment length polymorphism for the Stat5a and Fgf2 genes in three sudanese zebu cattle. Global J. Anim. Scient. Res., 3: 280-286.
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  8. El-Sweify, K., M. Hassanane, H. Al-Sarraj and M. Sirdah, 2014. Association between Methylene tetrahydrofolatereductase gene polymorphisms (MTHFR) and overweight/obesity among Palestinian adults in Gaza. Afr. J. Biol. Sci., 10: 129-146.
  9. El-Sweify, K., H. Al-Sarraj, M. Sirdah, M. Hassanane, 2014. Association between Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) polymorphisms and obesity in Palestinian individuals living at Gaza city. Am. Sci., 10: 10-17.
  10. Vaccarelli, G., R. Antonacci, G. Tasco, F. Yang and L. Giordano et al., 2012. Generation of diversity by somatic mutation in the Camelus dromedaries T‐cell receptor gamma variable domains. Eur. J. Immunol., 42: 3416-3428.
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  11. Hassanane, M.S., N. Hafiz, W. Radwan and A.A. El-Ghor, 2012. Genotoxic evaluation for the tricyclic antidepressant drug, amitriptyline. Drug Chem. Toxicol., 35: 450-455.
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  12. Mahrous, K.F., M. Hassanane, M.A. Mordy, H.I. Shafey and N. Hassan, 2011. Genetic variations in horse using microsatellite markers. J. Genet. Eng. Biotechnol., 9: 103-109.
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  13. Antonacci, R., M. Mineccia, M.P. Lefranc, H.M. Ashmaoui and C. Lanave et al., 2011. Expression and genomic analyses of Camelus dromedarius T cell receptor delta (TRD) genes reveal a variable domain repertoire enlargement due to CDR3 diversification and somatic mutation. Mol. Immunol., 48: 1384-1396.
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  14. Abdel-Hameid, Z.G., M.S. Hassanane, H.M. El-Ashmaoui, I.A.H. Barakat, S. Abd El-Baset and B. Elsalkh, 2011. Characterization of a conserved region at mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in a camel, donkey and rat for meat species identification. Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 48: 41-54.
  15. Hassanane, M.S., A.F. El-Kholy, A.R. Abd El-Rahman, M. Rasha and A. Somida, 2010. Genetic variations of two Egyptian goat breeds using microsatellite markers. Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 47: 93-105.
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  16. El-Ghor, A.A., M.M. Noshy, H.M. El Ashmaoui, J.I. Eid and M.S. Hassanane, 2010. Microsatellite instability at three microsatellite loci (D6mit3, D9mit2 and D15Mgh1) located in different common fragile sites of rats exposed to cadmium. Mutat. Res., 696: 160-166.
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  17. Abdel-Samee, A.M., M.E. Mohamed, H. Alatreby, M. Sherif, M.G. Abdel-Fadiel and M.S. Hassanane, 2010. Genetic diversity in Egyptian goat breeds using microsatellite markers. Agric. Res. J., 10: 19-28.
  18. Abdel-Aziem, S.H., L.M. Salem, M.S. Hassanane and K.F. Mahrous, 2010. Genetic analysis between and within three egyptian water buffalo populations using RAPD-PCR. J. Am. Sci., 6: 217-226.
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  19. Hassanane, M.S., K.B. Abdel Aziz, M.M. Shebl, M. Amer and N. Abdel Maksood, 2009. Genotoxic study on two mold inhibitors widely used in Egypt, I. Effect o n somatic cells. J. Applied Sci. Res., 5: 546-555.
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  20. Hassanane, M.S., K.B. Abdel Aziz, M. Mahmoud Shebl, M. Amer and N. Abdel Maksood, 2009. Genotoxic study on two mold inhibitors widely used in Egypt. II. Effect on germ cells. Res. J. Cell Mol. Biol., 3: 1-11.
  21. El-Metenawy, T.M., N.M. El-Beih, M.M. Abdel-Aziz, M.S. Hassanane and T.H. Abd El-Aziz, 2009. Comparative studies on diagnosis of Trypanosoma evansi in experimentally infected goats. Global Vet., 3: 348-353.
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  22. Farrag, F.H., M.S. Hassanane, F.E. El-Keraby and A.H. Ammar, 2008. Genetic diversity in Egyptian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) using microsatellite markers. J. Agric. Sci. Mansura Univ., 33: 149-166.
  23. ElFawal, M.A., S. Galal, A.Z.E. Abdelsalam, M.A. Osman and M.S. Hassanane, 2008. Microsatellite polymorphism in three Egyptian sheep breeds. Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 45: 1-14.
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  24. Hassanane, M.S., K.B. Abdel Aziz, M. Amer and A. Hamdy, 2007. Genotoxicological evaluation for an anti-oxidant drug and its major components. J. Pharm. Toxicol., 2: 502-512.
  25. Hassanane, M.S., K.B. Abdel Aziz, E.A.M. Abd Alla, M. Zaher, I. Yehia and H.M. Ali, 2007. Protective role of two Lactobacillus bacteria species against the genotoxicity induced by the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol. Int. J. Probio. Prebiotics., 2: 111-122.
  26. Hassanane, M.S., A.A. Zaki, S. Aabou-Bakr, R.R. Sadek and A.A. Nigm, 2007. Genetic polymorphism of some microsatellites on chromosome seven in the Egyptian buffalo. Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 44: 97-110.
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  27. El-Kholy, A.F., H.Z. Hassan, A.M.S. Amin and M.S. Hassanane, 2007. Genetic diversity in Egyptian buffalo using microsatellite markers. Arab J. Biotechnol., 10: 219-232.
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  28. Hassanane, M.S., H.M. El-Ashmaoui, S. Abd El-Baset, M.M.S. Mabrouk and Z.G. Abdel-Hameid, 2006. Genetic diversity in Egyptian cattle using microsatellite markers. Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 43: 11-24.
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  30. Moioli, B., A. Georgoudis, F. Napolitano, G. Catillo, E. Giubilei, C. Ligda and M. Hassanane, 2001. Genetic diversity between Italian, Greek and Egyptian buffalo populations. Livest. Prod. Sci., 70: 203-211.
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  31. Hassanane, M.S., S. El-Fiky, E. Badr, M. El Hadad and W. Botros, 2001. Genotoxicity evaluation for the Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin (HMG) on laboratory Albino mice. Egypt. J. Vet. Sci., 35: 27-41.
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  35. Klungland, H., H.G. Olsen, M.S. Hassanane, K. Mahrous and D.I. Vage, 2000. Coat colour genes in diversity studies. J. Anim. Breed. Genet., 117: 217-224.
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  36. Hassanane, M.S., M. Aasland, H. Klungland and D.I. Vage, 2000. Five bovine microsatellites showing polymorphism in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Egypt. J. Anim. Prod., 37: 77-84.
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  48. Hassanane, M.S., F. Gu, B.P. Chowdhary, L. Andersson and I. Gustavsson, 1993. In Situ hybridization mapping of the immunoglobulin gamma heavy chain (IGHG) gene to chromosome 20q23-q25 in river buffaloes. Hereditas, 118: 285-288.
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