Dr. Osama H. Sayed
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Dr. Osama H. Sayed

Department of Biology, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Manchester University, United Kingdom

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Physiology
Crop Production

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sayed, O.H., Y.S. Masrahi and M. Remesh, 2020. Environmental impact of desert dam reservoir in arid habitat. Asian J. Plant Sci., 19: 191-199.
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  2. Sayed, O.H., Y.S. Masrahi, M. Remesh and B.S. Al-Ammari, 2019. Coffee production in southern Saudi Arabian highlands: Current status and water conservation. Saudi J. Biol. Sci., 10.1016/j.sjbs.2019.03.002.
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  3. Sayed, O.H., 2019. Critical treatise on university ranking systems. Open J. Social Sci., 7: 39-51.
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  4. Remesh, M., Y.S. Masrahi and O.H. Sayed, 2019. First report of Phragmites australis (Poaceae) in the Southwest of Saudi Arabia. Saudi J. Biol. Sco. (In Press). .
  5. Sayed, O.H. and Y.S. Masrahi, 2018. Chlorophyll fluorescence: Theory and applications. A review. J. Jazan Univ., Vol. 5. .
  6. Remash, M., Y.S. Masrahi and O.H. Sayed, 2018. Phragmites australis (Poaceae): New addition to flora of Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Saudi J. Biol. Sci., 10.1016/j.sjbs.2018.11.001.
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  7. Masrahi, Y.S., M. Remesh and O.H. Sayed, 2017. Enumeration of the Flora of Wadi Lajab Saudi Arabia. Ecol. Environ. Conserv., 23: 99-106.
  8. Masrahi, Y.S. and O.H. Sayed, 2017. Invasive Opuntia stricta: Case study in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Ecol. Environ. Conserv., 23: 195-201.
  9. Thomas, J., M.A. El-Sheikh, A.H. Alfarhan, A.A. Alatar and M. Sivadasan et al., 2016. Impact of alien invasive species on habitats and species richness in Saudi Arabia. J. Arid Environ., 127: 53-65.
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  10. Sayed, O.H. and Y.S. Masrahi, 2016. Dictionary of Plant Names. Okaz Press, Jeddah.
  11. Masrahi, Y.S., T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2016. Comparative ecophysiology and photoprotection in two stem succulent Euphorbia species in arid habitat. Ecol. Balkanica, 8: 77-84.
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  12. Masrahi, Y.S., T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2015. Photosynthetic adaptation and survival strategy of Duvalia velutina in an extremely arid environment. Photosynthetica, 53: 555-561.
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  13. Elhaes, H., A. Al-Hossain, O. Sayed and M. Ibrahim, 2015. Modeling the effect of salinity on soil organic matter. Quant. Matter, 4: 94-97.
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  14. Al-Robaie, A.A., Z.I. Al-Fifi, O.H. Sayed and F.S. Abo-Zina, 2015. Cell Biology. Okaz Press, Riyadh.
  15. Al-Turki, T.A., Y.S. Masrahi and O.H. Sayed, 2014. Photosynthetic adaptation of Euphorbia fractiflexa (Euphorbiaceae) and survival in arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula. J. Plant Interact., 9: 107-111.
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  16. Al-Turki, T.A., O.H. Sayed and Y.S. Masrahi, 2014. Physiotypic plasticity and survival of arido-active Euphorbia triaculeata (Euphorbiaceae) in its natural habitat. Ecol. Balkanica, 6: 35-41.
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  17. Masrahi, Y.S., T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2012. Geographical distribution and chorology of grasses in the Arabian Peninsula. Flora-Morphol. Distrib. Funct. Ecol. Plants, 207: 250-256.
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  18. Masrahi, Y.S., T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2012. Crassulacean acid metabolism permutation and survival of Caralluma species (Apocynaceae) in arid habitats. Ecol. Balkanica, 4: 63-71.
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  19. Masrahi, Y.S., M.N. Al-Yemeni, T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2012. Structural and functional adaptations of the stem succulent Cralluma acutangula to its natural habitat. Kuwait J. Sci. Eng., 39: 155-169.
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  21. Masrahi, Y.S., T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2011. Wolffiella hyalina (Delile) Monod (Lemnaceae)-a new record for the flora of Saudi Arabia. Feddes Repertorium, 121: 189-193.
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  22. Masrahi, Y.S., M.N. Al-Yemeni, T.A. Al-Turki and O.H. Sayed, 2011. Ecophysiological mechanisms of succulent survival in natural conditions: Photosynthetic carbon fixation in Caralluma acutangula (Decne. Ne.Br.) (Asclepiadaceae). Polish J. Ecol., 59: 381-389.
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