Dr. Mie Afify Mahammed
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Dr. Mie Afify Mahammed

National Research Centre, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Medicine from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Clinical Methodology
Drug Addiction
Dossier Preparation
Molecular Modelling

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Swellam, M., T.E. Mosa, M. Afify, M.D.E. Abdelmaksoud and L.R.E. El Arab, 2018. Alterations of tumor suppressor genes expression in colorectal cancer: their impact on progression and prediction of patients outcome. AJRB, 2: 1-11.
  2. Borai, I.H., Y.M. Shaker, M.M. Kamal, W.M. Ezzat and E. Ashour et al., 2018. Association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease grades with the plasma cell antigen-1 (PC-1) gene polymorphism. Egypt. J. Med. Human Genet., 19: 241-246.
  3. Shaker, Y., W. Gouda, L. Mageed, E. Wahba and M. Afify et al., 2017. Relationship between sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and insulin-like growth factor-i (igf-i) with metabolic syndrome. Egypt. J. Chem., 60: 957-964.
  4. Ragab, H.M., M. Afify, N. Samy, N.A. El Maksoud and H.M. Shaaban, 2017. Evaluation of serum soluble E-selectin in breast cancer. J. Applied Pharmaceut. Sci., 7: 57-61.
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  5. Borai, I.H., Y. Shaker, M.M. Kamal, W.M. Ezzat and E. Ashour et al., 2017. Evaluation of biomarkers in egyptian patients with different grades of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. J. Clin. Translat. Hepatol., 5: 109-118.
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  6. Afify, M., N. Samy, M.D.E. Abdel Maksoud, M.A. Elshaer and M. Shalaan, 2017. Immunohistochemical evaluation of apoptotic marker PDCD4 in malignant and benign breast tissues. IJPCR, 9: 270-274.
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  7. Kamel, R.R., K.S. Amr, M. Afify, Y.A. Elhosary, A.E. Hegazy, H.H. Fahim and W.M. Ezzat, 2016. Relation between microRNAs and apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma. Open access Macedon. J. Med. Sci., 4: 31-37.
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  8. Samy, N., M. Afify, M. Hashim and M. Shaalan, 2015. Some Matrix Metalloproteases as Non-Invasive Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer in Egyptian Patients. Int. J. Pharm. Clin. Res., 7: 140-143.
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  9. El-Mezayen, H.A., H. Darwish, M. Hasheim, H.A. El-Baz and M.A. Mohamed, 2015. Oxidant/antioxidant status and their relations to chemotherapy in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Int. J. Pharm. Clin. Res., 7: 269-274.
  10. Afify, M., R.R. Kamel, Y.A. Elhosary, A.E. Hegazy, H.H. Fahim and W.M. Ezzat, 2015. The possible role of Cytochrome c and programmed cell death protein 4 (PDCD4) on pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma. J. Gen. Eng. Biotechnol., 13: 157-163.
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  11. Shaker, O.G., M.F. Ismail, E. Ashour, H.M. Yousif, M. Afify and W. Gouda, 2014. ACE gene polymorphism and serum ACE level with progression of nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients. J. Adv. Chem., 9: 2023-2032.
  12. Samy, N., M. Afify, A.K. Hassan and M. Saeed, 2014. Serum vascular endothelial growth factor in polycystic ovary syndrome and its relation to ovarian drilling. Int. J. Toxicol. Pharmacol. Res., 6: 123-127.
  13. Arafa, A., M. Afify and N. Samy, 2013. Evaluation of adverse health effects of pesticides exposure [biochemical & hormonal] among Egyptian farmers. J. Applied Sci. Res., 9: 4404-4409.
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  14. Samy, N., M. Afify, N.A. El Maksoud, M. Sayed and A. Imam, 2012. Circulating markers of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria. Asian Biomed., 6: 175-183.
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  15. Mohammed, M.A., M.D. El-dien Abd Elmaksoud, N.A. El Maksouda, H.A. El-Mezayen and H. El-Garaam, 2012. Serum levels of trace elements in Egyptian patients with chronic hepatitis C under interferon therapy. J. Genet. Eng. Biotechnol., 10: 81-86.
  16. Arafaand, A. and M.A. Mohammed, 2012. 37- Injection practices among health care workers and risk factor for hepatits B Virus in a Governmental Hospital. Med.J. Cairo. Univ., 80: 191-196.
  17. Arafaa, A.M., S.F. Helal, M.N. Aand and M. Afify, 2012. Study the renal affection due to silica exposure among marble cutting workers. Egypt. J. Occupat. Med., 36: 69-81.
  18. Afify, M., N. Samy, M.A. El-Maksoud, M. Hasheim, O. Saleh and M. Elnemr, 2012. Assessment of Biochemical Changes among Egyptian Women with Increased Body Weight. Asian Biomed., 6: 833-840.
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  19. Afify, M., A. Arafa and N.A. El Maksoud, 2012. Evaluation of some health hazards among egyptian leather tannery workers. J. Appl. Sci. Res., 9: 2959-2964.
  20. Shfik, M., H. Sherada, Y. Shaker, M. Afify, H.A. Sobehand and S. Moustafa, 2011. 31- Serum Levels of cytokines in poly-transfused patients with Beta-Thalassemia major: Relationship to splenectomy J. Am. Sci., 7: 973-979.
  21. Mahmoud, M.S., M.A. Mohammed, A.A. khayyal, O.M. fawzy and A. Elhammdy, 2011. Clinical utility of plasma NT-proBNP in ruling out heart failure among Egyptian patients. J. Am. Sci., 7: 334-342.
  22. Arafa, A. and M. Afify, 2011. 29- Assessment of hepatic, renal, haematological functions and lead blood level among egyptian fire fighters. Egypt. J. Occupat. Med., 35: 37-47.
  23. Afify, M., A. Arafa and A.H. Taher, 2011. 30- Dentist’s attitude toward mercury hygiene practice and its correlation with urinary mercury levels among egyptian dentists. Egypt. J. Occupat. Med., 35: 143-156.
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  24. Abeer, M.A., S.F. Helal and M.M. Afify, 2011. Blood and renal affection among Egyptian car painters. Med. J. Univ., 79: 619-623.
  25. Afify, M., N. Samy, N. Abd El-Maksoud, H.M. Ragab and A. Yehia, 2010. Biochemical alterations in malignant obstructive jaundice: Effect of pre-operative drainage. N.Y. Sci. J., 3: 80-89.
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  26. Afify, M., A. Elmaksoud, M.T. M. Elshaer and N. Kotb, 2009. 26- Differential effects of amitriptyline treatment on testicular and liver functions. Int. J. Integr. Biol., 8: 50-55.
  27. Afify, M., A. Arafa and N. Sami, 2009. 24- The effect of smoked cannabis on plasma ghrelin concentration and its relation to obesity. Kasr El-Aini Med. J., 10: 383-392.
  28. Afify, M., N. Samy, M. Hashim and T. Essam, 2008. Clinical significance of vascular endothelial growth factor in Egyptian colorectal cancer patients. Int. J. Integr. Biol., 4: 100-107.
  29. Sayed, M., M.A. Mohammed and O. Khorshid, 2007. Clinical evaluation of some biochemical markers in multiple myeloma among Egyptian patients. J. Medical Sci., 7: 942-951.
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  30. Saadawy, I., A. Shaaban and M. Afify, 2007. Soluble adhesion molecules are predictors to myocardial ischemia and dysfunction after off-pump CABG. Egypt. J. Anthaesth., 23: 351-361.
  31. Helat, S.F., A.M. Arafaa and M. Afify, 2007. Assessment of respiratory and renal functions among Gas Metal Arc Welders and their releations with Chromium exposure. Egypt. J. Occupat. Med., 31: 107-121.
  32. Shafeii, K.E., A. Mounir and M. Afify, 2006. Tramadol with and without peritonsillar Levobupivacaine infiltration for effective pain control and patient satisfaction after tonsillectomy in adults. Egpt. J. Anaesth, 22: 239-243.
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  34. Mostafa, M.S.Z., N. Samy, M. Afify, M. Hashem and A. Azeb, 2005. Evaluation of plasma endothelin-1 and serum inflammatory markers in patients with diabetic retinopathy. J. Medical Sci., 5: 35-42.
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  35. Mawgoud, A.A., M. Afify, and M.H. Elssissy, 2005. 17- Plasma endothelin-1 concentrations after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: Effect of methylprednisolone. Egypt. J. Int. Care, 10: 195-202.
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  39. Hamimy, W., E. Ashour and M. Afify, 2004. Effect of regional epidural ropivacaine anesthesia on α glutathione-s-transferase: Comparison with low flow sevoflurane and total intravenous propofol anesthesia. J. Biological Sci., 4: 398-404.
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  40. Fawzi, O.M., M. Afify, H.A. Sobeh and M.A. Zamzam, 2004. Evaluation of bone alkaline phosphatase in egyptian children with thalassemia and osteosarcoma: Two methods for its detection. Kasr El-Aini Med. J., 10: 319-329.
  41. Aziz, A.A., D.M. Ahmed, A.M. Salama, N.T. Nasseem and M. Afify, 2004. Effects of bilateral superior laryngeal nerve block using two different concentrations of ropivacaine on voice and swallowing during office-based laryngeal biopsy. Kasr El-Aini Med. J., 10: 211-219.
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