Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf
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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Microbiology from Mansoura University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Biochemistry
Medical Sciences

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Abdel-Raouf, M., H.M. Aldeweik, M.S. Albnnan, M.M. Zaki, A.E. Abdelkader and D. Moemen, 2019. Influence of different families of commercial antibiotics on controlling nosocomail infections. South Asian J. Res. Microbiol., 4: 1-8.
  2. Abdel-Raouf, M., H.M. Aldeweik, M.S. Albnnan, M.M. Zaki, A.E. Abdelkader and D. Moemen, 2019. Impact of different chemically synthesized silver nanoparticles on nosocomial infection. J. Adv. Microbiol., 17: 1-9.
  3. Abdel-Raouf, M., H.M. Aldeweik, M.S. Albannan, D. Moemen, M.M. Zaki and A.E. Abdelkader, 2019. Prevalence rates of bacterial isolates associated with nosocomial infection in sputum and surgical wounds. Int. J. Scient. Eng Res., 10: 707-712.
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  4. Abdel-Raouf, M., D. Moemen, H.M. Aldeweik, M.A. Zaki, M.S. Albnnan and A.E. Abdelkader, 2019. Microbiological studies for investigating nosocomial infections in urine and stool samples. Int. J. Scient. Eng. Res., 10: 153-157.
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  5. Sarhan, M.E., D. Moemen, M. Tarshoby, M.A. Swelim and M. Abd El-Raouf, 2018. Microbiological studies on the effect of medicinal plant extracts on diabetic foot ulcer bacteria. Egypt. J. Med. Microbiol., 27: 1-7.
  6. Younis, G.A., R.M. Elkenany, M.A. Fouda and N.F. Mostafa, 2017. Virulence and extended-spectrum β-lactamase encoding genes in Escherichia coli recovered from chicken meat intended for hospitalized human consumption. Vet. World, 10: 1281-1285.
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  7. Ismail, A., M. Bahgat, M. Abdel-Raouf and M.A.R. Abd Allah, 2016. Studies on the effect of some natural products on bacteria implicated in respiratory tract infection. N. Y. Sci. J., 9: 83-94.
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  8. Abdel-Raouf, M., Y. Abdel-Gleel and A. Enab, 2014. Study on the role of pet animals for Helicobacter pylori transmission. J. Am. Sci., 10: 20-28.
  9. Abdel-Raouf, M., M. Nabil, M. El-Sayed and G.E. Center, 2014. Antimicrobial activities of some herbs extracts on food borne bacteria. J. Am. Sci., 10: 76-85.
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  10. Abdel-Raouf, M., A.M. Attallah, M.M. Omran, M.S. Albannan, A.A. Attallah and M.I. Abou-Dobara, 2014. The detection of a Helicobacter pylori antigen in some different types of gastrointestinal cancers patients. J. Am. Sci., 10: 19-24.
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  11. Attallah, A.M., A.T. Abbas, H. Ismail, M. Abdel-Raouf and I. El-Dosoky, 2009. Efficacy of passive immunization with IgY antibodies to a 58-kDa H. Pylori antigen on severe gastritis in BALB/c mouse model. J. Immunoassay Immunochem., 30: 359-377.
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  12. Mohamedin, A.H., F.A. Mansour and M. Abdel-Raouf, 2004. Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori in patients with gastro duodenal diseases. Bull. Fac. Sci. Assiut Univ., 33: 103-114.
  13. Attallah, A.M., H. Ismail, G.G. Ibrahim, M. Abdel-Raouf, A.M. El-Waseef and M. Abdel-Wahab, 2004. Use of a novel enzyme immunoassay based on detection of circulating antigen in serum for diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol., 11: 775-779.
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  14. Attallah, A.M., C.A.A. Malak, N.A. Elghawalby, A.S. Shehatta, M. Abdel-Raouf and G.E. Shiha, 2004. Identification of a specific marker for hepatitis C virus infection using capillary zone electrophoresis. Clin. Chim. Acta, 346: 171-179.
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  15. Mansour, F.A., A.H. Mohamedin and M. Abdel-Raouf, 2002. Bacteriological studies on the causative agent of human peptic ulcer. Bull. Fac. Sci. Assiut Univ., 31: 155-166.
  16. Abdel-Wahab, M., A.M. Attallah, M.F. Elshal, M. Abdel-Raouf, K.R. Zalata, N. El-Ghawalby and F. Ezzat, 1997. Cellular proliferation and ploidy of the gastric mucosa: The role of Helicobacter pylori. Hepato-gastroenterology, 44: 880-885.
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