Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Abd Allah Mahmoud
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Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Abd Allah Mahmoud

Chief Researcher
El- Sabahia Research Station, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Alexandria University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Poultry Science
Poultry Nutrition
Poultry Breeding
Poultry Production

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Attia, Y.A., A.S. El-Naggar, B.M. Abou-Shehema and A.A. Abdella, 2019. Effect of supplementation with trimethylglycine (Betaine) and/or vitamins on semen quality, fertility, antioxidant status, DNA repair and welfare of roosters exposed to chronic heat stress. Animals, Vol. 9. 10.3390/ani9080547.
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  2. Abou-Shehema, B.M., M.R. El-deken and M.E. Farag, 2019. Influence of chromium sources on performance of gimmizah chickens fed low metabolizable energy and crude protein diets. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 39: 423-442.
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  3. Abdalla, A.A., B.M. Abou-Shehema, R.S. Hamed and M.R. Elden, 2018. Effect of silymarin supplementation on the performance of developed chickens under summer conditions. 1-during growth period. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 38: 305-329.
  4. Abou-Shehema, B.M., R.S. Hamed, M.M. Khalifah and A.A. Abdalla, 2016. Effect of silymarin supplementation on the performance of developed chickens under summer condition 2-during laying period. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 36: 1233-1249.
  5. El-Speiy, M.E. and A.A. Abdalla, 2013. 2013Effect of dietary folic acid and organic selenium supplementations on productive and reproductive performance, biochemical and antioxidant status of v-line doe rabbits under hot summer conditions. Egyt. Poult. Sci., 33: 561-576.
  6. Zeweil, H.S., A.A. Abdallah and M. Basyony, 2011. Effect of taurine supplementation on productive performance, carcass quality, immune organs development and blood constituents of broiler chicks. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 31: 681-694.
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  7. Zeweil, H.S., A.A. Abdalla, M.H. Ahmed and R.S.A. Marwa, 2011. Effect of differant livels of proteine and mithionine on prformance of Bahej laying hens and enveronomintal polution. Egyt. Poult. Sci., 31: 621-639.
  8. Mosaad, N.A., E.H.A. Shahein and A.A. Abdalla, 2011. Effect of dipping chicken eggs in glucose solutions on hatching chicks and subsequent growth. Egypt. Poultry Sci. J., 31: 351-360.
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  9. El-Deek, A.A., A.A. Al-Harthi, A.A. Abdalla and M.M. Elbanoby, 2011. The use of brown algae meal in finisher broiler diets. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 31: 767-781.
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  10. Attia, Y.A., A.A. Abdalah, H.S. Zeweil, F. Bovera, A.A. Tag El-Din and M.A. Araft, 2011. Effect of inorganic or organic copper additions on reproductive performance, lipid metabolism and morphology of organs of dual-purpose breeding hens. Archiv Geflugelkunde, 75: 169-178.
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  11. Abdalla, A.A., Mona, M. Ahmed, I.M. Abaza, O.M. Aly and E.Y. Hassan, 2011. Effect of using some medicinal plants and their mixtures on productive and reproductive performance of gimmizah strain 2-egg production period. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 31: 641-654.
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  12. Attia, Y.A., A.A. Abdalah, H.S. Zeweil, F. Bovera, A.A.T. El-Din and M.A. Araft, 2010. Effect of inorganic or organic selenium supplementation on productive performance, egg quality and some physiological traits of dual-purpose breeding hens. Cezh J. Anim. Sci., 55: 505-519.
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  13. El-Deek, A.A., M.A. Asar, S.M. Hamdy and A.A Abdalla, 2009. The utilization of guava by-products in broiler finisher diets. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 29: 53-79.
  14. Abdalla, A.A., N.A. Mosaad and N.Y. Elnagdy, 2009. Effect of vitamin A supplementation on the performance and immune response of bandarah chicken. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 29: 221-239.
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  15. El-Sebeiy, M.E., A.A. Abdalla and I.K. Kamel, 2008. Effect of folic acid and selenium supplementation to drinking water on growth performance and some physiological parameters of growing Black Baladi rabbits. Egyt. Poult. Sci., 28: 651-663.
  16. Abdalla, A.A., M.M. Khalifa and A.M. Mona, 2008. Effect of different levels of Lactobacillus and biogen on productive performance of local strain. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 28: 1-18.
  17. Abdalla, A.A., M.M. Ahmed, M.M. Khalefa and O.M. Ali, 2007. Effect of some medical plants and their mixture on productive and reproductive performance of Gimmizah strain. J.Agric.Sci.Mansoura Univ., 32: 6211-6224.
  18. Khalifah, M.M. and A.A. Abdalla, 2005. Effect of graded levels of threonine on Gimmizah layer hens performance. Egypt. Poultry. Sci., 25: 187-194.
  19. Abdalla, A.A., M.A. Asar, F.N.K. Soliman and G.E. Hassan, 2005. Replacement of soybean meal by raw or treated linseed meal in broiler diets. Egypt. J. Agric. Res., 83: 1347-1359.
  20. Abdalla, A.A., M.M. Khalifah and A.A. Abdelhameed, 2004. Performance and some plasma biochemical constituents of Khaki-Campbell ducklings feed diets containing biogen or garlic (Allium sativum) as feed additives. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 24: 231-245.
  21. Abdalla, A.A., N.Y. Abou-Ella, Y.K. Afify and A.A. Abd El-Glil, 2002. The effect of feed restriction during the rearing period on carcass traits and plasma biochemical constituents for tow local breeds of chickens. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 27: 4451-4462.
  22. Yossef, M.S.E., M.A. Breakaa, N.Y. Abou-Ella and A.A. Abdalla, 2001. Performance of gimmizah laying hens fed various levels of phosphorus and dry yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae). Egypt. Poult. Sci., 21: 979-996.
  23. Yossef, M.S.E., M.A. Abaza, H.M. Yakout, A.A. Abdalla and A. El. Sebai, 2001. Influence of microbial phytase supplementation on performance parameters and blood constituents of Gimmizah hens fed different dietary phosphorus levels. Egyt. Poult. Sci., 21: 997-1020.
  24. Abdel_Hamid, A.E., M.A. Asar and A.A. Abdalla, 2000. Physiological effects of replacing soybean meal by treated cottonseed meal in broiler ration. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 20: 631-648.