Amr Salah Abouzied

Amr Salah Abouzied

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
College of Pharmacy, University of Hail, KSA

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry from Cairo University, Egypt

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 Perform multi-step organic synthesis of pharmaceutical or chemical intermediates and products.
 Perform total synthesis of polyfunctional Heterocyclic molecules.
 Design new synthetic methodologies related to pharmaceutical Compounds.
 Drug design as well as Fragment based drug discovery
 Microwave mediated chemistry (coupling reactions, reduction and cyclisations)
 Extraction, Isolation and characterization of naturally occurring compounds using different chromatographic techniques

Area of Interest:

Synthesis of Heterocyclic Molecules
Bioactive Heterocyclic Compounds
Bio-Organic Chemistry
Bioactive Natural Products

Selected Publications

  1. Unnisa, A., A.S. Abouzied, B. Anupama, K.N.V.C. Lakshmi and T. Hussain et al., 2020. Design, synthesis, characterization, computational study and in-vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of few novel 6-aryl substituted pyrimidine azo dyes. Arabian J. Chem., 10.1016/j.arabjc.2020.09.050.
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  2. Ads, E.N., A.S. Abouzied and M.K. Alshammari, 2020. Evaluation of cytotoxic effects of methanolic extract of Pergularia tomentosa L growing wild in KSA. Asian Pacific J. Cancer Prevention, 21: 67-72.
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  3. Mohareb, R.M., A.S. Abouzied and N.S. Abbas, 2019. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrobenzo[D]-Thiazol-2- Yl derivatives derived from dimedone with anti-tumor, c-met, tyrosine kinase and pim-1 inhibitions. Anti-Cancer Agents Med. Chem., 19: 1438-1453.
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  4. Althagafi, I.I., A.S. Abouzied, T.A. Farghaly, N.T. Al-Qurashi, M.Y. Alfaifi, M.R. Shaaban and M.R.A. Aziz, 2018. Novel nano-sized bis-indoline derivatives as antitumor agents. J. Heterocyclic Chem., 56: 391-399.
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  5. Mohamed, A.A., A.S. Abouzied and F.I. Hamed, 2017. Synthesis and cytotoxicity of thiophene, thieno[2,3-C]Pyrazole, Thieno[2,3-D]pyrimidine and pyridine derivatives derived from 2-acetylfuran. Int. J. Chem. Mater. Res., 5: 1-14.
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  6. Hamed, F.I., A.A. Mohamed and A.S. Abouzied, 2017. The uses of 2-amino-4-phenylthiazole in the synthesis of coumarin, pyran, pyridine and thiazole derivatives with antitumor activities. Open Access Lib. J., 04: 1-14.
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  7. Samir, E.M., A.S. Abouzied and F.I. Hamed, 2016. The synthesis and cytotoxicity of novel thiophene derivatives derived from 2-(4-oxo-4,4-dihydrothiazol-2-yl) acetonitrile. Int. J. Organic Chem., 06: 85-94.
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  8. Mohareb, R.M., S.M. Sherif, W.W. Wardakhan and A.S. Abouzied, 2014. New approaches for the use of acetoacetanilide in the synthesis of thiophenes and their fused derivatives with anti-tumor activity. Open Access Lib. J., 01: 1-16.
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  9. Wardakhan, W.W., S.M. Sherif, R.M. Mohareb and A.S. Abouzied, 2012. The reaction of cyanoacetylhdrazine with furan-2-aldehyde: novel synthesis of thiophene, azole, azine and coumarin derivatives and their antitumor evaluation. Int. J. Organic Chem., 02: 321-331.
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