Dr. Nafisa Ahmed Abd El-Azeem Shaban
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Dr. Nafisa Ahmed Abd El-Azeem Shaban

Associate professor
National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Poultry Physiology from Ain Shams University, Egypt

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Dr. Nafisa Ahmed Abd El-Azeem Shaban is currently working as Researcher at Animal Production Department, Biological and Agricultural Division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt. She obtained her Ph.D. in Poultry Physiology from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt in 2010. She has 11 publications in journals contributed as author/co-author. She also attended 4 conferences and seminars. She is member of Egyptian Poultry Science, Physiological sciences and their applications - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University, and Egyptian Society for Camel Science - Desert Research Center.

Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Poultry Production
Animal Physiology
Animal Nutrition

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. El-Samee, L.D.A., I. El-Wardany, S.A. Abdel-Fattah, N.A.A. El-Azeem and M.S. Elsharkawy, 2019. Dietary omega-3 and antioxidants improve long-chain omega-3 and lipid oxidation of broiler meat. Bull. National Res. Centre, 43: 45-45.
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  2. El-Azeem, N.A.A., M. Madkour, O.M. Aboelazab and I. El-Wardany, 2019. Physiological responses of japanese quail breeders to age at mating and silver nanoparticles administration. Int. J. Vet. Sci., 8: 67-72.
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  3. Hassan, H.M.A., M.M. El-Moniary, Y. Hamouda, E.F. El-Daly, A.W. Youssef and N.A. Abd El-Azeem, 2016. Effect of different levels of Moringa oleifera leaves meal on productive performance, carcass characteristics and some blood parameters of broiler chicks reared under heat stress conditions. Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 11: 60-66.
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  4. El-Wardany, I., M.I. Shourrap, M. Madkour and N.A.A. El-Azeem, 2016. Effect of age at mating and silver nanoparticles administration on progeny productive performance and some blood constituents in Japanese quail. Int. J. Chem. Tech. Res., 9: 21-34.
  5. Elsharkawy, M.S., I. El-Wardany, S.A. Abdel-Fattah, L.D. Abd El-Samee and N.A. Abd El-Azeem, 2015. Effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants supplementation on productive performance, immune response and blood parameters of broiler chickens. Egypt. J. Nutr. Feeds, 18: 195-205.
  6. Abd El-Azeem, N.A., E.F. El-Daly, H.M.A. Hassan, A.W. Youssef and M.A. Mohamed, 2015. Histological response of broiler's immune related organs to feeding different direct fed microbials. Int. J. Poult. Sci., 14: 331-337.
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  7. Mohamed, M.A., E.F. El-Daly, N.A. Abd El-Azeem, A.W. Youssef and H.M.A. Hassan, 2014. Growth performance and histological changes in ileum and immune related organs of broilers fed organic acids or antibiotic growth promoter. Int. J. Poult. Sci., 13: 602-610.
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  8. Hassan, H.M.A., A.W. Youssef, E.F. El-Daly, N.A. Abd El-Azeem and E.R. Hassan et al., 2014. Performance, caecum bacterial count and ileum histology of broilers fed different direct-fed microbials. Asian J. Poult. Sci., 8: 106-114.
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  9. El-Daly, E.F., N.A. Abd El-Azeem, I. El-Wardany, A.H. Abd El-Gawad and A.E.A. Hemid, 2014. Effect of different anti-stress feed additives on some blood metabolites and lymphoid organs histology in laying Japanese quail. World Appl. Sci. J., 29: 1574-1585.
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  10. Abd El-Azeem, N.A., M.S. Abdo, M. Madkour and I. El-Wardany, 2014. Physiological and histological responses of broiler chicks to in ovo injection with folic acid or L-carnitine during embryogenesis. Global Veterinaria, 13: 544-551.
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  11. Youssef, A.W., N.A. Abd El-Azeem, E.F. El-Daly and M.M. El-Monairy, 2013. The impact of feeding graded levels of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) on broiler performance, hematological and histological parameters. Asian J. Poult. Sci., 7: 41-54.
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  12. Youssef, A.W., E.F. El-Daly, N.A. Abd El-Azeem and M.M. El-Monairy, 2013. Effect of sodium formate on laying hen performance, gastrointestinal tract ph and some blood components under heat stress conditions. Asian J. Poult. Sci., 7: 17-26.
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  13. El-Daly, E.F., I. El-Wardany, A.H.A. El-Gawad, A.E.A. Hemid and N.A.A. El-Azeem, 2013. Physiological, biochemical and metabolic responses of japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) as affected by early heat stress and dietary treatment. Iran. J. Appl. Anim. Sci., 3: 207-216.
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  14. El-Wardany, I., E.F. El-Daly, A.H. Abd El-Gawad, A.E.A. Hemid and N.A. Abd El-Azeem, 2012. Effect of thyroid activity modulation on some histological and biochemical aspects in broiler chicks. Iran. J. Appl. Anim. Sci., 2: 367-376.
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  15. Hemid, A.E.A., A.H.Abd El-Gawad, I. El-Wardany, E.F. El-Daly and N.A. Abd El-Azeem, 2010. Alleviating effect of some environmental stress factors on productive performance in Japanese quail 2. laying performance. World J. Agric. Sci. 6: 517-524.
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  16. Abd El-Gawad, A.H., A.E.A. Hemid, I. El-Wardany, E.F. El-Daly and N.A.A. El-Azeem, 2008. Alleviating the effect of some environmental stress factors on productive performance in Japanese quail 1. Growth performance. World J. Agric. Sci., 4: 605-611.
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