Dr. Mohammad  Mahmoud Nabih Authman Mohammad
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Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Nabih Authman Mohammad

Department Hydrobiology, Veterinary Research Division, National Research Centre, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Science from Al- Minufiya University, Egypt

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Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Nabih Authman Mohammad is currently working as Professor at National Research Center. He obtained his PhD degree in Zoology from Al-Menufiya University, Shebeen Alkoom, Egypt. His area of interest related to Fish Ecology, Freshwater Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Pollution, Toxicology, Fish Biology, Fishery Science, Fish Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment, Aquaculture, and Zooplankton Ecology and Distribution. He is member of different societies such as The Egyptian Society for the development of Fisheries Resources and Human Health, The Egyptian Society of Aquaculture, The Zoological Society A.R. Egypt, The Egyptian German Society of Zoology, The Union of Arab Biologists Society, Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association, and Syndicate of Scientific professions. He also contributed in more than 28 national and international conferences, workshops and symposia. He also obtained Award for the best research paper, Candidate for acquisition of the National Research Centre Award for Scientific encouragement, and Award of Pioneers in 2012 from the National Research Centre. He has Published 55 scientific papers (30 international and 25 national) contributed as author/co-author. He also contributed in composing a book entitled Aquatic Ecology and Biotechnology II.

Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Environmental Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zaki, M.S., M.M.N. Authman, M.F. Abdel Zaher and O.M. Fawzi, 2018. Effects of oil pollution on aquatic organism (Review article). Researcher, 10: 57-60.
  2. Zaki, M.S., M.M.N. Authman, A.M. Hammam, S.I. Shalaby and N.S. Rabie, 2018. Impact of aflatoxicosis on fish aquaculture and poultry. Stem Cell, 9: 54-57.
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  3. Sayed, A.E.D.H. and M.M. Authman, 2018. The protective role of Spirulina platensis to alleviate the Sodium dodecyl sulfate toxic effects in the catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). Ecotoxicol. Environ. Safety, 163: 136-144.
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  4. Khallaf, E.A., M.M.N. Authman, M. Galal and R.A. Zaid, 2018. A comparative biological study on Oreochromis niloticus from two Nilotic canals in the delta of Egypt. Egypt. J. Aqua. Biol. Fish., 22: 39-63.
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  5. Khallaf, E.A., M.M. Authman and A.A. Alne-na-ei, 2018. Evaluation of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides residues in the sediment and muscles of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) fish from a River Nile Canal, Egypt. Int. J. Environ. Stud., 75: 443-465.
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  6. Khallaf, E.A. and M.M. Authman, 2018. Contamination and ecological hazard assessment of heavy metals in freshwater sediments and Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) fish muscles in a Nile River Canal in Egypt. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 25: 13796-13812.
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  7. Hammam, A.M.M., M.S. Zaki, M.M.N. Authman and Z.M.S.A. Girh, 2018. Antibiotic residues in farm animal and a food of animal origin with emphasis on bacterial resistance (Review). Rep. Opin., 10: 1-8.
  8. Authman, M.M.N. and M.S. Zaki, 2018. Effects of industrial pollutants on physicochemical characteristics of the River Nile water and fish productivity. Stem Cell, 9: 32-36.
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  9. Authman, M.M.N. and M.S. Zaki, 2018. Effect of industrial pollution on fish in river Nile. Researcher, 10: 65-68.
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  10. Azab, A.M., W.M. Shaban, M.S. Zaki, M.M.N. Authman and M.F. Abdel Zaher, 2016. Monitoring of petroleum hydrocarbons in sediment and gastropods from Suez Gulf, Red Sea. Life Sci. J., 13: 46-59.
  11. Zaki, M.S., M.M.N. Authman and H.H.H. Abbas, 2015. Bioremediation of petroleum contaminants in aquatic environments (review article). Life Sci. J., 12: 109-121.
  12. El-Kasheif, M.A., M.M.N. Authman, F.A. Al-Ghamdi, S.A. Ibrahim and A.M. El-Far, 2015. Biological aspects and fisheries management of tilapia fish Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) in El-Bahr El-Faraouny Canal, Al-Minufiya Province, Egypt. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 10: 405-444.
  13. El-Badawi, A.A., A.Y. Gaafar, H.H. Abbas and M.M.N. Authman, 2015. Toxic effects of neem seeds oil on Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and application of different trials of control. J. Pharmaceut. Biol. Chem. Sci., 6: 645-658.
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  14. Authman, M.M., M.S. Zaki, E.A. Khallaf and H.H. Abbas, 2015. Use of fish as bio-indicator of the effects of heavy metals pollution. J. Aquacult. Res. Dev., Vol. 6. 10.4172/2155-9546.1000328.
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  15. Zaki, M.S., M.M.N. Authman, N.S. Ata, M.F. Abdelzaher and A.M.M. Hammam, 2014. Effects of environmental oil spills on commercial fish and shellfish in Suez Canal and Suez Gulf regions. Life Sci. J., 11: 269-274.
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  16. Zaki, M.S., M.M.N. Authman, A.M.M. Hammam and S.I. Shalaby, 2014. Aquatic environmental pollution in the Egyptian countryside and its effect on fish production. Life Sci. J., 11: 1024-1029.
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  17. Gaber, H.S., W.T. Abbas, M.M.N. Authman and S.A. Gaber, 2014. Histological and biochemical studies on some organs of two fish species in Bardawil Lagoon, North Sinai, Egypt. Global Veterinaria, 12: 1-11.
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  18. El-Badawi, A.A., A.Y. Gaafar, H.H. Abbas and M.M.N. Authman, 2014. The protective role of copper nicotinate and vitamin E against neem seed oil induced oxidative stress and histopathological changes in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus, Linnaeus, 1758). Egyptian J. Aquatic Biol. Fish., 18: 1-19.
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  21. Gaber, H.S., M.A. El-Kasheif, S.A. Ibrahim and M.M.N. Authman, 2013. Effect of water pollution in El-Rahawy Drainage Canal on hematology and organs of freshwater fish Clarias gariepinus. World Applied Sci. J., 21: 329-341.
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  22. El-Kasheif, M.A., K.A.S. Shalloof and M.M.N. Authman, 2013. Studies on some reproductive characters of Tilapia species in Damietta branch of the River Nile, Egypt. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 8: 323-339.
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  23. El-Kasheif, M.A., H.S. Gaber, M.M.N. Authman and S.A. Ibrahim, 2013. Histopathological and physiological observations of the kidney and spleen of the Nile catfish Clarias gariepinus inhabiting El-Rahawy drain, Egypt. J. Applied Sci. Res., 9: 872-884.
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  24. Authman, M.M.N., W.T. Abbas, I.M.K. Abomourad and A.M. Kenawy, 2013. Effects of illegal cyanide fishing on vitellogenin in the freshwater African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf., 91: 61-70.
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  29. Khallaf, E.A. and M.M.N. Authman, 2012. Interaction of the mormyrid fish Mormyrus kannume (Forsskal, 1775) reproduction and feeding intensity with the environment in a Nile Delta Canal, Egypt. Egypt. J. Aquat. Biol. Fish., 16: 73-94.
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  30. El-Kasheif, M.A., M.M.N. Authman and S.A. Ibrahim, 2012. Environmental studies on Synodontis schall (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) (Pisces: Siluriformes: Mochokidae) in the River Nile at Gizza Sector, Egypt: Biological aspects and population dynamics. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 7: 104-133.
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