Dr. Medhat Mohamed El-Moselhy
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Dr. Medhat Mohamed El-Moselhy

Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

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Dr. Medhat Mohamed El-Moselhy is currently working as Assistant professor of Physical Chemistry Faculty of Science, Al Azhar University, and Group Leader in Science Center for Detection and Remediation of Environmental Hazards. He obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from same University. His area of research interest related to Zeolite Synthesis and Modification, Application of Zeolites in Water Treatment, Removal of Heavy Metals from Water using Ion Exchange Resin, Photocatalysis, and Ion Exchange Resin for Wastewater Treatment. He is reviewer of following journals: Journal of Hazardous material, Journal of Applied clay science, Elsevier Books, Publishing, Journal of Chemical Engineering, and Journal of Colloids and Surfaces. He is author and co-author of 19 journal papers.

Area of Interest:

Zeolite Synthesis
Heavy Metals
Wastewater Treatment

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. El-Moselhy, M.M. and S.M. Kamal, 2018. Selective removal and preconcentration of methylene blue from polluted water using cation exchange polymeric material. Groundwater Sustain. Dev., 6: 6-13.
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  2. El-Moselhy, M.M., A. Ates and A. Celebi, 2017. Synthesis and characterization of hybrid iron oxide silicates for selective removal of arsenic oxyanions from contaminated water. J. Colloid Interface Sci., 488: 335-347.
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  3. El-Moselhy, M.M., 2016. Methylene blue dye degradation using C-100 polymeric material modified with ZnO nanoparticles. Desalination Water Treat. 57: 25800-25811.
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  4. Ismail, L.F.M., M.M. Emara, M.M. El-Moselhy, N.A. Maziad and O.K. Hussein, 2014. Silica coating and photocatalytic activities of ZnO nanoparticles: Effect of operational parameters and kinetic study. Spectrochim. Acta Part A: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc., 131: 158-168.
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  5. El-Moselhy, M.M., N.M. Mahmoud and M.M. Emara, 2014. Copper modified exchanger for the photodegradation of methyl orange dye. Desalination Water Treat., 52: 7225-7234.
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  6. El-Moselhy, M.M. and O.M. Hakami, 2014. Selective removal of chromate using hybrid anion exchanger. Desalination Water Treat. 56: 2917-2924.
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  7. Emara, M.M., M.M. El-Moselhy,.H. Hellal and N.S. Farahat, 2012. HFO supported polymeric material using for the photocatalytic degradation of phenol. Egypt. J. Environ. Res., 1: 72-77.
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  8. El-Moselhy, M.M., 2012. Effect of phosphate and silicate on the removal of As(III) using HFO supported polymeric materials. Sci. Lett. J., .
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  9. Sarkar, S., A.K. SenGupta, J.E. Greenleaf and M. El-Moselhy, 2011. Energy recovery from acid-base neutralization process through pH-sensitive polymeric ion exchangers. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 50: 12293-12298.
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  10. El-Moselhy, M.M., A.K. Sengupta and R. Smith, 2011. Carminic acid modified anion exchanger for the removal and preconcentration of Mo(VI) from wastewater. J. Hazard. Mater., 185: 442-446.
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  11. El-Eneina, S.A.G.A., M.M. Emara, M.M. El-Moselhy and D.H. Shabaanc, 2011. Industrial wastewater treatment and its impact on water quality: Case study. Al-Azhar Bull. Sci., 22: 1-20.
  12. Emara, M.M., M.M. El-Moselhy and Y.H. Youssef, 2010. The role of inspection on the total quality of some Egyptian industries. Al-Azhar Bull. Sci., 21: 32-42.
  13. Emara, M.M., M.M. El-Moselhy and N.S. Farahat, 2010. Photocatalytic degradation of hydroquinone using HFO supported polymeric material. Desalination Water Treat., 19: 232-240.
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  14. El-Moselhy, M.M., 2010. Treatment of ash leachate using different functional group anion exchange resins. Al-Azhar Bull. Sci., 21: 27-42.
  15. El-Moselhy, M.M., 2010. Cation modified silicates for catalytic production of phenol from benzene. Al-Azhar Bull. Sci., 21: 27-42.
  16. El-Moselhy, M.M. and A.K. Sengupta, 2010. Fluoride removal using Zr loaded A500p in comparison with activated alumina. Al-Azhar Bull. Sci., 21: 27-42.
  17. Emaraa, M.M., A.S.M. Tourky and M.M. El-Moselhy, 2009. Structural modification of mordenite zeolite with Fe For the photo-degradation of EDTA. J. Hazard. Mater., 166: 514-522.
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  18. El-Moselhy, M.M., 2009. Photo-degradation of acid red 44 using Al and Fe modified silicates. J. Hazard. Mater., 169: 498-508.
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  19. Emara, M.M., A.S. Turky and M.M. El-Moselhy, 2006. Effect of iron and copper modified MCM-41 and Y zeolites on the photodegradation of monosulfonic acid dye. Eg. J. Chem., 49: 241-259.
  20. Mohamed, M.M., N.S. Gomaa, M. El-Moselhy and N.A. Eissa, 2003. Comparison of the structural properties of isomorphously substituted Fe in mordenite zeolites prepared by different methods. J. Colloid Interf. Sci., 259: 331-337.
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