Dr. Moulay  Sadiki
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Dr. Moulay Sadiki

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Microbial Biotechnology from Sidi Mohmed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Microbial Biotechnology
Molecular Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sadiki, M., S. Elabed, H. Barkai, M. Balouiri, A. Nasri and S.I. Koraichi, 2017. The modification of cedar wood surface properties for the prevention of fungal adhesion. Int. J. Adhesion Adhesives, 75: 40-46.
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  2. Sadiki, M., S. El Abed, M. Balouiri, H. Barkai, F.Z. El Bergadi, O. El Farricha and S.I. Koraichi, 2017. Combined effect of essential oils against bacteria associated with deterioration of historical wood. J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 8: 594-602.
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  3. El Abed, S., A. El Abed, M. Sadiki, O. El Farricha and S.I. Koraichi, 2017. Assessment of the Salvia officinalis and Myrtus communis aqueous extracts effect on cell surface tension parameters and hydrophobicity of Staphylococcus aureus CIP54354 and Bacillus subtilis ILP142B. J. Applied Sci. (In Press). .
  4. Balouiri, M., S. Bouhdid, M. Sadiki, W. Ouedrhiri and H. Barkai et al., 2017. Effect of preconditioning cobalt and nickel based dental alloys with Bacillus sp. extract on their surface physicochemical properties and theoretical prediction of Candida albicans adhesion. Mater. Sci. Eng.: C, 71: 111-117.
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  5. Sadiki, M., S. El Abed, H. Barkai, M. Balouiri, F.Z. El Bergadi and S.I. Koraichi, 2016. Plant extracts effect on the cell fungal surface hydrophobicity and acid-base properties. Res. J. Microbiol., 11: 139-145.
  6. Moulay, S., B. Hassan, E. Alae, A. Meryem, M. Mohamed, I.K. Saad and E. Soumya, 2016. The anti-adherent activity of plant extracts on Penicillium commune spores causing cedar wood decay: An ESEM analysis. J. Adhesion, 92: 295-305.
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  7. Hassan, B., E.A. Soumya, S. Moulay, I.H. Mohammed and I.K. Saad, 2016. A study on the impact of the adhesion of Penicillium expansum on the physicochemical surface properties of cedar wood. J. Adhesion, 92: 341-348.
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  8. Hassan, B., E. Soumya, S. Moulay, B. Mounyr, M. Hajar and I.S. Koraichi, 2016. Evaluation of hydrophobic-hydrophilic properties and anti-adhesive potential of the treated cedar wood by two essential oil components against bioadhesion of penicillium expansum spores. J. Applied Sci., 16: 372-379.
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  9. El Bergadi, F., F. Laachari, M. Sadiki, S. Elabed, M.H. Iraqui and S.K. Ibnsouda, 2016. Determination of endoglucanase activity of paper decaying fungi from an old library at the ancient Medina of Fez. Microbiology, 85: 47-55.
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  10. Djebbi, M.A., Z. Bouaziz, A. Elabed, M. Sadiki and S. Elabed et al., 2016. Preparation and optimization of a drug delivery system based on berberine chloride-immobilized MgAl hydrotalcite. Int. J. Pharm., 506: 438-448.
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  11. Djebbi, M.A., A. Elabed, Z. Bouaziz, M. Sadiki and S. Elabed et al., 2016. Delivery system for berberine chloride based on the nanocarrier ZnAl-layered double hydroxide: Physicochemical characterization, release behavior and evaluation of anti-bacterial potential. Int. J. Pharm., 515: 422-430.
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  12. Chraibi, M., A. Farah, M. Balouiri, H. Barkai, M. Sadiki and K.F. Benbrahim, 2016. Chemical characterization and antimicrobial activity of Moroccan Pelargonium asperum essential oil. J. Applied Pharm. Sci., 6: 42-46.
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  13. Barkai, H., S. Elabed, M. Sadiki, S. Boutahari, B. Mounyr and E.F. Omar, 2016. The effect of cellulase treatment time on the cedar wood surface physicochemical properties. Am. J. Adv. Sci. Res., 3: 296-304.
  14. Barkai, H., S. El Abed, M. Sadiki, M. Balouiri and S.I. Koraichi, 2016. Antifungal activity and physico-chemical surface properties of the momentaneously exposed Penicillium expansum spores to carvacrol. Res. J. Microbiol., 11: 178-185.
  15. Barkai, H., E. Soumya, M. Sadiki, B. Mounyr and K.S. Ibnsouda, 2016. Impact of enzymatic treatment on wood surface free energy: Contact angle analysis. J. Adhesion Sci. Technol., 31: 726-734.
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  16. Balouiri, M., M. Sadiki and S.K. Ibnsouda, 2016. Methods for in vitro evaluating antimicrobial activity: A review. J. Pharm. Anal., 6: 71-79.
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  17. Sadiki, M., S. Elabed, H. Barkai, F. Laachari and S.I. Koraichi, 2015. The impact of Thymus vulgaris extractives on cedar wood surface energy: Theoretical and experimental of Penicillium spores adhesion. Ind. Crops Prod., 77: 1020-1027.
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  18. Sadiki, M., A. El Abed, A. El Aabedy, S. El Abed, A. Farah, H. Iraqui and S.I. Koraichi, 2015. Characterization and antibacterial activity of the essential oil from Thymus vulgaris cultuvated in Morocco (Taounat) against ten Bacteria. World J. Pharm. Res., 4: 314-325.
  19. Nakkabi, A., N. El Moualij, M. Sadiki, S.I. Koraichi and M. Fahim, 2015. Biodegradation of poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) by Bacillus subtilis. Int. J. Recent Adv. Multidisciplinary Res., 2: 1060-1062.
  20. Nakkabi, A., M. Sadiki, M. Fahim, N. Ittobane, S.I. Koraichi and H. Barkai, 2015. Biodegradation of Poly (ester urethane) s by Bacillus subtilis. Int. J. Environ. Res., 9: 157-162.
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  21. Laachari, F., F. El Bergad, M. Sadiki, A. Sayari and W. Bahafid et al., 2015. Higher tolerance of a novel lipase from Aspergillus flavus to the presence of free fatty acids at lipid/water interface. Afr. J. Biochem. Res., 9: 9-17.
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  22. El Farricha, O., M. Sadiki, A. El Aabedy, Y. Lekbach, S. El Abed, S.I. Koraichi and J. El Yamani, 2015. The stainless steel 304L surface energy properties modification by aqueous extract from Salvia officinalis. Int. Sci. Res. J., 4: 42-47.
  23. El Bergadi, F., F. Laachari, M. Sadiki, A. Megzari, S. El Abed, H. Iraqui and K. Ibnsouda, 2015. Antifungal effect of Moroccan Lawsonia inermis leaf extracts on the growth of filamentous fungi isolated from historical wood. Int. J. Curr. Res., 7: 14237-14240.
  24. Barkai, H., M. Sadiki, S. El Abed, S. Boutahari and S.I. Koraichi, 2015. The-effect-of-carvacrol-and-carvone-treatments-on-the-cedar-wood-surfacephysico-chemical-properties. Int. J. Sci. Eng. Res., 6: 767-771.
  25. Barkai, H., M. Sadiki, S. El Abed, M. Moustakhim, M.I. Houssaini and S.I. Koraichi, 2015. Comparison of the evolution of physico-chemical properties due to the single and combined adhesion of two species of the Penicillium genus on cedar wood. J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 6: 749-755.
  26. Balouiri, M., S. Bouhdid, E.H. Harki, M. Sadiki, W. Ouedrhiri, S. El Abed and S.K. Ibnsouda, 2015. Study on the effect of the antifungal extract from Bacillus sp. on the physicochemical properties of Candida albicans. Res. J. Microbiol., 10: 214-221.
  27. Sadiki, M., S. El Abed, M. Balouiri, H. Barkai, H. Maataoui and S.I. Koraichi, 2014. Synergistic antibacterial effect of Myrtus communis and Thymus vulgaris essential oils fractional inhibitory concentration index. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 6: 6-9.
  28. Sadiki, M., H. Barkai, S.I. Koraichi and S. Elabed, 2014. The effect of the Thymus vulgaris extracts on the physicochemical characteristics of cedar wood using angle contact measurement. J. Adhesion Sci. Technol., 28: 1925-1934.
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  29. Maataoui H., H. Barkai, M. Sadiki, A. Haggoud, S.I. Koraichi and S. El Abed, 2014. Physicochemical characterization of actinomycetes isolated from decayed cedar wood: Contact angle measurement. J. Adhesion Sci. Technol., 28: 2046-2053.
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  30. Balouiri, M., M. Sadiki, W. Ouedrhiri, A. Farah, S. El Abed and S.I. Koraichi, 2014. Antibacterial activity of extracts from Salvia officinalis and Rosmarinus officinalis obtained ny sonication and maceration methods. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 6: 15-18.