Dr. Anis Elaoud
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Dr. Anis Elaoud

Carthage University - Tunisia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Sustainable Agriculture from Institut Supérieur Agronomique de Chott-Mariem, Tunisia

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Sustainable Agriculture
Water Analysis
Soil and Water Conservation
Water Engineering

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Cheikh, O., A. Elaoud, H.B. Amor and M. Hozayn, 2018. Effect of permanent magnetic field on the properties of static water and germination of cucumber seeds. Int. J. Multidisciplin. Curr. Res., 2: 108-116.
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  2. Amor, H.B., A. Elaoud and M. Hozayn, 2018. Does magnetic field change water pH? Asian Res. J. Agric., 8: 1-7.
  3. Hassen, H.B., A. Elaoud and I. Trabelsi, 2017. Influence of the magnetic fields on some characteristics of raw milk. Int. J. Adv. Ind. Eng., 5: 200-205.
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  4. Elaoud, A., H.B. Hassen, N.B. Salah, A. Masmoudi and S. Chehaibi, 2017. Modeling of soil penetration resistance using multiple linear regression. Arabian J. Geosci., Vol. 10, No. 20. DOI 10.1007/s12517-017-3235-2.
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  5. Amor, H.B., A. Elaoud, N.B. Salah and K. Elmoueddeb, 2017. Effect of magnetic treatment on surface tension and water evaporation. Int. J. Adv. Ind. Eng., 5: 119-124.
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  6. Jalel, R., A. Elaoud, N. Turki, N.B. Salah and S Chehaibi, 2016. Comparative study of the compaction soil according of two routes: Conventional work and permanent board. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 6: 2248-2255.
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  7. Elaoud, A., N. Turki, H.B. Amor, R. Jalel and N.B. Salah, 2016. Influence of the magnetic device on water quality and production of melon. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 6: 2256-2260.
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  8. Elaoud, A., S. Chehaibi and K. Abrougui, 2015. Simulation of soil behavior following the passage of tractors. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 5: 534-538.
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  9. Elaoud, A., S. Chehaibi and K. Abrougui, 2015. Effect of the passage for different tractors on the soil compaction. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 5: 527-533.
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  10. Turki, N., K.K. Khalfallah and A. Elaoud, 2014. Effects of organic amendments to soil on pepper crop (Capsicum annuum, L.) under green house. Scholarly J. Agric. Sci., 4: 253-259.
  11. Abrougui, K., K. Gabsi, A. Elaoud, H. Fki, I. Chenini and S. Chehaibi, 2014. Modular feed forward networks to predict soil penetration resistance from tillage technique and working depth. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 4: 3567-3573.
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  12. Abrougui, K., H. Boukhalfa, A. Elaoud, J.N. Louvet, M.F. Destain and S. Chehaibi, 2014. Effects of three tillage systems on physical properties of a sandy loam soil. Int. J. Curr. Eng. Technol., 4: 3555-3561.
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  13. Elaoud, A., S. Chehaibi and M.B. Amor, 2013. Flow model of pure water in a pipeline. Int. Rev. Mech. Eng., 7: 224-231.
  14. Elaoud, A., S. Chehaibi and M. Ben Amor, 2013. Study of flow problems and those of soil compaction in an agricultural farm. Int. J. Adv. Ind. Eng., 1: 1-8.
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  15. Chehaibi, S., K. Abrougui, A. Elaoud, M. Chaabani and M. Kelifi, 2013. Effect of the tine type on mechanical aeration of grassy sward. Greener J. Phys. Sci., 3: 90-96.
  16. Chehaibi, S., K. Abrougui, A. Elaoud, M. Chaabani and M. Kelifi, 2012. Effects of working depth on mechanical aeration of a grassy soil and its impact on the plant root behavior Her. J. Agric. Food Sci. Res., 2: 63-69.
  17. Elaoud, A. and S. Chehaibi, 2011. Soil compaction due to tractor traffic. J. Fail. Anal. Prev., 11: 539-545.
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