Dr. Isaac O. Oyewole
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Dr. Isaac O. Oyewole

Head of Department
Babcock University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Parasitology from Babcock University, Nigeria

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Dr. Isaac O. Oyewole is currently working as Head of Academic Department/Faculty at Babcock University, Nigeria. He has completed his Ph.D. in Parasitology from same University. His main area of interest focuses on Parasitology and Entomology. His area of expertise includes Malaria, Ethnomedicine, Parasites, and Mosquitoes. He has published 32 research articles in journals contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Oyeyemi, O.T., A.F. Ogunlade and I.O. Oyewole, 2015. Comparative assessment of microscopy and rapid diagnostic test (RDT) as malaria diagnostic tools. Res. J. Parasitol., 10: 120-126.
  2. Olawuyi, O.J., A.C. Odebode, I.O. Oyewole, A.O. Akanmu and O. Afolabi, 2014. Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Pythium aphanidermatum causing foot rot disease on pawpaw (Carica papaya L.) seedlings. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Protect., 47: 185-193.
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  3. Awolola, S.T., A.O. Adeogun, J.B. Olojede, A.O. Oduola, I.O. Oyewole and C.N. Amajoh, 2014. Impact of PermaNet 3.0 on entomological indices in an area of pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae in south-western Nigeria. Parasites Vectors, Vol. 7. 10.1186/1756-3305-7-236.
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  4. Oduola, A.O., J.B. Olojede, I.O. Oyewole, O.A. Otubanjo and T.S. Awolola, 2013. Abundance and diversity of Anopheles species (diptera: culicidae) associated with malaria transmission in human dwellings in rural and urban communities in Oyo state, southwestern Nigeria. Parasitol. Res., 112: 3433-3439.
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  5. Oduola, A.O., O.A. Otubanjo, J.B. Olojede, I.O. Oyewole and T.S. Awolola, 2012. Malaria transmission risk indices of three anopheles species in selected rural communities in Oyo state south-western Nigeria. Int. J. Trop. Med., 7: 42-48.
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  6. Anyasor, G.N., I.O. Oyewole, K.O. Ogunwenmo and A. Ayowole, 2012. Coartemether induced oxidative and hepatic damage in Plasmodium berghei strain anka infected mice. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 88: 108-111.
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  7. Oyewole, I., G. Anyasor, K. Ogunwenmo and S. Ayodele, 2011. Antioxidant and oxidative stress status in human Plasmodium malaria. Der Pharm. Lett., 3: 91-96.
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  8. Oyewole, I.O., G.N. Anyasor and E.C. Michael-Chikezie, 2010. Prevalence of STI pathogens in HIV-infected and non-infected women: Implications for acquisition and transmission of HIV in Nigeria. Asian J. Med. Sci., 2: 163-166.
  9. Oyewole, I.O., D.O. Moronkola, I.A. Ogunwande, H. Okoh and C.A. Ibidapo et al., 2010. Larvicidal activity of the essential oil from phyllanthus amarus Sch. et thonn (euphorbiaceae) against three species of mosquitoes. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2: 136-141.
  10. Oyewole, I.O., C.A. Ibidapo, O.O. Okwa, A.O. Oduola, G.O. Adeoye, H.I. Okoh and T.S. Awolola, 2010. Species composition and role of anopheles mosquitoes in malaria transmission along badagry axis of lagos lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria. Int. J. Insect Sci., 2: 51-57.
  11. Anyasor, G.N., I.O. Oyewole, A.A. Ogunnowo, A.O. Lanisa, A. Onubuogo and L. Ichoku, 2010. Impact of profession and diet-type on human oxidative stress status. Current Res. J. Biol. Sci., 2: 214-216.
  12. Oyewole, I.O., O.O. Momoh, G.N. Anyasor, A.A. Ogunnowo and C.A. Ibidapo et al., 2009. Physico-chemical characteristics of anopheles breeding sites: Impact on fecundity and progeny development. Afr. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 3: 447-452.
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  13. Moronkola, D.O., I.A. Ogunwande, I.O. Oyewole, K.H.C. Baser, T. Ozek and G. Ozek, 2009. Studies on the volatile oils of Momordica charantia L.(cucurbitaceae) and Phyllanthus amarus Sch. et thonn (euphorbiaceae). J. Essent. Oil Res., 21: 393-399.
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  14. Oyewole, I., C. Ibidapo, D. Moronkola, A. Doula, G. Adeoye, G. Anyasor and J. Obansa, 2008. Anti-malarial and repellent activities of Tithonia diversifolia (HemsL.) leaf extracts. J. Medicinal Plants Res., 2: 171-175.
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  15. Oyewole, I.O., Z.J. Magaji and O.A. Awoyinka, 2007. Biochemical and toxicological studies of aqueous extract of tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) leaves in wister albino rats. J. Med. Plants Res., 1: 30-33.
  16. Oyewole, I.O., T.S. Awolola, C.A. Ibidapo, A.O. Oduola, O.O. Okwa and J.A. Obansa, 2007. Behaviour and population dynamics of the major anopheline vectors in a malaria endemic area in southern Nigeria. J. Vector Borne Dis., 44: 56-64.
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  17. Oyewole, I.O. and A.C. Ibidapo, 2007. Attitudes to malaria, prevention, treatment and management strategies associated with the prevalence of malaria in a Nigerian urban center. Afr. J. Biotechnol., 6: 2424-2427.
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  18. Omolade, O.O. and O.I. Yinka, 2007. Malaria transmission in the rainy season in a selected northern Guinea Savannah zone of Nigeria. J. Biol. Sci. Res., 2: 28-35.
  19. Moronkola, D.O., I.A. Ogunwande, T.M. Walker, W.N. Setzer and I.O. Oyewole, 2007. Identification of the main volatile compounds in the leaf and flower of Tithonia diversifolia (hemsl) gray. J. Nat. Med., 61: 63-66.
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  20. Awolola, T., I. Oyewole, C. Amajoh, A. Oduola and O. Manafa et al., 2007. Dynamics of permethrin resistance in field population of Anopheles gambiae s.s in southwestern Nigeria. J. Vector Borne, 44: 181-188.
  21. Oyewole, I.O., T.S. Awolola and M. Coetzee, 2006. Impact of urbanization the bionomics and distribution of malaria vectors around Lagos, South-western, Nigeria. J. Vector Borne Dis., 43: 173-178.
  22. Awoyinka, O., I. Oyewole, B. Amos and O. Onasoga, 2006. Comparative pesticidal activity of dichloromethane extracts of Piper nigrum against Sitophilus zeamais and Callosobruchus maculatus. Afr. J. Biotechnol., 5: 2446-2449.
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  23. Anumudu, C.I., A. Adepoju, M. Adeniran, O. Adeoye, A. Kassim, I. Oyewole and R.I. Nwuba, 2006. Malaria prevalence and treatment seeking behaviour of young Nigerian adults. Ann. Afr. Med., 5: 82-88.
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  24. Oyewole, I.O., C.A. Ibidapo, A.O. Oduola, J.B, Obansa and T.S. Awolola, 2005. Anthropophilic mosquitoes and malaria transmission in a tropical rainforest area of Nigeria. Acta Satech, 2: 6-10.
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  25. Oyewole, I.O., A.C. Ibidapo, A.O. Oduola, J.B. Obansa and T.S. Awolola, 2005. Molecular identification and population dynamics of the major malaria vectors in a rainforest zone of Nigeria. Biokemistri, 17: 171-178.
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  26. Oyewole, I.O., 2005. Some clinical and epidemiological features of malaria in an adult urban population in Ibadan. Ideal Educ., 1: 88-98.
  27. Oyewole, I.O. and O.O. Abiodun, 2005. Prevalence of enteric parasites in HIV patients with diarrhea in southwestern Nigeria. Acta Satech, 2: 42-45.
  28. Awolola, T.S., I.O. Oyewole, L.L. Koekemoer and M. Coetzee, 2005. Identification of three members of the Anopheles funestus (Diptera: Culicidae) group and their role in malaria transmission in two ecological zones in Nigeria. Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg., 99: 525-531.
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  29. Awolola, T.S., I.O. Oyewole, C.N. Amajoh, E.T. Idowu and M.B. Ajayi et al., 2005. Distribution of the molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae and pyrethroid knock down resistance gene in Nigeria. Acta Trop., 95: 204-209.
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  30. Oyewole, I.O., 2004. Prevalence of malaria, approach and response to treatment in a Nigerian urban population. Bull. Sci. Assoc. Nigeria, 25: 91-98.
  31. Oyewole, I.O., 2004. Antibody response to pfMSP-119 in an adult urban population. Acta Satech, 1: 43-54.
  32. Omenka, R.O., I.O. Oyewole and A.O. Kayode, 2004. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial testing of Vernonia amygdalina Del (leaves) on Salmonella typhi. Acta Satech, 1: 37-42.