Dr. Oketayo Oyebamiji Oyedele
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Dr. Oketayo Oyebamiji Oyedele

Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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Dr. O.O. Oketayo B.Sc. (UNAAB), PGD M.Sc., Ph.D. (Ife)
Dr. Oketayo Oyebamiji Oyedele had his first Degree (B.Sc) in Physics from University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB), M.Sc and Ph.D. in Engineering Physics (Health & Environmental Physics Option) from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. He is presently a Lecturer I in the Department of Physics, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti. He equally has Certificate Course in Electronic Data Processing, National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology and Post Graduate Diploma in Education. He has Scholarly articles in both local and International reputable journals.

Area of Interest:

Physical Science Engineering
Heavy Metal Analysis
Health Impact
Biochemical Parameters

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sabejeje, A.J., O.O. Oketayo, I.J. Bello and T.A. Sabejeje, 2014. Elemental analysis of leachates from open-dump-solid wastes in Ondo State, Nigeria: Implication on underground water and surface water safety. Am. J. Res. Commun., 2: 287-296.
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  2. Oyedele, O.O., U. Chiemeka, I.E. Peter, A. Donald and A.R. Temidayo, 2014. Influence of blood pressure and some physiological parameters of health importance on adolescents' academic performance. Int. J. Sci. Eng. Res., 5: 1240-1250.
  3. Oyedele, O.O., 2014. The benefits and environmental/health implications of nanomaterials. Fuoye Int. j. Pure Appl. Sci., .
  4. Oketayo O.O., E.P. Inyang, D.D. Akinwande, W.O. Makinde and A.O. Adelakun, 2014. Elemental and nitrate analyses of underground waters around automobile and the associated allied artisan workshops in Ondo, Ondo state, Nigeria. Int. J. Innovative Appl. Res., 2: 42-50.
  5. Ojo, J.O., O.O. Oketayo, C.A. Adesanmi, M. Horvat, D. Mazej and J. Tratnik, 2014. Influence of nutritional status on some toxic and essential elements in the blood of women exposed to vehicular pollution in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 21: 1124-1132.
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  6. Adelakun A.O., I.A.Egunjobi and O.O. Oketayo, 2014. Synchronization of new identical jerk oscillators via unidirectional coupling and its application to secure communication. J. Niger. Assoc. Math. Phys., 28: 27-34.
  7. Adelakun A.O., I.A. Egunjobi and O.O. Oketayo, 2014. Unidirectional synchronization of two identical jerk oscillators with memristor. J. Niger. Assoc. Math. Phys., 28: 35-38.
  8. Oyebamiji, O.O., Rufus, T.A., A.O. Ifedayo, I.O. Pauline and A.D. Donald, 2013. A comparative study of internet-based learning with lecture method on higher education physics students. J. Teach. Educ., 13: 1-5.
  9. Inyang, E.P., O.O. Oketayo and E.I. Obiajunwa, 2012. Proton induced X-ray emission analysis of soils with various length of fallow: The effect on soil total elemental composition. Soil Tillage Res., 124: 178-182.
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  10. Akinnubi R.T., O.O. Oketayo, D.D. Akinwande and A.O. Ifedayo, 2012. Student - lecturer variables and low performance of students' in genetics: a case study of course in adeyemi college of education, Ondo state, Nigeria. J. Res. Educ. Soc., 3: 78-82.
  11. Akinnubi R.T., D.D. Akinwande O.O. Oketayo P.O. Ijila O.O. Ifedayo and C.N. Iwetan, 2012. Assessing the level of climate change awareness among secondary school teachers in ondo west local government area, Ondo state. J. Sci. Sci. Educ., 3: 18-22.
  12. Adenodi R.A., C.N. Iwetan, F.O. Akinluyi and O.O Oketayo, 2012. Improvisation of laboratory power supply for powering laboratory electronic instruments. J. Niger. Assoc. Math. Phys., 21: 219-224.
  13. Oketayo O.O. and J.O. Ojo, 2011. Anthropometric predictive equations for percentage body fat in Nigerian women using bioelectrical impedance as reference. Ife J. Sci., .
  14. Ojo, J.O., O.O Oketayo, A.O., Aboderin, A.A. Salawu and S.R.A. Adewusi, 2011. Evaluation of nutritional status using body fat, physiological and biochemical parameters in some Nigerian women. Nutr. health, 20: 197-207.
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  15. Inyang, E.P., B.A. Taleatu, O.O. Oketayo, C.E. Mokobia, R.A. Adenodi and E.A. Balogun, 2011. Characterizing thermoluminescence properties of calcium halophosphate fluorescent coating powder for radiation dosimetry. J. environ. Sci. eng., 53: 1-6.
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  16. Akinluyi, F.O., O.A. Ifedayo, C.N. Iwetan, O.O. Oketayo and R.A Adenodi, 2011. Challenges of the Discipline of Physics in the Developmental Process. In: National Security and Resource Management in Nigeria. Babatolu, J.S. and G. Ikuejube, (Ed.). Alfas Nigeria Company Ltd., Ibadan, pp:283-290.
  17. Oketayo O.O., J.O. Ojo, E.P. Inyang, R.A. Adenodi, F.O. Akinluyi and R.T. Akinnubi, 2010. The effect of body weight, percentage body fat and body mass index on adolescent academic performance. Nat. Sci., 8: 36-42.
  18. Oketayo, O.O. and R.T. Akinnubi, 2009. Measurements in Physics. In: Experimental Physics for Tertiary Institutions. Akinwale B.F and A.C. Nwankpa, (Ed.). Ondo, Babson Printing Press Ltd., Ondo, pp:18-28.