Dr. Ernest Uzodimma Durugbo
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Dr. Ernest Uzodimma Durugbo

Senior Lecturer
Redeemers University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Palynology from University of Lagos, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Hydrocarbon Maturation
Pollen and Spores
Paleocene Fungal

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Roberts, D.L., F.H. Neumann, H.C. Cawthra, A.S. Carr and L. Scott et al., 2017. Palaeoenvironments during a terminal Oligocene or early Miocene transgression in a fluvial system at the southwestern tip of Africa. Global Planetary Change, 150: 1-23.
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  2. Olayiwola, M.A., M.K. Bamford and E.U. Durugbo, 2017. Graphic correlation: A powerful tool for biostratigraphic correlation of petroleum exploration and production in the Cenozoic deep offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria. J. Afr. Earth Sci., 131: 156-165.
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  3. Ekor, M., A.O. Akinrinde, T.O. Ogunyinka, E. Durugbo and A.O. Odewabi et al., 2017. Moringa oleifera leaf extracts modulate biochemical alteration associated with cisplatin-induced acute hepatic injury in Wistar rats. Pharmacologia, 8: 41-51.
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  4. Durugbo, E.U. and M.A. Olayiwola, 2017. Palynological dating and palaeoenvironments of the M1 well, Middle Miocene, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Paleontol. Afr., 52: 46-57.
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  5. Durugbo, E.U., 2016. Palynostratigraphy, palynofacies and thermal maturation of the Nsukka formation from an excavation site in Okigwe, Southeastern Nigeria. Paleontol. Afr., 50: 76-92.
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  6. Adesanya, O.O., A. Osho, E. Durugbo, O. Akinyemi and O. Shokunbi, 2014. Hydrocarbon degradation potentials of bacterial species isolated from bitumen contaminated water and sediments in Ilubirin, Temidire camp and Agbabu communities of Ondo state, south west Nigeria. J. Int. Acad. Res. Multidisciplinary, 2: 239-248.
  7. Durugbo, E.U., O.T. Oluwatoyin and O.K. Ulu, 2013. The use of dinoflagellate abundance and diversity peaks in marking chronostratigraphic surfaces using wells A1 and A2 from the western Niger delta Nigeria. J. Sci. Res. Dev., 14: 15-24.
  8. Durugbo, E.U., O.T. Ogundipe and J.D. Olowokudejo, 2013. Stratigraphy of Stereisporites and allied spores from the Nigeria Neogene. Int. J. Curr. Res., 6: 6003-6010.
  9. Durugbo, E.U., A.O. Kajero, E.I. Omoregie and N.E. Oyejide, 2013. A survey of outdoor and indoor airborne fungal spora in the Redemption City, Ogun State, south-western Nigeria. Aerobiologia, 29: 201-216.
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  10. Durugbo, E.U., 2013. Palynostratigraphy, age determination and depositional environments of the Imo shale exposures at the Okigwe/port harcourt express road junction Okigwe, Southeastern Nigeria. Greener J. Phys. Sci., 3: 255-272.
  11. Durugbo, E.U., 2013. Medico-ethnobotanical inventory of Ogii, Okigwe Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria-I. Global Adv. Res. J. Med. Plants, 2: 30-44.
  12. Durugbo, E.U., 2013. Effects of lithology on palynomorph abundance in wells X1 and X2 from the Western Niger Delta Nigeria. Int. J. Geol. Earth Environ. Sci., 3: 170-179.
  13. Durugbo, E.U., B.O. Oyetoran and N.E. Oyejide, 2012. Vegetation inventory of the redemption camp, Ogun State, Nigeria: Evaluation of medicinal plant resources and strategies for conservation. J. Biol. Sci., 12: 34-42.
  14. Oyelana, O.A., E.U. Durugbo, O.D. Olukanni, E.A. Ayodele, Z.O. Aikulola and A.I. Adewole, 2011. Antimicrobial activity of Ficus leaf Extracts on some fungal and bacterial pathogens of Dioscorea rotundata from Southwest Nigeria. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 359-366.
  15. Durugbo, E.U., O.T. Ogundipe and O.K. Ulu, 2011. Preliminary reports on middle Miocene-early pleistocene dinoflagellate cysts from the Western Niger Delta, Nigeria. Ozean J. Applied Sci., 4: 373-394.
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  16. Durugbo, E.U. and F.R. Aroyewun, 2011. Palynology and paleaeoenvironments of late cretaceous araromi formation, Dahomey Basin, Nigeria. Asian J. Earth Sci., 5: 50-62.
  17. Durugbo, E.U., T.O. Oluwatoyin and O.K. Ulu, 2010. Pliocene-Pleistocene dinoflagellate cysts from the Western Niger Delta, Nigeria. Paleoclimatic implications. Nig. Assoc. Petroleum Explorationists Bull., 22: 77-90.
  18. Durugbo, E.U., O.T. Ogundipe and O.K. Ulu, 2010. Palynological evidence of pliocene-pleistocene climatic variations from the Western Niger Delta, Nigeria. Int. J. Bot., 6: 351-370.
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  19. Durugbo, E.U., 2010. Middle-late miocene peridiniaceans from the Western Niger delta, south Atlantic ocean. J. Res. Nat. Dev., 8: 41-44.
  20. Akinsoji, A., T. Ayanbamiji and E.U. Durugbo, 2003. Phytosociological Analyses of a moist savanna woodland in Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria: A comparison of methods. J. Conservation, 1: 1-14.
  21. Akinsoji, A., T. Ayanbamiji and E.U. Durugbo, 2003. Comparative phytosociological analyses in the gashaka-gumti national park, nigeria using point-centered and quadrat methods. Nig. J. Bot., 16: 133-143.