Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Clinton Ezekwe
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Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Clinton Ezekwe

Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Geography and Planning from Abia State University, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Assessment
Sustainable Development
Water Reseources

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Mmom, P.C., I.C. Ezekwe and G.O. Chukwu-Okeah, 2017. Land Management Practices and the Yield of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) in the Humid Deltaic Tropical Environment of Nigeria. Res., 9: 32-39.
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  2. Ezekwe, I.C. and I.C. Utong, 2017. Hydrocarbon Pollution and Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in the Sediments of the Oturuba Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria. J. Environ. Geogr., 10: 1-10.
  3. Ukpere, D.R.T. and I.C. Ezekwe, 2016. Effects of Environmental Pollution on Drinking Water Sources in Abual/Odual and Ahoada West LGAs of Rivers State, Nigeria. Int. J. Edu. Dev., 6: 107-119.
  4. Onyeije, F., S.B. Arokoyu, I.C. Ezekwe and O. Lawal, 2016. Quantifying benefits of rural road projects on household expenditure across communities in Rivers State, Nigeria. Ikogho Multidisciplinary J., 14: 622-634.
  5. Igwe, C.F., I.C. Ezekwe and C.L. Otiasah, 2016. An Ethnographic Perspective on Forest and Rura Livelihoods Decline in the Soku Oil and Gas Fields of Nigeria. J. Geogr. Thought Environ. Stud., 14: 105-126.
  6. Ezekwe, I.C., P.W. Igbagara and T.V. Odubo, 2016. Public health implications and threats to domestic water supply in Owerri metropolis in Imo State Nigeria. Int. J. Environ. Technol. Res., 2: 1-10.
  7. Ezekwe, I.C., P.W. Igbagara and C. Oji, 2016. Hydrocarbonoclastic microorganisms and hydrocarbon pollution of groundwater in the obagi oil fields of rivers state Nigeria. Int. J. Biol. Health Care Pract., 2: 19-28.
  8. Ezekwe, I.C., A. Agbakoba and P.W. Igbagara, 2016. Source gas emission and ambient air quality around the Eneka co-disposal landfill in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Int. J. Applied Chem. Ind. Sci., 2: 11-23.
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  9. Ezekwe, I.C. and S.A. Ochekwu, 2016. Towards A Policy on Rural Water Supply and Management: Water Supply Service Level and Health in a Rural Community in Benue State, Nigeria. J. Geogr. Thought Environ. Stud., 14: 16-33.
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  10. Ezekwe, I.C. and G.O. Chukwu-Okeah, 2016. Rainfall runoff dynamics of different land management systems in the swamp forest agro-ecological zone, south-south Nigeria. J. Multi Discipline Ind. Applied Sci., 1: 1-7.
  11. Ezekwe, I.C., V.O. Wekpe and Nwaogu, 2015. Remnants of the old stock: A review of the physical conditions and threats to sacred natural sites in Etche South-South Nigeria. J. Geographic Thought Environ. 13: 31-47.
  12. Ezekwe, I.C., O.S. Eludoyin and O. Adigwu, 2015. Landuse dynamics and mangrove forest decline in the soku oil and gas fields, Niger Delta region of Nigeria. J. Geographic Thought Environ. Stud., 13: 1-12.
  13. Ezekwe, I.C. and M.I. Edoghotu, 2015. Water quality and environmental health indicators in the Andoni river estuary, Eastern Niger Delta of Nigeria. Environ. Earth Sci., 74: 6123-6136.
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  14. Arokoyu, S.B., I.C. Ezekwe and A. Osuamkpe, 2015. Access to water and water quality in the ususu community of Ahoada west, rivers state, Nigeria. Port Harcourt J. Social Sci., 6: 54-68.
  15. Lale, O.O., I.C. Ezekwe and N.E.S. Lale, 2014. Effect of spent lubricating oil pollution on some chemical parameters and the growth of cowpeas (<>i>Vigna unguiculata Walpers). Resour. Environ., 4: 173-179.
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  16. Ezekwe, I.C., U.A.E. Totti and V.O. Wekpe, 2014. Gully morphometry and morphology in the Iyi-Ukwu Basin, South-East, Nigeria. Sci. Africana, 13: 251-265.
  17. Ezekwe, I.C., N.N. Odu and L. Onyedikam, 2014. Heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water and biota from a drilling waste polluted freshwater swamp in the mgbede oil fields of south-south Nigeria. J. Bioremediat. Biodegrad., Vol. 5. 10.4172/2155-6199.1000258.
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  18. Ezekwe, I.C., N.N. Odu and A. Gasa, 2014. Pollution from non-oil sources in the river nun downstream of Yenegoa town, south-south Nigeria. Estudos de Biologia, 36: 12-23.
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  19. Ezekwe, I.C., A.S. Ezekwe and S.A. Ochekwu, 2014. An investigation of water quality in shallow ground water sources in the Odaube area of Benue State, Nigeria. Estudos de Biologia, 36: 56-64.
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  20. Aisuebeogun, A.O., I.C. Ezekwe and V.O. Wekpe, 2014. Fluvial processes and channel morphometry of the upper Orashi basin in southeastern Nigeria. Sci. Africana, 13: 199-218.
  21. Aisuebeogun, A.O. and I.C. Ezekwe, 2014. Channel dynamics and hydraulic geometry of two tropical deltaic catchments in Southern Nigeria. Landform Anal., 27: 3-13.
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  22. Ezekwe, I.C., G.N. Chima and G. Ikogori, 2013. Investigation of selected microbial pollutants in groundwater sources in Yenegoa Town, Bayelsa Nigeria. Estudos de Biologia, 35: 77-84.
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  23. Ezekwe, I.C., A.S. Ezekwe and O.P. Endoro, 2013. Biological contaminants in the river nun and environmental ethics of riverside communities, Amassoma, Bayelsa, Nigeria. Estudos de Biologia, 35: 67-75.
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  24. Ezekwe, I.C., A.S. Ezekwe and G.N. Chima, 2013. Metal loadings and alkaline mine drainage from active and abandoned mines in the Ivo river basin area of southeastern Nigeria. Mine Water Environ., 32: 97-107.
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  25. Arokoyu, S.B., K.A. Uchua and I.C. Ezekwe, 2013. Geographical sciences, space technology and national development. Int. J. Res. Innov. Dev., 1: 132-141.
  26. Arokoyu, S.B. and I.C. Ezekwe, 2013. Beating a new path in university-industry partnerships in the Port Harcourt region: The place of geography and the geographical sciences. Int. J. Res. Innov. Dev., 1: 170-185.
  27. Aisuebeogun, A.O. and I.C. Ezekwe, 2013. Application of basin morphometry laws in catchments of the south-western quadrangle of south-eastern Nigeria. Front. Earth Sci., 7: 361-374.
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  28. Ezekwe, I.C., N.N. Odu, G.N. Chima and A. Opigo, 2012. Assessing regional groundwater quality and its health implications in the Lokpaukwu, Lekwesi and Ishiagu mining areas of southeastern Nigeria using factor analysis. Environ. Earth Sci., 67: 971-986.
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  29. Ezekwe, I.C., A.O. Aisubeogun, G.N. Chima and E. Odubo, 2012. TDS-Eh graph analysis: A new water quality index and rural water supply implications of a river affected by mining in south-eastern Nigeria. Front. Earth Sci., 6: 66-74.
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  30. Ezekwe, I.C., E. Odubo, G.N. Chima and I.S. Onwuchekwa, 2012. Groundwater occurrence and flow patterns in the Ishiagu mining area of Southeastern Nigeria. Front. Earth Sci., 6: 18-28.
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  33. Chima, G.N., V.O. Nwaugo and I.C. Ezekwe, 2010. Impacts of rock quarrying on Akwukwuo tributary of the Ivo river in Ishiagu Ebonyi State, Nigeria. J. Applied Environ. Sci., 6: 68-73.
  34. Chima, G.N., I.C. Ezekwe, M.A. Ijioma, K. Opuene and S. Sawettachat et al., 2010. Preliminary assessment of heavy metals in active stream and lake bottom sediments in the Ivo River Basin, Southeast Nigeria. Int. J. Applied Environ. Sci., 5: 803-812.
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