Dr. Ayeni Leye Samuel
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Dr. Ayeni Leye Samuel

Adeyemi College of Education, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Soil Science from University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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Lecturer /Researcher at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. I lecture in the field of Soil Science and crop production such as principles of Soil Science, Soil Fertility Management and Conservation, Soil Morphology, Principles of Arable Crop Production and Horticulture . My research focus is integrated soil and plant nutrition management around the efficient use of low level of mineral fertilizers with low level of organic manures in order to reduce the problems associated with the sole use of mineral and organic fertilizers for soil health and optimum crop production. I also specialize in soil and data analyses, fertilizer formulations and recommendations.

My Ph.D. thesis centers on Soil Science titled Effect of cocoa pod ash, poultry manure NPK fertilizer and their combinations on soil chemical properties, nutrient uptake and maize yield. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Ogun State, Nigeria. 177pp. Ability to form and lead team in research and field crop management. At present, I am the Head of the College Farm Services of Adeyemi College of Education.

Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Crop Production
Soil Fertility
Soil Management
Soil Properties

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ayeni, L.S., E.A. Okubena-Dipeolu, D.A. Oladepo and K.J. Oyebamiji, 2018. Growing amaranthus as a means of livelihood among peasant farmers in Africa. Int. J. Plant Soil Sci., 22: 1-5.
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  2. Adeyinka O., A. Samuel and K Oyebamiji, 2018. Effect of industrial manufactured organic and organomineral fertilizers on soil ph, major nutrients and their interactions at 90 days of incubation. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International 21: 1-5.
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  3. Samuel A.L. and A.O. Ebenezer, 2014. Mineralization rates of soil forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as affected by organomineral fertilizer in sandy loam. Advances in Agriculture 2014: 1-5.
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  4. Samuel A., 2014. Effect of manufactured organic fertilizers on soil chemical properties and yield of tomato (lycopersicum lycopersicon) in alfisol, southwestern nigeria. Molecular Soil Biology 10.5376/msb.2014.05.0006 http://dx.doi.org/10.5376/msb.2014.05.0006.
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  5. AYENI L.S., 2012. Combined effect of cattle dung and urea fertilizer on organic carbon, forms of nitrogen and available phosphorus in selected nigerian soils. Journal of Central European Agriculture 13: 601-607.
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  6. Makinde, S.O., M.I. Usilo, E.A. Makinde and L.S. Ayeni, 2011. Comparative effect of mineral fertilizers and organic manures on growth, nutrient content and yield of Chorcorus olitorus and Celosia argentina. Res. J. Bot., 6: 150-156.
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  7. Ayeni, L.S. and E.O. Adeleye, 2011. Soil nutrient status and nutrient interactions as influenced by agro wastes and mineral fertilizer in an incubation study in the South West Nigeria. Int. J. Soil Sci., 6: 60-68.
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  8. Makinde, E.A., L.S. Ayeni, S.O. Ojeniyi and J.N. Odedina, 2010. Effect of organic, organomineral and NPK fertilizer on nutritional quality of Amaranthus in Lagos, Nigeria. Researcher, 2: 91-96.
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  9. Makinde, E.A., L.S. Ayeni and S.O. Ojeniyi, 2010. Morphological characteristics of Amaranthus cruentus L. as influenced by kola pod husk, organomineral and NPK fertilizers in Southwestern Nigeria. N. Y. Sci. J., 3: 130-134.
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  10. Ayeni, L.S., 2010. Effect of combined cocoa pod ash and NPK fertilizer on soil properties, nutrient uptake and yield of maize (Zea mays). J. Am. Sci., 6: 79-84.
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  11. Ayeni, L.S. and M.T. Adetunji, 2010. Integrated application of poultry manure and mineral fertilizer on soil chemical properties, nutrient uptake, yield and growth components of maize. Nat. Sci., 8: 60-67.
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  12. Adeleye, E.O. and L.S. Ayeni, 2010. Effect of cocoa pod ash and poultry manure combinations on soil and plant nutrient contents and performance of maize-screenhouse experiment. Researcher, 2: 75-80.
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  13. Ayeni, L.S., 2009. Integrated application of cocoa pod ash and NPK Fertilizer on soil chemical properties and yield of tomato. Am. Eurasian J. Sustainable Agric., 2: 333-337.
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  14. Ayeni, L.S., O.M. Ayeni, O.P. Oso and S.O. Ojeniyi, 2008. Effect of sawdust and wood ash applications in improving soil chemical properties and growth of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) seedlings in the nurseries. Agric. J., 3: 323-326.
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  15. Ayeni, L.S., M.T. Adetunji, S.O. Ojeniyi, S.B. Ewulo and A.J. Adeyemo, 2008. Comparative and cumulative effect of cocoa pod husk ash and poultry manure on soil and maize nutrient contents and yield. Am.-Eurasian J. Sustain. Agric., 2: 92-97.
  16. Odedina, S.A., J.N. Odedina, S.O. Ayeni, S.A. Arowojolu, S.D. Adeyeye and S.O. Ojeniyi, 2003. Effect of types of ash on soil fertility nutrient availability and yield of tomato and pepper. Nig. J. Soil Sci., 13: 61-67.