Dr. Anayo Joseph  Uraku
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Dr. Anayo Joseph Uraku

Ebonyi State University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Nutrition and Biochemistry from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Nutritional Biochemistry
Clinical Biochemistry

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Uraku, A.J. and O.H. Uraku, 2018. Quantitative assessment of phytochemicals and nutritional potential of leaves and seeds of Cleome viscosa from Abakaliki, Nigeria. J. Biosci. Biotechnol. Discovery, 3: 25-29.
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  2. Joseph, U.A., U.O. Helen, N.F. Nwalo, O.O. Uche, I.I. Okorie, E. Nzubechukwu and E.N. Nwamaka, 2018. Phytochemical and GC-MS evaluation of bioactive principle of Vitis vinifera peels. Asian J. Applied Sci., 11: 192-198.
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  3. Uraku, A.J., 2017. Phytochemical and mineral analysis of Culcasia scandens leaves. EC Pharmacol. Toxicol., 3: 146-151.
  4. Orji, O.U., U.A. Ibiam, A.J. Uraku, D.O. Obasi, J. Awoke and C. Aloke, 2017. Investigations of phytochemical and nutritional composition of Ruspolia hypocrateriformis leaf. IDOSR J. Applied Sci., 2: 70-81.
  5. Omoha, N.V., U.A. Joseph, F.A. Clement and U.O. Helen, 2017. Assessment of nephrotoxicity and histopathological lesions of albino rats exposure to DD-force and baygon insecticides. Int. J. Med. Surg. Sci., 4: 1251-1258.
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  6. Ngele, S.O., E.J. Itumoh, A.J. Uraku and S.P.I. Ogah, 2017. Energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometric study of compositional differences in trace elements in dried Moringa oleifera leaves grown in two different agro-ecological locations in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. ChemSearch J., 8: 81-86.
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  7. Ileogben, S.A., U.A. Joseph, U.O. Helen, L.S. Joseph and C.G. Amadi, 2017. Asssessment of some selected vitamin levels in patients with vesico-vaginal fistula in Jos, Northern Nigeria. Int. J. Med. Surg. Sci., 4: 1209-1215.
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  8. Igwenyi, I.O., P.O. Nchi, P.C.U. Okechukwu1, I.P. Igwenyi and D.C. Obasi et al., 2017. Nutritional potential of Azadirachta indica seeds. Indo Am. J. Pharm. Sci., 4: 477-482.
  9. Igwenyi, I.O., A.C. Eze, P.M. Aja, S.O. Elom, A.J. Uraku, J.N. Awoke and N.A. Obasi, 2017. Cholesterol-lowering and hepatoprotective effect of Azadirachta indica on P. berghei infected mice. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. Applied Sci., 6: 3367-3375.
  10. Elem, R.C. and A.J. Uraku, 2017. Physicochemical properties of chitosan from seven different wild edible Nigerian mushrooms. Res. J. Pharmacol. Pharm., Vol. 1. .
  11. Ebenyi, L.N. and A.J. Uraku, 2017. Phytochemical and nutritional evaluation of aqueous and ethyl acetate leaf extracts of Alchornea cordifolia. Res. J. Pharmacol. Pharm., Vol. 1. .
  12. Uraku, A.J., N. Ezeani, C. Ezeali, F.U. Ali, C.A. Afiukwa and L.N. Ebenyi, 2016. Effects of extract of Spilanthes uliginosa (SW) on total protein, albumin, total and conjugated bilirubin in ethylene glycol exposed albino rats. Asian J. Biochem., 11: 53-58.
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  13. Uraku, A.J., I.O. Igwenyi, E. Alum and O.U. Orji, 2016. Assessement of nutritional value of Culcasia scandens P. beauv leaves. Adv. Biomed. Pharm., 3: 115-119.
  14. Uraku, A.J., 2016. Phytochemical evaluation of Ocimum basilicum (Sweet basil) leaves collected from Abakaliki-Nigeria using Gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry. Adv. Biomed. Pharm., 3: 48-58.
  15. Uraku, A.J., 2016. GC/MS determination of bioactive constituents of methanol fraction of Spilanthes uliginosa (Sw) leaves. Res. J. Med. Plants, 10: 42-54.
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  16. Uraku, A.J. and I.O. Igwenyi, 2016. Comparative studies of phytochemical and vitamin constutients of Citrus sinensis and Vitis vinitera peels. EC Nutr., 4: 812-816.
  17. Orji, O.U., U.A. Ibiam, P.M. Aja, U. Okechukwu and P.C. Uraku, 2016. Evaluation of the phytochemical and nutritional profiles of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius leaf collected in abakaliki South East Nigeria. World J. Med. Sci., 13: 213-217.
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  18. Ileogben, S.A. and A.J. Uraku, 2016. Evaluation of mineral status in patients with vesico-vaginal fistula in Jos, Northern Nigeria. EC Gynaecol., 3: 345-355.
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  19. Ebenyi, L.N., M.E. Ogbanshi, F.U. Ali, A.J. Uraku and P.N. Ogbu, 2016. Antioxidant activity of aqueous and ethylacetate leaf extracts of Alchornea cordifolia found in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Int. J. Biol. Pharm. Allied Sci., 5: 3375-3384.
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  20. Uraku, A.J., S.C. Onuoha, N.E. Win, N. Ezeani and M.E. Ogbanshi et al., 2015. Nutritional and anti-nutritional quantification assessment of Cymbopopgon citrates leaves. Pharmacol. Pharm., 6: 401-410.
  21. Uraku, A.J., P.C.U. Okechukwu and N.E. Edwin, 2015. Preliminary phytochemical screening of Spilanthes uliginosa, Ocimum basilicum, Hyptis spicigera and Cymbopogon citrates leaf extracts and haematological changes of mice infected with malaria parasite. Am.-Eursian J. Scient. Res., 10: 12-17.
  22. Uraku, A.J., C.E. Offor, E.J. Itumoh, C.E. Ukpabi and P.M. Aja et al., 2015. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis of essential oil from Hyptis spicigera leaves. Am. J. Biol. Chem., 3: 45-56.
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  23. Uraku, A.J., C.A. Afiukwa, C. Ezeali, S.O. Azi, D.E. Nwele, A.C. Uhuo and P.C. Ugwuokechukwu, 2015. Wound healing potentials of extarct of Gambia albidum bark. Am. J. Food Sci. Nutr. Res., 2: 149-153.
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  24. Uraku, A.J., A.O. Oko, H.N. Onuigbo, N. Edwin, O.U. Orji, C. Ezeali and O.F. Orinya, 2015. Determination of some vitamins in three selected African green leafy vegetables. Int. J. Pharm. Med. Sci., 5: 22-26.
  25. Uraku, A.J., A.N.C. Okaka, U.A. Ibiam, K.N. Agbafor, P.M. Ajah and F.N. Nweke, 2015. Evaluation of chemical compositions of Ocimum baslicum and Hyptis spicigera leaves. Ebsu J. Nature, 1: 21-33.
  26. Uraku, A.J., A.N.C. Okaka, U.A. Ibiam, K.N. Agbafor, C. Okoye and M.E. Ogbanshi, 2015. Use of Nigerian medicinal plants protected liver from injury in Plasmodium berghei infected mice. Br. J. Med. Med. Res., 6: 926-934.
  27. Uraku, A.J., A.N.C. Okaka, U.A. Ibiam, K.N. Agbafor and N.A. Obasi et al., 2015. Antiplasmodial activity of ethanolic leaf extracts of Spilanthes uliginosa, Ocimum basilicum (Sweet Basil), Hyptis spicigera and Cymbopogon citrates on mice exposed to Plasmodium berghei Nk 65. Int. J. Biochem. Res. Rev., 6: 28-36.
  28. Uraku, A.J., 2015. Nutritional potential of Citrus sinensis and Vitis vinifera peels. J. Adv. Med. Life Sci., Vol. 3. .
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  29. Uraku, A.J., 2015. Hepatoprotective effects of Plasmodium berghei infected Swiss mice treated with some plant extracts. J. Pharm. Allied Health Sci., (In Press). .
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  30. Uraku, A.J., 2015. Determination of chemical compositions of Cymbopogon citrates leaves by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method. Res. J. Phytochem., 9: 175-187.
  31. Uraku, A.J. and S.C. Onuoha, 2015. Changes in lipid profile in Plasmodium berghei Anka 65 infected Mice treated with ethanolic extracts of Spilanthes uliginosa, Ocimum basilicum, Hyptis spicigera and Cymbopogon citratus. AASCIT J. Biosci., 1: 26-33.
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  32. Uraku, A.J. and M.E. Ogbanshi, 2015. Nutritional and phytochemical potential of Spilanthes uliginosa (Sw) leaves. Am. J. Phytomed. Clin. Ther., 3: 111-119.
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  33. Uraku, A. and V. Nwankwo, 2015. Phytochemical and nutritional composition analysis of murraya Koenigii Linn leaves. Br. J. Pharm. Res., 6: 174-180.
  34. Orji, O.U., U.A. Ibiam, P.M. Aja, A.J. Uraku, O.R. Inya-Agha and P.C.U. Okechukwu, 2015. Hepatoprotective activity of ethanol extract of Vernonia ambigua against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats. IOSR J. Dental Med. Sci., 14: 22-29.
  35. Orji, O.U., U.A. Ibiam, P.M. Aja, A.J. Uraku, N. Ezeani and E.U. Alum, 2015. Hepatotoxic effects of aqueous extract of psychotria microphylla leave on Clarias giriepinus Juveniles. IOSR J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 10: 60-68.
  36. Okechukwu, P.C.U., C.E. Offor, U.A. Ibiam, A.L. Ezugwu, A.J. Uraku, C.N. Igwe and M.B. Okon, 2015. The effect of ethanol extract of Jatropha curcas on renal markers of chloroform intoxicated albino Wister rats. Eur. J. Biol. Sci., 7: 21-25.
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  42. Eteudo, A.N., E.S. Agu, S.O. Azi, A.J. Uraku, C.C. Igwe and L.E. Daniel, 2015. Prevalence of subclinical thyroid disorders and its correction with age and sex amongst Nigerians residing within Abakaliki Metropolis. Int. J. Scient. Eng. Res., 6: 1522-1530.
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  44. Aja, P.M., C.O. Odeh, A.J. Uraku and C.E. Offor, 2015. Evaluation of antioxidant activities of ethanol leaf extracts of Cymbopogon citrates and Hyptis spicigera in mice exposed to Plasmodium berghei. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. Applied Sci., 4: 382-393.
  45. Agbafor, K.N., S.O. Elom, M.E. Ogbanshi, A.O. Oko and A.J. Uraku et al., 2015. Antioxidant property and cardiovascular effects of coconut (Cocos nucifera) water. Int. J. Biochem. Res. Rev., 5: 259-263.
  46. Agbafor, K.N., C. Ezeali, E.I. Akubugwo, I.K. Obiudu and A.J. Uraku et al., 2015. Cardioprotective effect of leaf and root extracts of Newbouldia laevis against carbon tetrachloride induced-cardiotoxicity in albino rats. Eur. J. Med. Plants, 9: 1-7.
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  63. Aja, P.M., A.N.C. Okaka, U.A. Ibiam, A.J. Uraku and P.N. Onu, 2010. Proximate analysis of Talinum Triangulare (water leaf) leaves and its softening principle. Pak. J. Nutr., 9: 524-526.
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  64. Aja, P.M., A.N.C. Okaka, P.N. Onu, U. Ibiam and A.J. Urako, 2010. Phytochemical composition of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) leaves. Pak. J. Nutr., 9: 527-530.
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