Mary-Ibenreh Ogaboh Agba

Mary-Ibenreh Ogaboh Agba

University of Calabar, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Applied Mycology from University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria

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Dr. (Mrs) Mary-Ibenreh Ogaboh Agba is an academic staff in the Department of Plant and Ecological Studies, Faculty of Biological Sciences University of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria. She holds a B. Sc (2007), M.Sc (2015), and Ph.D (2019) from the University of Calabar, Calabar. She joined the services of the University of Calabar on the 27th of July 2018 as an assistant lecturer. She is currently a Lecturer II. Dr (Mrs) Mary-Ibenreh Ogaboh Agba is a Plant Pathologist/an Applied Mycologist with vast knowledge in mushroom production. She is a researcher who is ready for teamwork in related areas.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Fungal Biology
Molecular Mycology

Selected Publications

  1. Markson, A.A., M.O. Agba, J.B. Akpan and G.A. Bassey, 2017. Yield performances of Pleurotus ostreatus on different growth substrates as influence by some vegetable additives. IOSR J. Pharm. Bio. Sci., 12: 84-88.
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  2. Aaron, H. A, Markson, A. A and Bassey et al., 2017. Trace element bioaccumulation potentials of Pleurotus ostreatus: its implication in nutrition-based therapy.. IOSR J. Environ. Sci., Toxicol. Food Technol., 11: 55-60.
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