Dr. Oyeyemi Gafar Matanmi

Dr. Oyeyemi Gafar Matanmi

Senior Lecturer
University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Ilorin, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Physical Sciecnes
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Statistics

Selected Publications

  1. Oyeyemi, G.M., G.C. Mbaeyi, S.I. Salawu and B.O. Muse, 2016. On discrimination procedure with mixtures of continuous and categorical variables. J. Applied Stat., 43: 1864-1873.
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  2. Salawu, I.S., B.L. Adeleke and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. Review of classical methods in supersaturated designs (SSD) for factor screening. J. Math. Theory Model., 5: 38-44.
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  3. Oyeyemi, G.M., E.O. Ogunjobi and A.I. Folorunsho, 2015. On performance of shrinkage methods-a Monte Carlo study. Int. J. Stat. Applic., 5: 72-76.
  4. Oyeyemi, G.M., A. Bukoye and I. Akeyede, 2015. Comparison of outlier detection procedures in multiple linear regression. Am. J. Math. Stat., 5: 37-41.
  5. Lawal, G.O., N.O. Aweda and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. A conditional restricted equilibrium correction model on nigerian stock exchange all-share index and macroeconomic indicators with 2008 global financial crisis effects: A univariate framework approach. Am. J. Math. Stat., 5: 150-162.
  6. Kareem, A.O., I.O. Oshungade and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. A note on the precision of stratified systematic sampling. Open J. Stat., 5: 104-112.
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  7. Kareem, A.O., G.M. Oyeyemi and A.B. Aiyelabegan, 2015. A note on the efficiency of geographic stratification. Int. J. Math. Stat. Invent., 3: 1-10.
  8. Kareem, A.O., A.A. Adewara and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2015. On the choice of an efficient sampling scheme within Strata. ICASTOR J. Math. Sci., 9: 1-12.
  9. Mustapha, A.M. and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. Simulating demand for rice in Owode market, Offa L.G.A Kwara State. Int. J. Manage. Admin. Sci., 2: 44-52.
  10. Megbowon, I.O. and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. The development of time-series based outage distribution models for feeder lines in south western Nigeria. IOSR J. Eng., 3: 47-54.
  11. Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2013. An examination of some safety issues among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria: A case study. Int. J. Injury Control Saf. Promotion, 20: 103-110.
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  12. Salawu, I.S., B.L. Adeleke and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2012. J2 Optimality and multi-level minimum aberration criteria in fractional factorial design. J. Nat. Sci. Res., 2: 69-76.
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  14. Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2012. Compliance with road safety regulations among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria. Can. Social Sci., 8: 92-100.
  15. Oyeyemi, G.M., 2011. Principal component chart for multivariate statistical process control. Online J. Sci. Technol., 1: 22-31.
  16. Oyeyemi, G.M. and B.L. Adeleke, 2011. Sequential analysis of mean for test equality of several means. InterStat J., .
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  17. Arosanyin, G.T., A.T. Olowosulu and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2011. Employment generation and earnings in the informal transport sector in Nigeria. Int. Bus. Manage. Can., 2: 139-148.
  18. Oyeyemi, G.M., A.A. Adewara, F.B. Adebola and S.I. Salau, 2010. On the estimation of power and sample size in test of independence. Asian J. Math. Stat., 3: 139-146.
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  19. Oyeyemi, G.M., A.A. Adewara and R.A. Adeyemi, 2010. Complex survey data analysis: A comparison of SAS, SPSS and STATA. Asian J. Math. Stat., 3: 33-39.
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  20. Oyeyemi, G.M. and R.A. Ipinyomi, 2010. Some robust methods of estimation in factor analysis in the presence of outliers. J. Math. Sci., 4: 1-12.
  21. Oyeyemi, G.M. and A.A. Adewara, 2010. Multivariate regression in complex survey design. Sci. J., 4: 185-189.
  22. Oyeyemi, G.M., B.A. Ibraheem, O.S. Obafemi and S.O. Ige, 2009. Analyzing factorial experiment involving qualitative and quantitative factors. Afr. J. Sci. Technol., 10: 88-91.
  23. Oyeyemi, G.M. and R.A. Ipinyomi, 2009. A robust method of estimating covariance matrix in multivariate data analysis. Sci. Annal. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, 56: 586-601.
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  24. Adamu, A.N., A.E. Ohwovoriole, J.K. Olarinoye, O.A. Fasanmade, C.O. Ekpebegh and G.M. Oyeyemi, 2009. The value of HbA1c that gives a good yield for screening. Afr. J. Med. Pharm. Sci., 5: 74-78.
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  27. Adewara, A.A., O. Job, A.O. Abidoye, G.M. Oyeyemi and M.O. Gali et al., 2008. Generalized lynch multivariate regression estimators with k-parameters of order 1/n. J. Math. Sci., 19: 187-191.
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  28. Oyeyemi, G.M., 2007. Computing power and sample size for hotelling T2 test. Global J. Math. Sci., 6: 71-73.
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