Dr. Godwin Asukwo Ebong
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Dr. Godwin Asukwo Ebong

University of Uyo, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from University of Calabar, Nigeria

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Dr. Godwin Asukwo Ebong is currently working as Faculty member of University of Uyo, Nigeria. He has completed his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from same University. He is serving as member of Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), American Chemical Society (ACS), Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), and member of Safety Club of Nigeria. He has published 28 research articles in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Compound
Applied Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ebong, G.A., O.E. Offiong and B.O. Ekpo, 2014. Seasonal variations in trace metal levels, speciation and physicochemical determinants of metal availability in dumpsite soils within Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Chem. Ecol., 30: 403-417.
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  2. Ebong, G.A. and E. Inam, 2013. Roles of total metal, pH and organic matter content in the mobility of toxic metals in urban dumpsite soils within Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Ann. Food Sci. Technol., 14: 378-387.
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  3. Dan, E.U. and G.A. Ebong, 2013. Impact of cooking utensils on trace metal levels of processed food items. Ann. Food Sci. Technol., 14: 350-355.
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  4. Mkpenie, V.N., G.A. Ebong and H.S. Etuk, 2012. Studies on the effect of temperature on the sedimentation of insoluble metal carbonates. World J. Applied Sci. Technol., 4: 35-37.
  5. Essien, J.P., G.A. Ebong, J.E. Asuquo and A.A. Olajire, 2012. Hydrocarbons contamination and microbial degradation in mangrove sediments of the Niger Delta region (Nigeria). Chem. Ecol., 28: 421-434.
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  6. Ebong, G., J. Essien, C. Ekong and S. Eduok, 2012. Levels of inorganic contaminants in rainwater samples harvested from different rooftops in uyo metropolis, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Int. J. Chem. Environ. Pharm. Res., 3: 152-157.
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  7. Essien, J.P., M.A. Ekpo, N.U. Benson, D. Ikpe, R.M. Ubom and G.A. Ebong, 2011. Predictive analysis of degradation indices and microbial growth during enhanced biodegradation of municipal solid wastes in Uyo, Nigeria. World, 3: 162-177.
  8. Inam, E., K.W. Kim, G. Ebong and U. Eduok, 2010. Trace elements in ground and packaged water in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Geosyst. Eng., 13: 57-68.
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  9. Eduok, S.I., G.A. Ebong, E.P. Udoinyang, J.N. Njoku and E.A. Eyen, 2010. Bacteriological and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon accumulation in mangrove oyster (Crassostrea tulipa) from douglas creek, Nigeria. Pak. J. Nutr., 9: 35-42.
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  10. Ebong, G., I. Obot and H. Etuk, 2010. Copper impacting potential of boiling ring during water heating. Int. J. Chem. Environ. Pharm. Res., 1: 16-22.
  11. Essien, J.P., B.S. Antia and G.A. Ebong, 2009. Phytochemistry, antibacterial and anticoagulase activities of Sida acuta against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus. J. Appl. Nat. Sci., 1: 1-7.
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  12. Mkpenie, V., G. Ebong, I. B. Obot and B. Abasiekong, 2008. Evaluation of the Effect of Azo Group on the Biological Activity of 1-(4-Methylphenylazo)-2-naphthol. E-J. Chem., 5: 431-434.
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  13. Ita, B.N., G.A. Ebong, J.P. Essien and S.I. Eduok, 2008. Bioaccumulation potential of heavy metals in edible fungal sporocarps from the Niger delta region of Nigeria. Pak. J. Nutr., 7: 93-97.
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  14. Israel, A.U., I.B. Obot, S.A. Umoren, V. Mkpenie and G.A. Ebong, 2008. Effluents and solid waste analysis in a petrochemical company- a case study of eleme petrochemical company ltd, port harcourt, Nigeria. E-J. Chem., 5: 74-80.
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  15. Essien, E.P., J.P. Essien, B.N. Ita and G.A. Ebong, 2008. Physicochemical properties and fungitoxicity of the Essential oil of Citrus medica L. against groundnut storage fungi. Turk. J. Bot., 32: 161-164.
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  16. Benson, N.U., J.P. Essien, G.A. Ebong and A.B. Williams, 2008. Petroleum hydrocarbons and limiting nutrients in Macura reptantia, Procambarus clarkii and benthic sediment from Qua Iboe Estuary, Nigeria. Environmentalist, 28: 275-282.
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  17. Essien, J.P., G.A. Ebong and E.J. Akpan, 2007. Antioxidant and antitussive properties of Gongronema latifolium leaves used locally for the treatment of fowl cough in Nigeria. J. Applied Sci. Environ. Manage., 11: 47-50.
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  18. Ebong, G.A., H.S. Etuk and J.P. Essien, 2007. Impact of mechanized farming on the heavy metals load of an ultisol located in the niger delta region of Nigeria. J. Applied Sci., 7: 3045-3050.
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  19. Ebong, G.A., H.S. Etuk and A.S. Johnson, 2007. Heavy metalsaccumulation by Talinum triangulare grown on waste dumpsites in uyo metropolis, akwa ibom state, Nigeria. J. Applied Sci., 7: 1404-1409.
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  20. Ebong, G.A., B.N. Ita, H.S. Etuk and A.S. Johnson, 2007. Iron, lead, zinc, arsenic levels in vegetables from uyo metropolis and adjoining villages, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Int. J. Chem., 17: 155-166.
  21. Benson, N.U., J.P. Essien, A.B. Williams and G.A. Ebong, 2007. Petroleum hydrocarbons accumulation potential of shellfishes from littoral waters of the bight of bonny, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 1: 11-19.
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  22. Udosen, E.D., N.U. Benson, J.P. Essien and G.A. Ebong, 2006. Relation between Aqua-regia extractable heavy metals in soil and Manihot utilissima within a municipal dumpsite. Int. J. Soil Sci., 1: 27-32.
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  23. Nelson, I.A., G.A. Ebong and A.S. Ekop, 2006. Evaluation of age as an influence on the metal levels in fish (Clarias gariepinus) from a local pond in Nsukara Offot, Uyo L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. J. Sci. Technol. Res., 5: 1-5.
  24. Ita, B.N., J.P. Essien and G.A. Ebong, 2006. Heavy metal levels in fruiting bodies of edible and non-edible mushrooms from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. J. Agric. Soc. Sci., 2: 84-87.
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  25. Ebong, G.A., B.N. Ita, A.B. Nyong and N.U. Benson, 2006. Seasonal changes in the water quality of Qua Iboe river estuary and its associated creeks in Ibeno, Nigeria. J. Applied Sci., 9: 6469-6482.
  26. Benson, N.U. and G.A. Ebong, 2005. Heavy metals in vegetables commonly grown in a tropical garden ultisol. J. Sustainable Trop. Agric. Res., 16: 77-80.
  27. Ebong, G.A., E.I. Udoessien and B.N. Ita, 2004. Seasonal variations of heavy metal concentrations in qua iboe river estuary, Nigeria. Global J. Pure Applied Sci., 10: 611-618.
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  28. Ebong, G.A., E.I. Udoessien and B.N. Ita, 1999. Chemical speciation studies of water samples from Qua Iboe river estuary and its associated creeks in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Trop. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 3: 58-69.